Second-2-None: Week of 5-7-18

Week of 5-7-18

This week in Language Arts, we started on a project focusing on students’ two favorite memories from second grade. We began by brainstorming things that we have done throughout the entire year and made a list. Then, we completed a graphic organizer that included a topic sentence, both memories, details about those memories, why we liked those two memories the best, and a closing sentence. Students started conferencing with Mrs. McCartney and Miss Paluch about how to organize their thoughts. Next week, we will begin writing a six-paragraph essay using the information we wrote in our graphic organizers. We will also make a creative art project to go with it!

In Math, we identified/labeled angles and sorted 2-D shapes based on our understanding of sides and vertices. We also found the total number of same-size squares to cover a rectangle using what we know about rows and columns. Lastly, we defined, identified, and labeled fractions (halves, thirds, fourths). Next week, we will continue working with fractions.

In Social Studies, we learned about how our country grew from the few settlements and colonies to what it is today. We learned about Lewis, Clark, and Sacajawea. Lastly, we discussed historical figures, like Jackie Robinson, Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, and Frederick Douglass, and their impact on our country. Next week, we will review and take a test on the unit.

In Religion, we learned about the pope’s duties and discussed how Catholics around the world practice the same faith, but in different ways. We also practiced singing our Communion songs and receiving the unconsecrated host to prepare for Saturday. Students are beaming with excitement!

In Phonics, we focused on vowel digraphs (oo, au, aw, ea). Students read and wrote words containing these vowel digraphs. This will help them to decode unfamiliar words when reading a text. This week’s newsletter secret is: Blessed Sacrament.

Please remember, students participating in the 10:30 a.m. Mass need to be in the Parish Center by 10:00 a.m. Students in the 1:00 p.m. Mass need to be in the Parish Center by 12:30 p.m. We cannot wait to see all of you on Saturday for First Communion! It will be a wonderful day.

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