First Grade Happenings for the Week of January 15th to 19th

Religion:  This week the students will learn about the fourth Wise man that was sent to greet the new born king.  We will learn why he was delayed on his journey and when he actually did meet Jesus.

Second Steps:  Our new unit has the students learning how to control their impulses and work on strengthening their problem solving skills.  This week we will talk about reacting to surprising situations such as having someone jump out from behind a bush or other hiding places to scare us.  We will discuss how it feels and what we should do to let the person know how we feel.

Reading:  Our reading this week will have us working with identifying rhyming words, and alliteration.  We will continue working on our phonemic awareness skills as we continue to use the Michael Haggerty program.  All of this is in preparation for a story telling workshop that the first graders will be attending on  January 23rd in the parish center.

Spelling:  Our spelling words this week contain the long I sound when it is paired with a silent e at the end of the word.  Our words this week are six, pad, smell, bike, time, prize, like, have, bridesmaid.

Grammar:  The students will be introduced to the way soft c is made in words like cent, fence, ice, and nice.  They will learn that when a c and an e sit next to one another in words that their sound is “s”.  Another sound that the students will learn about is that of the soft g in words like edge.  This sound is made with the three letters “dge”

Writing:  This week the students will be learning about the conventions of writing stories.  They will be using sequencing words such as first, next, then and last. 

Math:  We will continue learning to tell time this week.  As we begin learning about time the students are only looking at the hour hand on a face clock and how to write the time correctly.

Science:  Our series has us taking a closer look at the material that a scientist uses to do their work.

Important Information for the week

Sunday, January 14th:  Please attend Mass over the weekend.

Monday, January 15th:  No School to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday.

Tuesday, January 16th:  C -Day:  107 has Spanish and Science Lab.  108 has TLC and Music.

Wednesday, January 17th:  D – Day:  107 has Music and Library.  Remember to bring back your books so that new ones may be checked out.  108 has Spanish and TLC.  Hot Lunch from McDonalds.

Thursday, January 18th: E – Day:  107 has Spanish and Gym.  108 has Science Lab and Gym.

Friday, January 19th:  F – Day:  107 has Gym and TLC.  108 has Spanish and Music.  There is a $1.00 dress down day.   


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Third Grade News Room 112 Mrs. Reckwerdt January 12th 2018

Welcome back! Have a wonderful 2018!   Next week begins with a day off for Martin Luther King’s Day on Monday, January 15th.

Religion:  Thursday, JANUARY 18th  chapter 8 test about the four marks of the church: one (one community called together by God and united in Baptism), holy (all good, sharing in God’s life), catholic (universal- open to all in the world), and apostolic(that the pope and bishop are successors of the Apostles.)   On Friday, January 19th, we will be  making fleece blankets for the Linus project with our 7th grade buddies.

Third grade will be leading the February 27th 9:00 am School Mass .  Please plan on coming and praying with us if you are available.

Math:  Students are continuing to learn division properties, strategies, and the division facts in Chapter 6.  Please encourage your child to spend a few minutes daily to practice these facts. The  Simple Solutions quiz will  be on Friday, January 19th.

Reading:  Everyone should select a book of their choice for the next book report. The February book report is due on 2/6/18 .  In class students are reading and analyzing the non fiction selection, “All About the Earth” focusing on the text features. Students will also be reading and discussing another book in a small group.

Phonics:  Students are learning about base words and endings (s,  es, er, est, ed, ing.)

Language:  Students should be familiar with plurals, possessives, homophones, editing marks, common and proper nouns. Now we are especially focusing on both subject and object pronouns.  The January poems were passed out during the week and the selected poem will be recited on January 29th.

Science:  I enjoyed seeing each student’s poster  showing how technology has improved and changed over time.  A few students have already presented their project and the rest of the students will be presenting their projects during the week. We will also be reviewing  the Engineering Process, Unit 2, and then students will take the unit test on Thursday, January 18th. (Science books went home this weekend.)

Social Studies:  Students  have been learning about celebrations focusing especially on New Year’s Day and Martin Luther King Day. They will continue working on these activities as they read and understand many other celebrations in the world in chapter 4, “Celebrations.” Next students will be making a President Mobile to help celebrate President’s Day.

Catholic School’s Week is Coming! Please plan to join  us Sunday, January 28th for 9:30 Mass and Open House 10:30 – 12:30. Please invite your family, friends, and neighbors to see our great school.  Students will have a fun -filled week  January 29 – February 2nd as we celebrate Catholic education.

Our class is in desperate need of a few boxes of Kleenex. If you can spare a box or two we’d be most grateful.


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First Week Back!

I hope you all had a great break and are getting back into the swing of things!

Language Arts: Students have received January poems! December poems are due on February 1st! NO SPELLING TEST THIS WEEK! 

Reading:  All students are starting a new book this week or last! The current novels are Superfudge, Martin Luther King Jr., and Run, Billy, Run. Ask your student what their new book is! Our whole class book is called City Homes.

Math: We have finished our chapter about understanding division (chapter 6). This week your student will bring home a review guide and you can study using our jeopardy game! The test will be on Thursday, January 18th.

Writing: This week we are continuing informative writing! Students can write about ANYTHING they want to teach someone else. This week we learned how to add different types of text features. Next week we will learn how to use a check-list to make sure our writing is as perfect as possible! Students have finished at least 3 informational pieces! Ask them what they are about!

Science: We are continuing a new chapter of science about ECOSYSTEMS!

Social Studies: We are still working on Unit 4, the history of communities!

Important Dates:

1-15: No School-MLK day

1-28: Catholic School Mass/Open House @ 9:30


This week in STEM we did a readers theater, which we performed in front of a green screen! See the videos below!


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5th Grade News

  • Students will be taking ASPIRE practice tests on Tuesday and Thursday focusing on Reading and Science.  Students should eat a good breakfast and come to school ready to try their best.
  • 5th grade has 8 am Mass on Friday, January 19th.  Students should meet in Church.
  • The Innovation Fair is Friday, January 26th.

Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed your holidays with your family. Thank you for your heartfelt generosity and warm wishes.  The gift from FSA was very generous and much appreciated.  We feel blessed during this holiday season to be working with you and your child.   The New Year is a time to look back and reflect. We make resolutions and start new programs.   School is no different.  January is a clean slate on which we begin anew. Check with your student to make sure he/she has all the needed school supplies!

In reading, students will be finishing a story in our anthology text called Pale Male.  Students have been focusing on determining the main idea and supporting details and comparing narrative techniques.  Students will have a test on Pale Male on Thursday, January 18th.  Vocabulary will be on this test as well as close reading questions.  In English, students will be learning about helping verbs and natural/inverted order of sentences.  In Writing, students will be writing their opinion on different topics.  Students will be learning how to structure their writing appropriately.

In social studies we are now studying the explorers from the Eastern Hemisphere, their great adventures, and how they were the founders of new nations in the Western Hemisphere.

Our Friend of Jesus project is coming to a close.  Students wrote letters about their experience and we will mail them to the donor.  What an excellent opportunity to show our Christmas spirit and our focus on service to others!

The D.A.R.E. program is going to begin on January 23rd. Officer Andries will be  reinforcing many of the topics we discuss in 2nd Step, as well as the drug and alcohol awareness. We  work with the LaGrange Police Dept. to complete the program.  The program is a 10-12 week program so it will be in the springtime.

In Math, we continue to perfect our skills with simple solutions.  Two simple solutions lessons are assigned each week and are due on Thursday.  In Go Math, we are all about fractions.  We have learned to add and subtract fractions with like and unlike denominators.  Students learned to estimate sums and differences using the benchmarks of 0, 1/2, and 1.  We can find least common denominators and have mastered the ability to make equivalent fractions.

Our student inventions are due January 24. Packet outlines were passed out around Thanksgiving and need to be completed as well as the diagram and explanation page. The diagram and the written page are to be completed by the student and need to be neat and legible. You may come in to view the inventions on Friday, January 26 at 2 P.M. They will also be on display for Open House Sunday, January 28.

In addition to our inventions , we have been studying physical and behavioral adaptations of animals.

As always, thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

Mrs. Gridelli and Mrs. Noonan

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Preschool Newsletter – January 12, 2018

Preschool Newsletter – January 12, 2018

Upcoming dates:

  • Monday, January 15 – NO SCHOOL
  • Wednesday, January 17 – Hot lunch/McDonald’s pancakes
  • Sunday, January 28 – Catholic Schools Week Mass & Open House

*Students whose last names begin with N through Z – Please bring the Supplemental asterisked supplies after
Christmas break (see school calendar for reminder).

This week our theme was SNOW.

This week we learned all about the letter M.

Books that we read include:

There Was A Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow

Sneezy the Snowman

The Snowy Day

Frozen Noses

Frosty The Snowman

Centers included:

  • Coffee filter snowman
  • Mitten craft
  • Whiteboard letter writing
  • Letter M pictures
  • Letter M handwriting book
  • Smartboard
  • Painting snow
  • Making homemade snow
  • Snow globe art
  • Sneezy snowman
  • Winter tree thumbprints

Next week we will learn about the letter N and our theme will be winter & winter clothes. Throughout the week we will discuss the season, winter and how the weather changes and what types of clothes we wear during winter.

Check out some pictures of the students playing with snow that we made in the classroom using baking soda and shaving cream. They had a blast!

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Second-2-None: Week of 1/8/18

Week of 1-8-18

Welcome back! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s with your families. We are excited to begin the rest of the school year! Field trip forms went home earlier in the week. Please return those ASAP!

In Religion, we discussed how to problem solve and calm ourselves down in Second Steps. We also learned how to ask for help in a polite, non-disruptive way.

In Math, we wrapped up and reviewed Chapter 5, which was all about two-digit subtraction with regrouping. We took our Chapter 5 test, and will begin Chapter 6 next week. This chapter focuses on three-digit addition and subtraction. Students will be using skills and strategies learned in Chapters 4 and 5 to solve problems involving more digits.

In Science, we began Unit 4. So far, we have learned about plants’ basic needs to survive, irrigation, the parts of a plant, and the parts of a flower. Next week, we will learn about plant life cycles and how a bean plant grows. This week’s newsletter secret is: Plants need water to survive.

In Writing, students worked on a five-sentence paragraph focusing on the topic: “Tell me what you did over Christmas break.” They made sure to introduce their topic in a good topic sentence, and then went on to write at least three detail sentences to tell the reader more about their topic sentence. To wrap it all up, students wrote concluding sentences. In Reading, we began reading “Theodore Roosevelt: The Adventurous President.” This is a biography on Theodore Roosevelt’s life. Students used comprehension strategies to understand the story and looked for text elements in the book. In Shurley English, we introduced a new vocabulary word, harvest. Next week, we will begin learning about prepositions, the object of a preposition, and prepositional phrases. There are two new jingles to help us remember what these parts of speech are!

In Handwriting, we began learning the four basic strokes of cursive – undercurve, overcurve, downcurve, and slant. We will begin learning how to form individual letters next week.

Have a great three-day weekend!

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Kindergarten Newsletter, January 12, 2018

Upcoming Events/mark your calendars:

  • Monday, January 15th: No School, MLK Day
  • Wednesday, January 17th: Hot Lunch, McDonald’s pancakes
  • Friday, January 19th: bring in a box of cereal by today, see below, under “next week”*

Looking Ahead:

  • Friday, May 4th: Save the Date for our Mother’s Day Tea, all moms are invited to attend! More information to follow! 
  • Sunday, January 28th: St. Cletus Open house: 9:30 Mass followed by an open house beginning at 10:30.  This is for current and prospective families.  Invite your friends and neighbors!  See you there!

 This Week: 

Our first week of 2018 was great! All the children came back to school wide eyed and ready for new adventures in Kindergarten! We made a list of classroom Resolutions to follow moving forward. Here’s what the children came up with:

  1. Be kind
  2. Help each other
  3. Care more
  4. Share 
  5. Pray more

We are ready to make our classroom a great place to learn and grow! We went on a church visit to see that Jesus is now in the manger.  We reviewed how we celebrated Jesus’ birthday with our families and said a prayer together. Prayer is always a great way to start the new year!

Next Week:

*We will begin our classroom service project in this new year. When we serve others, we serve God. We are doing God’s work! Our children are so fortunate to have loving families who provide all that they need.  Many are not so lucky!  We discussed this with the students. We will be bringing in things to put in the food pantry each month. As a class, we will decide what food item we will donate and this month we choose cereal.  We will try to choose many kindergarten favorites! We are asking that your child bring in a box of cereal any time next week, by Friday, January 19th.  When we go for our Church visit, as we do every Friday, we will drop these boxes of cereal in the donation bins in the Narthex of our Church. Ask your child what kind of cereal he/she would like to donate. If your child can pick it out at the grocery store, all the better! This activity will give our children a sense of giving. As always when giving, we remind the children if it’s more important for your family to have that box of cereal, that’s ok too! 🙂 This will continue through the end of the year, so there will be plenty of opportunities for your child to give. They will see what a great feeling that is!


  • We are journaling more often! The introduction of Jolly Phonics sounds was completed before break and now we’re putting all of our knowledge to work in our writing. Learning to use those sounds in reading and writing is called “segmenting” (breaking down words into individual sounds) and “blending,” (putting those sounds back together).  What can you do at home?

Practice sight words, encourage your child to “write the sounds he/she hears” (don’t worry about correct spelling), practice consonant vowel consonant words at home: Ask your child to spell words like CAT, SIT, BAT, WET, MAT.  If your child is doing well with this, try to add some of those tricky blends in words like: baTH, CHip, fOOt, sEEd, etc.

  • Many of these writings will relate to the stories we are reading. Did you know that reading aloud to your child daily is one of the most important tasks you can do to insure future reading success? Be sure you are reading with your child every night! We will explore many different snowman stories next week and will complete a painting project to go along with this.  Our sensory tub is also full of snowy fun!
  • Snowy stories at the listening center!
  • We will practice segmenting and blending words.
  • Sight words: we are focusing on NUMBER WORDS (one-ten).  We’re always moving and rockin’ in kindergarten.  Here’s one of the songs that helping us to learn our number words.  Try singing it at home!


  • Number writing/formation
  • Counting by 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s
  • Counting on from numbers other than 1.
  • Number recognition, understanding how many tens and ones. 
  • Graphing: bar graphs and tally graphs

We will review and continue to work hard on having a strong number sense as we get ready to begin addition soon!


  • We will begin our unit on our senses. This unit blends nicely with science. God gives us our sense to learn about His world and all the wonderful things in it! We will begin with our sense of taste.  We will discuss how some things are sweet, salty, spicy, sour and we will also discuss how our taste buds change over time so it’s always a good idea to try new foods! We will make a graph to determine which kind of foods we like the most.  We encourage this often at snack time.  It’s always fun to try new foods! We will also learn a new song.  Ask your child to sing it to you!  Hint: “I’ve got senses, I’ve got senses, yes I do! Yes I do!”


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6th Grade Religion

This week, 6th graders learned the general overview of the book of Leviticus. We read the bolded headers of the chapters and discussed the different rituals and laws that are set for the Israelites. We aren’t spending as much time on Leviticus as we did with Genesis or Exodus. We are now reading into the book of Numbers. Their next test will combine Leviticus and Numbers.

As always, let me know if you have any questions! Feel free to email me.



Miss Smith

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7R Math

7th graders are working on Module 7 which is all about inequalities. We started this module before winter break and are continuing it now. I’ve been practicing a new activity with the students where I have them complete an exit ticket when they leave. I present a problem that goes along with what we learned for the day and when they hand them to me, I can see how well they are understanding the topic. This has given me a good idea on what they are grasping and where mistakes are occurring. With the exit tickets, I choose “my favorite no” which means I choose a student’s work that has an error. I write it on the board and students have to figure out what went right, what went wrong, and how they would correctly solve the problem. I have do something called Think, Pair, and Share. Students work independently at first, then pair up with someone to discuss their answers, and then I choose a couple students to share it with the class. I took an online course over winter break about teaching middle school math using the common core. I learned about these activities and put them into action this week. They are more student-centered; they take more time but are much more fulfilling for students. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to email me!



Miss Smith

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7A Math

7th graders are diving into Module 8 this week. We are learning about scale drawings and similar shapes, geometric drawings, cross sections, and angle relationships. As I’m sure you’ve seen, we have been moving at a much quicker pace this trimester. I am always happy to provide extra help for students in the morning at 7:15am! 🙂

Miss Smith

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7th Grade Religion

Hope you all had a wonderful break!

7th graders are reading the novel Heaven Is For Real. It’s a remarkable story about a boy who claims to have visited Heaven during a near death experience. Students are so excited to be reading this book! We will be answering discussion questions and doing a project along with this as well.

Miss Smith

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118 Letters from Spain have arrived!

118 is so excited to have received their letters from Cantimpalos, Spain!! Students were encouraged to try to read and decipher their letters written in Spanish first before reading the English letter. We are so excited to continue working and write our next letters!

-Miss Smith and Miss Ortiz

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7th Literature

The 7th graders have received their copies of And Then There Will None and will be working on annotating. Annotating should be done on a second read through of the chapter that is done at home. The students have already been told that they will be graded on their annotations every Friday. Annotations are worth 25 points.

Each student has been assigned a character that they need to focus on for a character analysis that will be due at the end of the novel.


Ms. Shupe

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6th Grade Literature

We are beginning our unit on everyday acts of courage.

We will start with the book The Journey to Save Curious George, and then watch the documentary on the same topic. The students will write a compare/contrast paper on the two different mediums.

Our next novel will be Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry, which we will begin at the end of January.

Ms. Shupe

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6th Grade Language Arts


We’re happy to be back at school after a two week break!

Language Arts is going to be focusing a lot on writing for the first half of the month. The students are currently working on a project to persuade their classmates by “selling” them on a book they should read. The will present their projects next week.

We will then conduct research on inspiring quotes from inspiring historical figures.

We will wrap up January by doing chapter 12 in our Writer’s Choice book on Adjectives.

Ms. Shupe

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