First Grade Happenings for the Week of April 9th to the 13th

Religion:  We will continue talking about the seven Sacraments that God gave us to show His love.

Second Steps:  This week the students will talk about ways to wait their turns when wanting to talk to someone who is involved with another conversation.

Reading:  As we continue to talk about the story “The Recess Queen”, we will work on these skills: compound words, reading words that being with silent k, g and w and using the prefixes /re/ and /un/.  The students will review adding -ing and -ed to the end of words as well.

Spelling Grammar:  Our spelling words this week contain the /ew/ sound.  Our spelling words this week are newspaper, grew, flew, held, want, because, chew, bud, sun, few.

Writing:  The students are working hard writing their own how to stories.  These stories will be the ones that are published in the class book that we are having published through Scholastic.  If you have placed an order for the class book these orders will be filled before the end of the school year.

Math:  This week we will begin the 7th chapter in our Math series.  Chapter 7 has us comparing two digit numbers using the phrase:   _______ is greater than ________  or _________ is less than _______.

Social Studies:  This week we will identify and locate valleys, mountains, and different bodies of waters on maps and globes.

Important Information for the Week:

We are looking for lunch helpers for the week.  The teachers do the recess and the parents cover the lunch time.  Please let us know if your are able to help this week.  Ms. Tyk and I REALLY appreciate the time you volunteer.

Sunday, April 8th:  Please attend Mass over the weekend with your child.

Monday, April 9th:  F – Day:  107 has Gym and TLC.  108 has Spanish and Music.  All school Mass at 9:00am.  If your schedule allows please join us.  Hot Lunch from Buona Beef.

Tuesday, April 10th:  A – Day:  107 has Art and Music.  108 has Art and Library.  108 families PLEASE bring back Library books today so that new ones may be checked out.

Parent College

Date: Wednesday  April 10,  Time: 6:30-8,  Where: Parish Center.  If parents attend, their child gets a dress down day, a freebee!  Our speaker comes with a wealth of knowledge regarding raising children, she is a parent coach.

Wednesday, April 11th:  B – Day:  107 has TLC.   108 has Gym.  Hot Lunch from Little Joe’s.

Thursday, April 12th:  C – Day:  107 has Spanish and Science Lab.  108 has TLC and Music,

Friday, April 13th:  D – Day:  107 has Library and Music.  108 has Spanish and TLC.

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