First Grade Happenings for the Week of March 5th to the 9th

Religion:  We will continue to read, discuss and illustrate the stations.  This week we will take a closer look at Stations 7, 8, 9, and 10.  We will also continue practicing for our Washing of the Feet Prayer Service on March 23rd.  Please add this date to your calendars so that you remember to join us at 9:00am.  We will also be having a pizza party on this date to congratulate the students on a job well done.  More information about the pizza party and a small fee will be sent home shortly.

Reading:  The students will work on their comprehension skills as they read a story and then ask and answer questions centered around what they have just read.

Spelling:  Our spelling words this week contain the long I sound when paired with gh in words.  Our words this week are: lip, any might, frightening, night, went, his, many light and high.

Grammar:  This week the classes will review what an adjectives job in sentences.  They will also learn how to compare two or more items by adding -er and -est to the end of words.

Writing:  We continue to work on our :”This is My . . . stories.”  The classes will be writing about the characters in “A Fine, Fine School” from our reading series.   Along with this the students will begin to write instructions on how to “Build a Snowman, How to plant a seed, and other topics that can have instructions written for them.

Math:  We begin our 6th chapter this week.  The students will group objects into tens and learn to count and write the numbers 1 to 120.  During the week our first graders will be introduced to the ZEARN website that will become part of our Math program.  This website will help to enhance our knowledge of skills we have learned in class.  Please be sure that your child has a set of head phone in their backpacks so that they can listen to the information being taught on this new site.  The head phones do NOT have to be expensive, they just need to work.

Social Studies:  We will be concentrating on our planet for the next couple of weeks.  This week we will talk about the weather and the effect it has on the planet.  We will also look at time lines to see the length of time it takes for weather to effect the earth’s landscape.

Important Information for the week

Friday is Parent Teacher conferences.  Please remember to sign up for a conference time.  A link was sent to your through the School Scoop.  If you are able to make any of these conference times please let your child’s teacher know.

Please send in a package of baby wipes for use during lunch and recess.  Both classrooms are in need of this supply.

Please sign up for lunch duty on our sign up genius.  Ms. Tyk and I appreciate the time you spend volunteering.  Lunch time is from 11:30 TO 12:00 and usually in the lunch room.  Teachers cover recess and are grateful when we can have a parent here to cover lunch time.  Thank you for considering giving of your time.

Last week we attended an assembly about supporting the research for the cure of rear diseases.  The students received boxes encouraging them to collect change at home and bring it back on a certain date.  We also told you in the School Scoop that we would be having themed based days to encourage students to bring in pennies, dimes, nickels and quarters to put in the class donation box.  We will be starting those themed based days this Tuesday.  Please read on and make note of the themes.

Saturday, March 3rd:  St. Cletus Auction.  We would LOVE to see you there.

Sunday, March 4th:  Please attend Mass if your schedule allows.

Monday, March 5th:  F – Day:  107 has Gym and TLC.  108 has Spanish and Music.  Hot Lunch Subway.

Tuesday, March 6th:  A – Day:  107 has Art and Music.  108 has Library and Art.  Please gather and bring back your library books so that new ones may be checked out.  Pajamas for PENNIES .  Wear your favorite PAJAMAS and bring in PENNIES for the class box.

Wednesday, March 7th:  B – Day  107 has TLC  108 has Gym.  Hot Lunch from Café Salsa.  Daring DIMES – wear SUPER HERO attire.

Thursday, March 8th:  C- Day  107 has Spanish and Science Lab.   108 has TLC and Music.

Friday, March 9th:  D – Day: 107 has Library and Music.  108 has Spanish and TLC.  Parent Teacher Conference.  Please be sure to sign up for a conference time.  The conference sign up sheet link was sent with the school scoop on Wednesday.  Today is a half day of school the students will be dismissed at 11:30.  Please remember to send in a HEALTHY snack for the morning.  Please also remember that there WILL NOT be aftercare today.

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