Second-2-None: Week of 4-23-18

This week in Reading, we compared/contrasted three stories with the same theme about where thunder comes from. Next week we are starting “Disaster Alert” and will be focusing on author’s purpose and main idea while reading this nonfiction book.

In Phonics, we learned about vowel pairs that make long a, long e, long i, and long o sounds. Next week, we will continue reading and writing words with vowel pairs. In Spelling, we reviewed words from Units 21-25. Next week, we will return to our normal Spelling routine with Unit 26. In Shurley English, 109 finished up Chapter 9 and took their test, while 110 finished learning how to classify sentences with pronouns. 110 will take their test on Friday, May 4th.

In Math, we took our Chapter 10 test on data. Students also finished a week-long project where they created their own survey question with four answer choices. They then collected responses to their question and created a tally chart, picture graph, and bar graph. Finally, they wrote a data summary based on their findings and made a poster displaying their hard work. Check them out in the hallway! We will move into Chapter 11 next week, which focuses on geometry.

In Religion, we discussed people who serve God, such as us, religious brothers and sisters, priests/deacons, and single/married people. We are continuing to practice for our First Holy Communion in class as well.

In Science, we finished up Unit 6 and learning about changes to Earth, plant and animal products, and natural resources. We will return to Social Studies next week. This week’s newsletter secret is: field trip.

We will see chaperones on Monday at 8:50 a.m. Have a wonderful weekend!

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