Second-2-None: Week of 11/27/17

In Reading this week, we read “A Chair for My Mother” and completed several graphic organizers analyzing characters and sequencing the story. While doing these activities, students strengthened their comprehension skills. We finished up our work on consonant digraphs this week, as well.

In Shurley English, we practiced our jingles and studied our vocabulary word, cargo. We continued to identify common/proper and singular/plural verbs. Students have also been identifying the complete and simple subject and predicate in various sentences. In Phonics, we looked at consonant blends, such as fl, br, pr, etc.

In Spelling, we took our twelfth spelling test on ch as “k” sound words. Next week, the pattern will be /ai/ words. Remember to practice spelling words on Spelling City! Reviewing past spelling lists is a great idea, too!

In Social Studies, we started Unit 2. This week, we focused on landforms. Students read about them in their textbook, created a graphic organizer explaining each landform and drawing a picture of each one, created flashcards to practice their definitions, and created a landform project! Students loved getting to actually make various landforms out of modeling clay and labeling them. Our newsletter secret this week is….landforms.

In Math, we wrapped up Chapter 4 (addition of two-digit numbers with regrouping) and took our test. We ended the week playing fun math games to practice mental math. Next week, we will start subtraction of two-digit numbers with regrouping.

In Religion, we spent the week focusing on the Ten Commandments. On December 8th, students will be tested on the Ten Commandments. They must be able to recite the commandments in order.

Check out the “At Home Practice” tab under 2nd grade for some great online resources to practice current concepts!

Have a great weekend!

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