Second-2-None: Week of 2/5/18

We hope everyone had a safe snow day! Because of the day off, we will have our Spelling test on Monday, February 12th. The Cursive Worksheet and Math 7.2 Homework will also be due on Monday, February 12th.

This week in Religion, we focused on the parts of the Mass and how we can participate during Mass now and as we get older. In Math, we took our Chapter 6 Test, where students demonstrated how much they knew about adding and subtracting three-digit numbers! This is a concept we will continue to review for the rest of the year in daily activities and Simple Solutions. We started Chapter 7; this chapter focuses on counting coins to find their value. So far, we have learned how to skip count to find the value of quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. Please encourage your child to use this skill in their daily life (i.e. going through the drive through and finding the change needed or counting out change in the couch). In Science, we continued Unit 5, learning about adaptations in plants and animals. Students are now able to explain what an adaptation is and can give examples in both plants and animals.

In Spelling, we focused on long u words this week. This week’s newsletter secret to tell us on Monday is: snow day. In Shurley English, we continued working on classifying sentences with prepositional phrases. We practiced our jingles and reviewed common/proper and singular/plural nouns. We have also been reviewing and practicing editing sentences to look for capitalization and punctuation mistakes. In Phonics, we reviews r-controlled vowels, consonant blends, and consonant digraphs. We will be having a test on this next week. In Handwriting, we learned a few more lowercase cursive letters and have been able to write simple words on homework using what we know so far. In Reading, we continued Charlotte’s Web in preparation for our field trip to see the play. The skill we have been focusing on is identifying main characters and thinking of traits to describe them. We are them coming up with pieces of evidence from the text to support our claims. Our vocabulary is expanding with various adjectives and synonyms for traits!

Have a great weekend!

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