Second-2-None Newsletter 5-22

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What We Are Learning

Week of 5-22

This week in our language block we continued with vowel teams, decoding syllables, and story elements.  We have a pretty good understanding of breaking up longer words into syllables to help us read them correctly.  In Shurley we practiced classifying our stretched sentences by labeling the subject pronouns. And in Phonics we wrapped up the unit with a suffix quiz.

In Math we started our new chapter on 3 dimensional shapes.  This week’s newsletter secret is all squares are rectangles. We are looking at each shape’s characteristics and we are sorting shapes based on the edges, vertices, and faces.  This week we also played a few family math games.  We hope that you too are enjoying playing these games as a family.

Our Science this week focused on adaptation.  We learned about how plants and animals adapt to survive in their environment.

Religion was about being called as a member of the church.  We talked about Christians today compared to Christians from Jesus’ time.  Next Wednesday is a B day and we will be attending 8 AM Mass.


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