Second-2-None: Week of 4/9/18

Week of 4-9-18

This week in Reading, we finished up The Earth Dragon Awakes. After finishing the story, we summarized the key events that happened throughout the story using a graphic organizer. Next week, we will begin “Seek the Sun.” This is a short story that teaches a moral.

In Religion, we learned the parts of the Liturgy of the Eucharist. We also learned about the Blessed Sacrament and how it’s stored in the tabernacle. This week’s newsletter secret is: tabernacle. Next week, we will continue to learn how we are sent to share God’s love with others.

In Math, we finished Chapter 9 (length in metric units) and took our test. Next week, we will begin Chapter 10. In these lessons, we focus on data. Here are some skills that students will learn: collecting data, reading picture graphs, making picture graphs, reading bar graphs, making bar graphs, and displaying data. Throughout all of the lessons, we will focus on problem solving skills.

In Social Studies, we took our test on government. Students did such a good job showing us how much they knew about city, state, and federal government! Next week, we will return to Science. Unit 6 is about Earth and its resources. Here are the essential questions we will be focusing on: What changes Earth? What are natural resources? How can we classify plant products?

In Shurley English, we learned about subject pronouns and classified sentences with subject pronouns. We also worked with subject-verb agreement rules to determine the correct verb in a sentence.

In Phonics, we reviewed contractions and suffixes. We will begin vowel pairs, vowel digraphs, and diphthongs. In Spelling, we focused on y words, and next week’s focus will be silent h.

Have a great weekend!

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