Second-2-None: Week of 10-2-17

Week of 10-2

This week in Reading, we started to read “Friends around the World” and learned about e-pals. We began identifying the main topic and supporting details within the next, and next week we will learn how to use captions and key words to better understand a text.

In Shurley English, took a test on Chapter 3, where we classified sentences with article adjectives, subject nouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives. Next week, we will continue working with those parts of speech, but look at end marks in sentences as well.

Each week in our newsletter, we will have a newsletter secret. Please share the secret with your child so they can earn a DoJo point for the week. Sometimes the secret is hidden on the different pages so please be sure to look through our Events and Homework page as well!  This week’s newsletter secret is….Columbus Day.

We had our sixth Spelling test today on ea words. Next week, the pattern is words with soft c sounds. Remember to practice spelling words on Spelling City! The website is

In Math, we took our Unit 2 test. We showed how much we knew about number names, showing different forms of numbers, counting on and back by ten and one hundred, and comparing numbers. We will start Unit 3 on Tuesday; we will be working on doubles facts, addition facts, making a ten to add, and relating addition and subtraction.

In Religion, we learned all about Baptism. Through baptism, we are freed from Original Sin and are given grace. We discussed what our own baptisms might have been like and who our godparents are. Next week, we will study the sacrament of Confirmation in depth.

In Social Studies, we learned about laws, votes, and communities. We compared and contrasted the three types of communities: urban, suburban, and rural. Next week, we will learn about our state and country, as well as how our country is a part of the world.

Have a GREAT weekend!

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