Incoming 8A Class – SY 2017-2018


I am very excited for this upcoming year in 8th grade.  The assignment that the students need to complete over the summer was passed out in class on June 6th, 2017.  It is to be completed over the summer.  There will be a test on the material Friday, August  25.

Please complete both packets.

Here are digital copies of the packets if needed:

StCletus 8A Summer Packet 1            StCletus 8A Summer Packet 2

If there are any questions on the material, YouTube and Khan Academy are good resources.

See you in the Fall,

Mr. Malnar

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Incoming 8R Class Summer Work – SY 2017-2018


I am very excited for this upcoming year in 8th grade.  The assignment that the students need to complete over the summer is in the Simple Solutions workbook, Lessons #75-105.  Their books will be taken up on the first day back, August 23rd, and will be graded.

If there are any questions on the material, YouTube and Khan Academy are good resources.

See you in the Fall,

Mr. Malnar

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Incoming 7th Grade Summer Assignment for SY 2017-2018


It was such a pleasure to work with the current 6th Grade class.  To continue practicing, the students have been asked to complete Lessons 100 – 125 in their Simple Solutions book.  The assignment will be taken up and graded on August 23rd.

Thank you,

Mr. Malnar

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Incoming 6th Grade Summer Work for SY 2017-2018


I am very excited for this upcoming year in 6th grade.  The assignment that the students need to complete over the summer is in the Simple Solutions workbook, Lessons #100-140.  Their books will be taken up on the first day back, August 23rd, and will be graded.

If there are any questions on the material, YouTube and Khan Academy are good resources.

See you in the Fall,

Mr. Malnar

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Second-2-None Homework 6-5

Week of 6-5

 Monday: Math & Handwriting for 110 (NO HOMEWORK room 109)

Tuesday: No Homework

Wednesday: No Homework

Thursday: No Homework

Friday: No Homework

New Journals Requirements

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Second-2-None Newsletter 5-29

What We Are Learning

Image result for last week of school clipart

Week of 5-29

This week in reading we continued with Splish, Splash, Animal Baths.  While reading we looked for words with vowel pairs.  In Phonics we began our new unit on long vowel sounds o and i.  And in Shurley English we classified sentences by practicing all of the skills we have learned.

In Math we are working with 2 dimensional shapes.  We have been classifying shapes based on vertices, edges, and faces. This week’s newsletter secret is We are Almost 3rd graders!

Our religion chapter this week was about Catholics around the world. We learned about the Pope and how people practice the same faith in different ways.

We are really enjoying our Science unit on animals and their environments.  We have learned how plants and animals adapt to meet the needs of the environment.

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Second-2-None EVENTS

Image result for events clipart

Tuesday, June 6– $1 Dress Down Day

Thursday, June 8th- Picnic Day

Friday, June 9th- Last Day of School 11:30 Dismissal


Please check your calendars and help us out when you can!  Recess begins at 11:15 and lunch time ends at 12:00.  All help is GREATLY appreciated!

Room 110:  The remainder of May.

Room 109: The remainder of May.

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This Week in First Grade…June 5th through June 9th

This Week in First Grade…

June 5th through June 9th, 2017

From our first week to our last…it was a great year to be a first grade cardinal!

Here’s a look at what’s going on this  last week in first grade…

Monday, June 5thsun

No Hot Lunch

Tuesday, June 6th: $1 Dress Down

Booknic with our 4th grade buddies!

Please send a sack lunch with your child today

Wednesday, June 7th

No Hot Lunch

field-day-300x300Thursday, June 8th

Picnic and Field Day!

Friday, June 9th: Early Dismissal, 11:30 AM

9:00 AM, All School Mass

**Don’t Forget! Order your school supply kit for the 2017-2018 school year! Order online by June 9th!

Future Dates to Take Note Of:

June 23rd: St. Cletus Golf Outing

August 15th: Pre- Ordered School Supply Kit Pick Up

August 21st: Meet and Greet for Grades 1-8

August 22nd: School Begins!

9:00 am, Beginning of the School Year Mass

11:30 am Early Dismissal

**No After Care**

August 23rd: First Full Day of the 2017-2018 School Year!

**Before Care and After Care Opens**

apple heart

Lunch/Recess Open Dates this week!

Please contact Pam Rohrbacher if available.

*Recess begins at 11:15am for the first graders.

Lunch begins at 11:35 am and ends at 12:00 pm.

Room 107: June 5th

Room 108: June 7th

Thank you all so very much for all the time you have taken out of your busy schedules to come to our classrooms.

 We are grateful to have such supportive parents by our side!

Our Special’s Schedule this Week:

Rotation Day

Room 107 (Tyk) Room 108 (Gearen)
Monday– E

Spanish, GYM

Science Lab, GYM

Tuesday– F


Spanish, Music

Wednesday– A Art, Library, Music Art, Library
Thursday– Field Day!

Field Day!




**Please make a note of when your class has gym this week.  GYM SHOES REQUIRED**


In the Classroom…  keep them learning

…this week in Spelling: Students will review our past spelling word lists in centers.  We will be utilizing our writing skills to create sentences and stories using our spelling words.  

…this week in Reading: As part of our centers this week, students will be reading short stories in small groups.  

…this week in Math: Students will deepen their understanding of number sense and problem solving as they complete center work.   

tot-spot-kids-clockthis week in Religion: Classrooms will wrap up what we learned this past year in Religion as well as how we can take what we learned and use it every day in our life choices.  

…this week in Science/Social Studies: We will be wrapping up our lesson on weather, the seasons, and how they are connected to each other!




ABC Tree Clipart


Thank you to our first grade families for such a successful year!

Have a fun, safe, and enriching summer! Don’t forget to work those brains!


Miss Gearen and Ms. Tyk

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Image result for flip flopImage result for watermelon clip art








Important Dates to Remember:

-Tuesday, June 6 – Buddy Booknic and Dress Down Day!

-Wednesday, June 7 – Cleaning Day, please let your students know what you would like them to keep and donate!

-Thursday, June 8 – Field Day and Picnic, room 114 wears white, room 115 wears red!

-Friday, June 9 – End of School Mass, Dismissal at 11:30am


The students enjoyed an awesome field trip to Naper Settlement. Chaperones, students, and teachers enjoyed the interesting things we learned. It was great to see the students’ faces light up when they got to see actual artifacts from the 1800s and a real-life blacksmith. Many of them enjoyed the strict school-teacher as well. The year is dwindling down and the students are working hard to cram in the last bit of learning we have prepared for them. We are all enjoying the 8th grade events and the beautiful weather.

File_001 (8)

Check out the awesome things we’ve been up to below.


Reading/Language Arts:

  • In room 115…
    • The students have been extending their thinking and challenging themselves as we closely read two passages about baseball. One text was about baseball’s beginnings and the other was “Casey at the Bat”. The students read each passage a few times and analyzed different things, such as: the main idea, figurative language, author’s purpose, and comparing the texts to each other. The students worked hard to really understand the crazy language within each of the texts, extending the comprehension skills we’ve worked on all year. They then compared how the rules of the game have changed from “Baseball’s Beginnings” to now.
  • In room 114…
    • The students have gone back to using reading strategies to fully understand a text. In small groups, the students each read a text about inventions, being lost, and mysteries. They predicted, analyzed, and discussed the characters and settings in each book. They did a great job of feeding off each other to create summaries and discussions to further their thoughts.

The students were asked to write a letter to the incoming 4th graders. They were asked to choose one word to describe the year and they will include this word in each paragraph of their letter describing 4th grade. The future 4th graders will be enjoying these stories next year as they begin their 4th grade journey.

In spelling, the students have been working on making connections between their spelling words and the spelling patterns we have learned – beginning/ending sounds, rhyming, and synonyms/antonyms. We have also been working on how to add suffixes to base words and how those suffixes sometimes change the spelling of a word. The students were happy that we took our last spelling test of the year on Friday! We are also exploring the last part of speech, interjections!

Math: What a year in math! The students did a wonderful job working in their small groups to further their knowledge on each chapter. During these last few days of school, the students will begin to wrap up their study on shapes, lines, angles, and symmetry. Their Chapter 10 Test is this Friday (and once again, they’re VERY excited to know it’s their last). They will show their learning by creating a school, neighborhood, stadium, etc. using geometric shapes! This project will be completed in class. We will end the year by furthering our knowledge in geometry, completing hands on activities with measurement, and problem solving tasks.

Social Studies: The students wrapped up the year with a region study project! They were split into small groups, and assigned one  region. They were given a set of topics that they needed to research and present. The students did a wonderful job of finding great facts, working together, and creating an exciting presentation! With the last few days together, we will begin to study our fabulous state of Illinois. The students will create an iPad with nine apps connecting to different things about Illinois. We will end our year by presenting these iPad’s, as well as playing a few rounds of their favorite game – The State and Capital Game!

Science: The students finished up their Hot Wheels Speedometry unit on potential and kinetic energy this week. The last lab asked students to study how collisions affect potential and kinetic energy and how car engineers use this information to design safer cars. Students worked with a group to decide what experiment they wanted to conduct, how they were going to conduct it, how they would log data and then the students discussed the results to come up with what they discovered. This was a great way to round out their STEM learning for the year, To finish out the year the students will conduct a few labs exploring other types of energy like: electricity, wind, and solar energy, the most exciting lab being our end of the year Ultimate Paper Airplane Competition.

Religion: The students are working on exploring the other Commandments to finish up the year and creating a Ten Commandments mini-book. To end the year, students will be asked to create a class set of Commandments. In Second Step the students worked on using our problem solving steps to keep promises, make conversation, and avoid/resolve conflict.

As always, it’s a great day to be a cardinal!

Ms. Kasl and Ms. Gross


The countdown to the Kasl/Duffy wedding is on! All students and families are invited to attend the ceremony at St. Cletus on Friday, June 16! Students received invites in Wednesday envelopes last week, however Ms. Kasl has extras if they went missing :).

File_002 (6)File_003 (6)File_004 (5)File_005 (5)File_006 (5)File_000 (8)

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Preschool Newsletter – June 2nd

Preschool Newsletter – Week of May 29-June 2

This week in Preschool we finished our last letter of the week, letter Z. We also discussed Father’s Day and completed various end of the year review activities. We have been busy practicing for our end of the year celebration (Wednesday, June 7th at 8:30 am). The children are very excited!

In center this week we worked on:

  • Letter Z (Z is for zebra)
  • Number bingo
  • Father’s day craft
  • Building with legos
  • Sorting our letters
  • Completing our handwriting journals

Next week we will complete some end of the year review of our letters and numbers to get ready for Kindergarten!

End of the year reminders:

  • Preschool End of the Year Celebration at Spring Ave. Park
    • When: 8:30 am followed by snacks at the park and then the children are free to go home
    • Please be sure – no backpacks should be brought to school that day
    • Also, please be sure to have your child at school on time that day as we are walking to the park as a class

Preschool 2016-17 Park pictures:




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Art – May 2017


The kindergarteners discussed positive and negative space before creating an artwork filled with both organic and geometric shapes. They are finishing up the year coloring a banner for the Kindergarten celebration.

First Grade

The first graders looked at the artwork American Gothic by Grant Wood before creating their own making it more modern. They changed the clothes, hair, and placed modern objects into the background making the artwork more current, but kept the iconic window on the house in the background.

Second Grade

The second graders looked at still lives by Paul Cezanne and created their own. Each table placed a bowl, table cloth, and apples together and then drew what they saw.  They used color blending, shadows, highlights, and overlapping to make them realistic.

Third Grade

The third graders op art, complimentary color

The third graders looked at the Henri Matisse’s construction paper cutouts. After looking at these colorful artworks each student created an optical illusion using only construction paper.

Fourth Grade

The fourth graders recently finished creating dvd covers. They focused on placement and size of each part of the cover; the title, slogan, and image.  They are currently drawing bedroom shelves filled with items that tell us about their interests.

Fifth Grade

The fifth graders have finished their paper mache letters/numbers. They turned out great and are on display in the case outside the art room.  They also learned about paper quilling and practiced making the different types of coils.  They are currently gluing coils together to create their final artwork.

Sixth Grade

The sixth graders are learning about different ways to shade a drawing. After carefully drawing a popped popcorn kernel, they will shade using blending, hatching and crosshatching, or stippling.

Seventh Grade

The seventh graders reviewed the difference between negative and positive space. They recently finished designing an image/scene that has their name hidden in the negative space.

Eighth Grade

The eighth graders finished decorating their plaster masks with paint, yarn, feathers, and glitter. They also designed and drew their name on a brick sized sheet of paper to be added to the wall of the Art Room.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at

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This Week in First Grade, May 29th through June 2nd

This Week in First Grade…

May 29th through June 2nd, 2017


The month of June comes upon us towards the latter part of the week.  

Here’s to the last ten days of our 2016-2017 school year!

Take a look at what’s going on this week in first grade!

Monday, May 29th

No School, Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 30th

1:30 PM, 8th Grade Awards Ceremony

Wednesday, May 31st

Hot Lunch: Pizza

10:00 AM, 8th Grade Clap Out

7:00 PM, 8th Grade Graduation

don't forget

Order your school supply kit for the 2017-2018 school year! Order online by June 9th!

Picnic and Field Day: June 8th!

Permission Slip Due No Later than Wednesday, May 31st

big_image_recessMay and June Lunch/Recess Calendars are open!

Please contact Pam Rohrbacher if available

We thank you in advance!

Room 107: May 30th, 31st, and June 1st

Room 108 needs volunteers all week!

*Recess begins at 11:15am for the first graders.

Lunch begins at 11:35 am and ends at 12:00 pm.


Our Special’s Schedule this Week:

Rotation Day Room 107 (Tyk) Room 108 (Gearen)
Tuesday– A Art, Library, Music Art, Library
Wednesday– B TLC GYM
Thursday–C Spanish, Science Lab TLC, Music
Friday– D Music Spanish, TLC

**Please make a note of when your class has gym this week: GYM SHOES REQUIRED ON GYM DAYS**


In the Classroom…  

…this week in Spelling: The classrooms will create a list of words with the /er/ sound.  We will review that though we hear that sound in many words, there are multiple ways of writing the /er/ sound; students will  sort words based on the <ur>, <ir> and <er> word part.  

Spelling List #32:

mud, jam, sent, her, dummer, river, number, always, also, woodpeckertelling time

…this week in Reading: Both classrooms will read short stories in small groups, write about their favorite part in the story read, and then share their work with the class.  Room 107 will conclude their last 1.6 text, Super Oscar, and take their 1.6 Reading Assessment on Wednesday, May 31st.  

…this week in Math: Students will alternate telling time to the hour and half hour.  The classrooms will wrap up Chapter 9 at the end of the week, reviewing techniques for measuring and telling time.

weather…this week in Religion Studies: As we continue identifying and discussing Saints, classrooms will also name and demonstrate coping skills for dealing with name calling.

…this week in Science: We will using what we already know about the seasons and connecting that information to weather.  We will focus on the essential questions of “what is weather?” as well as “what we can observe about weather?”

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Overton News

We are down to the final weeks of school! I hope you all have a fun and safe Memorial Day Week.

Reading: Students are reading Corey’s Underground Railroad Journal, Alone in my Teachers House, and North by Night! Students will take comprehension quizzes on Corey’s Underground Railroad Journal and Alone in my Teacher’s House on Thursday, 6/1. Our class-wide story this week is The Terrible EekThere will be a comprehension quiz over this story on Friday 6/2.

Writing: This week we are continuing writing letters! Students will write kind letters filled with personal stories to each other, they will then be compiled in the report folder your student has brought in!

Math: We have continued measurement and are starting on perimeter and area for the rest of the year!

Science: We have started a new chapter about weather! We will take a test next Friday, 6/2. Play jeopardy to review!

Social Studies:  We have finished ALL the lessons in our social studies books!


Our class could really use more tissues and pre-sharpened pencils! If you are able, please send your student with a box or two!


Dates to Remember:

5/29: No School, Memorial Day

6/1: Comprehension quizzes on Corey’s Underground Railroad Journal and Alone in my Teacher’s House

6/2: Science Unit 7 Test

6/2: Terrible Eek Quiz

6/8: Field Day and Picnic

6/9: Half-day, Final Day of THIRD GRADE!!! Report cards go home.


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Kindergarten Newsletter, May 26

Upcoming Events/mark your calendars:

  • Monday, May 29: No School
  • Tuesday, May 30: 8th grade awards ceremony in church.
  • Wednesday, May 31: Hot Lunch, Pizza
  • Wednesday, May 31: 8th grade “clap-out;” we will clap as the 8th graders leave our building one final time!

This Week:

  • We went to the leadership prayer service on Tuesday where we saw the new student council members sworn in to their new positions.  It sounds like they have a lot of great ideas for the next school year!  We also saw the junior high national honor’s society receive their certificates.
  • The rain didn’t stop us from having a great time with our buddies on Tuesday.  The treats you all sent in were perfect!  Thank you! The kindergartners and 8th graders enjoyed their picnic time together.  Check out the PICTURES!
  • Boy are these kindergartners a talented bunch!  God gave each child unique gifts and talents and we enjoyed seeing them share those gifts with us on Thursday.  We saw singers, artists, gymnasts, swimmers, hula hoopers, readers and more! The children gained confidence when they performed in front of their friends and learned how to be good a respectful, encouraging audience. Check out the PICTURES!
  • We released Mrs. Mahr’s butterflies earlier this week. We had so much fun observing their life cycle!

Next Week:

We will be busy practicing for our kindergarten celebration.  We’re sounding REALLY good.  You will be so PROUD!


  • We will continue our kindergarten memory books.
  • We will complete the final pages of our kindergarten journal!  We can’t wait for you to see them!
  • We will do re-reads of some of the “welcome to kindergarten” books we read the very first week of school.  We will do a lot of reminiscing and ‘making connections.’ A trip down memory lane is so much fun! We have grown!
  • We will finish literacy assessments.


  • Review and assessment: addition, subtraction, time, money, measurement, 3d and 2d shapes, counting by 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s, graphing, number writing and recognition.


  • We will take part in a little “hunt” over at church, looking for different items like the tabernacle, altar, statues, St. Francis Chapel and more.  These are all areas of our church that we have visited this year. Have your child show you these things when you go to Mass as a family this summer! We will learn one more song in kindergarten –“Welcome to His house!”

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Second-2-None Newsletter 5-22

Image result for happy memorial day

What We Are Learning

Week of 5-22

This week in our language block we continued with vowel teams, decoding syllables, and story elements.  We have a pretty good understanding of breaking up longer words into syllables to help us read them correctly.  In Shurley we practiced classifying our stretched sentences by labeling the subject pronouns. And in Phonics we wrapped up the unit with a suffix quiz.

In Math we started our new chapter on 3 dimensional shapes.  This week’s newsletter secret is all squares are rectangles. We are looking at each shape’s characteristics and we are sorting shapes based on the edges, vertices, and faces.  This week we also played a few family math games.  We hope that you too are enjoying playing these games as a family.

Our Science this week focused on adaptation.  We learned about how plants and animals adapt to survive in their environment.

Religion was about being called as a member of the church.  We talked about Christians today compared to Christians from Jesus’ time.  Next Wednesday is a B day and we will be attending 8 AM Mass.


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