First Grade Happenings for the Week of May 7th to 11th

Religion:  This week we will be focusing on the Rosary.  The students will learn how to pray the Rosary properly.  The students will also learn about the different Mysteries that are talked about as the Rosary is being said.  Next week the students will be making their own Rosary with a group of ladies that have been working with our grade for many years.  When these Rosaries are completed one of the Priest will be visiting our classes and blessing them for us.  These Rosaries are a gift to the students from Ms. Tyk and myself for the end of the year.

Second Steps:  This week the first graders will learn how to calm down when they are angry by taking deep breaths, counting backward slowly, and thinking calming thoughts.

Reading:  We will begin a new story titled “Far From Home.”  As we read the students will practice their close reading skills by asking and answering questions directly from the story.

Spelling:  The words this week contain the /oy/ sound from words like joy, annoy, boy toy, destroy, enjoy, two, four, jet and dig.  

Grammar:  The students will learn how to join two sentences using the word “and” to replace the words we take away.  (Example:  The boy has a shovel.  The boy has a pail.  The boy has a shovel and a pail.)

Writing:  Final preparation for the Author’s Lemonade are being made.  The students are putting the final touches on their illustration, creating their covers and deciding on and Author’s name for them selves.  The students that have completed their books are already writing their next “How To. . . ” story.  We know you will enjoy these.  Our published “How To. . .” books have come back from the company.  We will be delivering them after the Author’s Lemonade on May 24th.

Math:  The first graders have started learning how to add two digit addition problems.  As they are solving these problems they with strengthen their place value

Science:  Last week in science the students learned about engineers and their jobs.  They learned that engineers follow a design process when they have a problems to solve.  The first step in the “Design Process” is to find a problem.  Our book gave us the problem of “Not being able to scratch and itch in the middle of our back.”  The second step is to plan and build.  The First Grades will be creating their own back scratcher using a paper towel tube as their main piece.  PLEASE SEND IN A PAPER TOWEL TUBE BY WEDNESDAY MAY 9TH. 

Important Information for the week 

Both rooms are in need of Lunch Parents for the week.  If you are able to help please log on to the sign up genius website from the school’s webpage and let us know.  Your help is GREATLY appreciated.

Please send in a paper towel tube by Wednesday, May 9th for a Science project.

The school is hosting a shoe drive in support of the Soles4Souls project.  We will be collecting shoes starting Monday, May 7th until Wednesday, May 16th.  Please send any donations to school with your child.  The winning classroom with receive a pizza party for their efforts.

Sunday, May 6th:  Please attend Mass with your child this week.

Monday, May 7th:  A – Day:  107 has Art and Music.     108 has Library (Please gather all Library Books and return them today so that new ones can be checked out.) and Art.  Hot Lunch Pizza from Pisa Pizza.

Tuesday, May 8th:  B – Day:  107 has TLC.   108 has Gym.  Be sure to wear your Gym uniform today.

Wednesday, May 9th:  C – Day:  107 has Spanish and Science Lab.   108 has TLC and Music.  Hot Lunch from McDonald’s.  DON’T FORGET TO SEND IN A PAPER TOWEL TUBE IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY DONE SO.

Thursday, May 10th:  D – Day:  107 has Library (Please bring back your books so that new ones can be checked out today.) and TLC    108 has Spanish and TLC.  BOOK ORDERS ARE DUE TODAY. 

Friday, May 11th:  E – day:  !07 has Spanish and Gym.   108 has Science Lab and Gym.

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