First Grade Happenings for the Week of February 5th to the 9th

Religion:  The class will learn the Jesus’s words and actions celebrate God’s love for us.  We will also look at ways we as Catholics celebrate God’s love through the sacraments we receive through out our lives.

Second Steps:  The First graders will continue to strengthen their skills in problems solving and impulse control.

Reading:  This week our story will be “A Fine Fine School.”  As the class is working with this story they will identify story elements, to learn the author’s message.  Students will also talk about the characters they meet in the story.  As they are talking about the characters they meet the students will create a list of what it takes to be a good student within a classroom setting.

Spelling: Our words this week contain the long u sound with a silent e at the end.  Our words this week are tune, little, useless, down, excuse, swim, cube, bus, used, pot. 

Grammar:  Our grammar series will have the students learning to put single vowel words in their past tense form.  The students will learn to double the final consonant and then add -ed to the end of verbs to indicate that they have already happened.  (Ex:  hop – hopped.)

Writing:  This week the students will be writing their first story and making it into a book.  The stories are inspired by author Todd Parr’s book “This Is My Hair”.  After the stories have been written the student will then illustrate each page.  After each page has been illustrated the books will be published and hung in the hall for the school and parents to enjoy.

Math: This week the students will strengthen their understanding of fact families.  They will also see that they can check their answers for the related problems by checking to see that all four problems have the same three numbers.

Important Information for the Week

Sunday, February 4th:  Before enjoying the Super Bowl this afternoon please attend Mass with your child.

Monday, February 5th:  E – Day  107 has Spanish and Gym.   108 has Science Lab and Gym.

Tuesday, February 6th:  F – Day  107 has  Gym and TLC.   108 has  Spanish and Music.

Wednesday, February 7th:  A – Day  107 has Art and Music. 108 has Library (Gather up your Library books and bring them back to school so that new ones may be checked out today.)

Thursday, February 8th: B- Day:  107 has TLC.   108 has Gym.  First grade will be meeting at Church to attend 8:00 am Mass.  Please DO NOT bring your child to the church before 7:50. Ms. Tyk and Miss Gearen will not be there before 7:50.

Friday, February 9th:  C – Day:  107 has Spanish and Science Lab.    108 has TLC and Music.  If you purchased a 2018 Auction t-shirt for your child they are encouraged to wear it and dress down today.

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