Second-2-None: Week of 12/4/17

Week of 12-4

In Reading, we took a quiz on “A Chair for My Mother,” learned about r-controlled vowels, and strengthened our comprehension skills by reading paragraphs. In Shurley English, took our Chapter 5 test and showed how much we know about subjects, predicates, and different types of nouns! We had our 13th Spelling test today on /ai/ words. Next week, the pattern will be /ee/ words. The website for Spelling City is Keep reviewing and practicing!

In Math, we started subtraction of two-digit numbers with regrouping. We learned how to subtract by breaking apart numbers and drawing a model. Next week, we will learn and practice the standard method of solving two-digit subtraction problems.

In Religion, we talked about the current Church season, Advent. We made Advent wreath crafts and discussed the process of lighting a candle each Sunday and what Advent is all about. Each week in our newsletter, we will have a newsletter secret. Please share the secret with your child so they can earn a DoJo point on Monday. This week’s newsletter secret is….Advent.

In Social Studies, we discussed where people can live and how communities can be different from one another. We also learned what an ancestor, producer, and consumer are. Next week, we will begin to wrap up Unit 2 in preparation for our Unit test.

Have a GREAT weekend!

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