First Grade Happenings for the Week of February 12th to the 16th

Religion:  This week we will be preparing for Ash Wednesday Mass with out fourth grade buddies.  Some of the students will either be walking in at the beginning of Mass carrying a banner, bringing up the gifts, or helping their fourth grade buddy read a petition.  If your child is involved in one of these activities there will be an email sent to you.  Please join us for Mass on Ash Wednesday at 9:30 if your schedule allows.  All students will be part of the choir for the Mass.  We will also be learning about the season of Lent.

Reading:  The students will work on a charter study about the principal Mr. Keene from “A Fine Fine School.”  The students will find evidence to support the traits they list about this character.

Spelling:  Our spelling words this week contain the digraph blend “wh”.  Our words this week will be did, cut, twin, whale, wheel, white, whisper, what, when, whenever. 

Grammar:  The students will be strengthening their skills of writing verbs in their past and present tenses.

Writing:  The students are hard at work on their first stories and will continue to develop them.

Math:  This week the student will strengthen their knowledge of solving for missing addends sums  or differences with within a fact family.

Science:  The students will learn how to use their inquiry skills when looking for information to learn about the world around them.  Vocabulary words that we will be working with are compare, observe, measure, predict, classify, communicate, hypothesize, infer, draw conclusions make a model and sequence.  

important information for the week

Ms. Tyk and Miss Gearen hope that you and your family enjoyed the snow day on Friday.  If you took any pictures of your child out in the snow we would love to see them.  Please email them to us so that they can be shared with the rest of the class.

Sunday, February 11th:  Please attend Mass with your child over the weekend.

Monday, February 12th:  D – Day 107 has Music and Library.  Gather up your library books and bring them back so that new ones may be checked out today.  108 has Spanish and TLC.  Hot Lunch from Wendy’s.

Tuesday, February 13th:  E – Day  107 has Spanish and Gym.  108 has Science Lab and Gym.

Wednesday, February 14th:  F – day:  107 has Gym and TLC.  108 has Spanish and Music.  Please celebrate ASH Wednesday with us a 9:00 am Mass.  We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day today.  Please be sure to check the emails sent out by the individual room parents.  Ms. Tyk and Miss Gearen would like to thank all volunteers in advance.  The students, Ms. Tyk and I really appreciate all the work.  Hot Lunch from Pisa Pizza.

Thursday, February 15th:  A – Day  107 has Art and Music.  108 has Library and Art.  Please gather your Library books and bring them back so that new ones can be checked out.  We will be attending Stations of the Cross today at 2:15.  If your schedule allows please join us in the Church.

Friday, February 16th;  B – Day:  107 has TLC.  108 has Library and Art.  If you bought your child an Auction T-shirt today is a dress down day for them.  Please be sure to wear the t-shirt.

Monday, February 19th:  President’s Day – We will not be in school.  Enjoy the long weekend.

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