Second-2-None: Week of 11/6/17

Week of 11-6

In Reading, we practiced identifying the main idea and details in texts, discussing the sequence of events in a story, and determining the beginning, middle, and end of a text. Next week, we will return to our reading series, ReadyGen, and begin reading Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday. The reading instructional focus will be to identify story structure, to use illustrations to understand characters and plot, and to understand characters’ responses.

For Writing, we continued to write number and fact topic sentences, in preparation for writing paragraphs with a topic sentence, details, and closing sentence. Each week in our newsletter, we will have a newsletter secret. Please share the secret with your child so they can earn a DoJo point on Monday. This week’s newsletter secret is….Reconciliation Day.

In Shurley English, we introduced our new vocabulary word for Chapter 5, which is cargo. We also reviewed our jingles, and reviewed the meaning of singular and plural verbs. Next week, we will analyze nouns to determine whether they are common or proper. Additionally, we will practice adding endings (-s or –es) to nouns or changing nouns (child -> children) to make them plural.

We had our 11th Spelling test today on air words. Next week, we will have a review spelling test, covering words from Units 7-11. We are doing this to ensure that students are holding onto the spelling of the words, and not just forgetting them Friday after the test. Remember to practice spelling words on Spelling City! The website is

In Math, we added two-digit numbers that require regrouping. We talked about writing numbers in expanded form to add, drawing pictures and making 10 ones into 1 ten, and regrouping the tens and ones to solve problems the same way parents and teachers learned how to add. Please avoid using the word “carry” when doing homework; instead, use the word “regroup.” Next week, we will continue practicing to add two-digit numbers that involve regrouping so that all students have a solid grasp of this concept.

In Religion, we talked a lot about Reconciliation! We discussed the sacrament and how to examine our conscience in preparation for receiving the sacrament. The students also recited the Act of Contrition individually for us, and they did an OUTSTANDING job! Thank you, parents, for helping your child remember this prayer! Don’t forget, First Reconciliation is this Saturday, November 11th at 11:00 a.m.! It is expected to last until 12:30 p.m. We told the students that they can bring their Children’s Bible (that was sent home in the beginning of the year) to read while they are waiting to receive or have already received the sacrament.

In Science, we created an animal group book explaining the various characteristics of each type of animal, and students got to explore the animals in each group be selecting their favorite one and drawing it. We also learned about how fat/blubber and fur help keep some animals warm in cold environments. Next week, we will learn about the life cycle of some animals.

We appreciate your continued support. Remember to sign up for conferences on November 21st. Have a GREAT weekend!

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