First Grade Happenings for the Week of April 16th to the 20th

Religion:  We will be focusing on the sacrament of Baptism.  As part of next week’s homework assignments we will be sending home a sheet for you to complete about your child’s Baptism.  Please complete and send back to school by Wednesday along with a picture of your child with their Godparents as well.

Second Steps:  This week the students will be talking about the ways we can be distracted from both our work and from listening to what is being said in class.

Reading:  The students will be learning that some words can begin with a silent letter.  The students will be learning how to sound out these words.  They will also learn what the prefixes /re/ and /un/ mean when attached to words like read (reread to read again.) or pack (unpack to take something out).   Lastly the students will enhance their comprehension skills as they read passages from articles and then ask their own questions.  The questions will be ones that they can find the answers to by rereading the passage.

Writing:  Our first “How To” stories are now done and on their way to be published.  The students will now move on to their next story writing activity.

Spelling / Grammar:  Our spelling words this week contain the /ou/ vowel combination.  The words for the week will be pet, self, put, bat, saw, mouth, outside, our, round, out.  The students will work with these words and the dictation sentences this week as they complete different small group activities.  Two of the activities that they will work on will be writing ten sentences each containing one of the spelling words and turning the words into addition problem (In other words number of vowels + consonants = total number of letters in the word.)

Math:  Our chapter this week has us strengthening our knowledge of place value in numbers.  We are identifying the greater or lesser number in a pair as we look at either the tens or the ones to help us decide.   (Example. . .  89  87. . .  89 is greater than 87.  I looked at the ones to help me decide.  Example. . .  35  53 . . . 35 is less than 53.  I looked at the 10’s to decide.)

Social Studies:  This week we will be preparing to celebrate Earth Day April 22nd.  During the week the student will be learning about people in our history who have made an impact on protecting the world that God created for us and wanted us to protect.  One such person that we will be learning about is Sacagewea.

Important Information for the Week:

We are in need of lunch parents for the week.  If you are able to help please log on to the sign up genius and select a date that works for you.  You can access this site through the St. Cletus website.

We are also in need of Kleenex in room 108.  Please send in a couple of boxes along with a bag of wipes when possible.

Sunday, April 15th:  Please attend Mass with your child this week.

Monday, April 16th:  E – Day:  107 has Spanish and Gym. 108 has Science Lab and Gym.  Hot lunch from American Bagel.

Tuesday, April 17th:  F – Day:  107 has Gym and TLC.  108 has Spanish and Music.  D4D at McDonalds.

Wednesday, April 18th:  A – Day:  107 has Art and Music. 108 has Library (Gather your library books so that new ones may be checked out.)  Hot Lunch from Buona Beef.

Thursday, April 19th:  B – Day:  107 has TLC.   108 has Gym.  First grade will be meeting at Mass at 8:00am.  Please bring your child to Church instead of the school.  If you are able to attend please feel free to join us.

Friday, April 20th:  C – Day:  107 has Spanish and Science Lab.  108 has TLC and Music.  The students will be attending the Health Fair during the day today.

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