First Grade Happenings for the Week of April 30th to May 4th

Religion:  We will complete our chapter about the Sacraments as we learn what signs of the Holy Spirit are used in the Baptism ceremony.  Some signs that will be talk about are the light, holy water and oil.  As we review the chapter we will talk about how we can grow as disciples of Christ.

Second Steps:  We will learn how to tell when we are angry by recognizing anger signs in our bodies.  Some signs that we show are frowning and shoulders hunched.

Reading:  This week we will review using the prefixes /un and re/, practice asking questions about a passage that we have read, and breaking words into syllables as we identify if they are opened or closed.   In addition we will learn about contractions and the job of an apostrophe.

Spelling:  Our words this week contain the /oi/ and /oy / sounds.  The words this week are right, would, film, bug, had, oil, spoiled, noisy, boiling, coin.   

Grammar:  The students will review the job of an adverb and the fact that many end in /ly/.

Writing:  We started writing about a tree house last week by generating a list of words that help us talk about one.  This week the students will use these words to talk about what they would put in their own tree house.

Math:  This week we will begin the eighth chapter in our Math series.  As we begin the chapter the students will be reviewing fact families and these math terms: add, subtract, sum and difference.

Science:  We return to our Science curriculum as we take a look at the technology all around us.


Both rooms are still in need of lunch parents.  If you are able to help please go to the sign up genius and add your name to the list.  We really appreciate the time you give to helping us.

Both classes are still in need of kleenex and wipes.  Please send in a box or two of each if you are able.

Monday, April 30th:  B – Day:  107 has TLC.   108 has Gym.  The students will be attending a band concert given by the Cardinal O’Hara School Band.  Hot Lunch from Buona Beef.

Tuesday, May 1st: C – Day  107 has Spanish and Science Lab. 108 has TLC and Music.

Wednesday, May 2nd:  D – Day 107 has Library (Don’t forget to return your library books today so that new ones can be checked out) and TLC.   108 has Spanish and TLC.  Hot Lunch from Little Joes.

Thursday, May 3rd:  E – Day:  107 has Spanish and Gym.  108 has Science Lab and Gym.

Friday, May 4th:  F – Day 107 has Gym and TLC.  108 has Spanish and Music.

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