First Grade Happenings for the Week of May 14th to the 18th

Religion:  This week we will continue to focus on the Rosary.  As a class we will pray the Rosary properly.  We will concentrate on the Joyful Mysteries that are talked about as the Rosary is being said.  This Wednesday the students will be making their own Rosary with a group of ladies that have been working with our grade for many years.  When these Rosaries are completed one of the Priest will be visiting our classes and blessing them for us.

Second Steps:  This week the first graders will learn how to calm down when they are angry by taking deep breaths, counting backward slowly, and thinking calming thoughts.

Reading:  We will contine working with the story “Far From Home.”  The students will partner read the story and then draw a picture of their favorite part and then write two sentences about the picture.

Spelling / Grammar:  The words this week contain the r controlled ( AKA: Bossy r) vowel combination /ar/.  The words this week are got, bun, belt, arm, hard, scarf, cart, goes, does, barnyard.

Writing:  The students will create a picture from a simple squiggle.  After they finish their picture they will then write a story about their drawing.

Math: This week the students will continue to strengthen their ability to solve and explain 2 digit addition word problems. They will also add and subtract two digit numbers within 100.

Science:  The First Grades will be creating their own back scratcher using a paper towel tube as their main piece. As they are creating these scratchers, they will test and redesign their inventions until they work the way they want them to work.  We will also be reading about and identifying that the natural materials used for everyday objects can be found all around  us.  (Example:  Paper that we use everyday comes from trees.)

Important Information for the week

Both rooms are in need of Lunch Parents for the week.  If you are able to help please log on to the sign up genius website from the school’s webpage and let us know.  Your help is GREATLY appreciated.

Soles4Souls project.  We will continue collecting shoes until this Wednesday, May 16th.  Please send any donations to school with your child.  The winning classroom with receive a pizza party for their efforts.

Sunday, May 13th:  Happy Mother’s Day!! Please attend Mass with your child this week.

Monday, May 14th:  F – Day:  107 has Gym and TLC.  108 has Spanish and Music  Hot Lunch Jimmy John

Tuesday, May 15th:  A – Day:  107 has Art and Music.  108 has Library and Art. We will be attending a May Crowning Mass at 9:00. PLease join us if yur schedule allows. The 8th and 2nd Graders will be crowning Mary. 2nd session of Cardinal College focusing on Internet Safety and Percautior. The session runs from 7:-00 to 8:00pm

Wednesday, May 16th:  B – Day:  107 has TLC.  108 has Gym. Hot Lunch From Cafe Slasa.  We will be making Rosaries today.  We will also have one of our Priest will come in and bless them for us.

Thursday, May 17th:  C – Day:  107 has Spanish and Science Lab.  108 has TLC and Music. D4D at Portillos at 5532 Harlem Ave in Summit. Use the flyer on the back of the homework sheet sent hme on Monday.

Friday, May 18th:  D – day:  !07 has Library (bring back books so that new ones can be checked out today.) and TLC.  108 has Spanish and TLC. .

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