First Grade Happenings for the Week of October 9th to the 13th

Religion:  We will conclude our chapter on trusting and accepting GOD’s love for us.  The classes will generate a list of deeds we can do for people that show we accept GOD’s love and want to show it to our families, neighbors, friends and others around us.   

Second Steps:  This week we will talk about and look for signs in pictures the feeling of being surprised, afraid, scared and disgusted.  The students will be paired off in partners so that they can show how they would show these emotions.  Then their partner will tell the class how these are shown using their facial expressions and body language.

Reading Our work with the story “Dragons and Monsters” continues this week.  We will identify the story details (character, setting, and events) as we work to retell the story in sequence.  The class will also learn close reading strategies as they find answers to questions from the short passage “How Polar Bears Hunt.”    

Grammar:  The class will learn to categorize words into the three types of nouns People, Places, and things.  We will also begin to work with verbs and adjectives and categorize these as well. 

Spelling:  This week we spend reviewing the words from out first 6 spelling lists.  Due to the short week there will not be a test on Friday.

Math We begin our third chapter about Addition Strategies.  Our new vocabulary for the chapter will be count on.  As the chapter goes on we will be reviewing these term as well:  add, addends, addition sentence and sum.    The students will learn to solve an addition problem in the stacked form.  They will practice changing the order of the addends using this method. 

Science:  We will begin our unit on animal habitats.  During this unit we will take a close look at what animals need to survive in their different environments.  On Friday, October 13th we will take our first field trip to Brookfield zoo.  Thank you to all parents who volunteered to chaperone.  If you were not asked to join us we will be going on another trip in December and one or two others this year.  Your willingness to join us is VERY much appreciated. 

We have been working with the reading website Razkids.  If your child has not already put their head phones (inexpensive ones please) in their backpacks please have them do so now.  The site has the kids listening to the story and with a large group of children doing this at the same time it is difficult for the students to pay attention to their story.   

Important Information for the week:

Monday, October 9th:  No school in observance of Columbus Day

Tuesday, October 10th:  B – Day  107 has Music.  108 has Gym.  D4D at Chick – Fil – A.

Wednesday, October 11th:  C – Day  107 has Spanish and Science Lab.  108 has TLC and Music.  Hot lunch from Taco Bell.  Please remember to include a healthy snack for morning break. 

Thursday, October 12th:  D – Day  107 has Music.  108 has Spanish and TLC.  We will be attending an all school Mass at 9:00am.  If your schedule allows please join us. 

Friday, October 13th:  E – Day:  107 has Spanish and Gym.  108 has Science Lab and Gym.  We are going to Brookfield Zoo today.  Please remember to pack lunches and drinks in disposable containers with your child’s name on the outside.  Please include a healthy snack for the bus in a separate baggie.  We will leave school at 9:00 and return by 1:30.  Please have your child wear their gym uniforms today and comfortable shoes.  If you are joining us we would appreciate you taking pictures of your groups as they explore the zoo and share these pictures with us.   

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