Second-2-None Newsletter 5-29

What We Are Learning

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Week of 5-29

This week in reading we continued with Splish, Splash, Animal Baths.  While reading we looked for words with vowel pairs.  In Phonics we began our new unit on long vowel sounds o and i.  And in Shurley English we classified sentences by practicing all of the skills we have learned.

In Math we are working with 2 dimensional shapes.  We have been classifying shapes based on vertices, edges, and faces. This week’s newsletter secret is We are Almost 3rd graders!

Our religion chapter this week was about Catholics around the world. We learned about the Pope and how people practice the same faith in different ways.

We are really enjoying our Science unit on animals and their environments.  We have learned how plants and animals adapt to meet the needs of the environment.

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