11/10 Overton News!

Happy November! Remember to send your child in a coat, hat, and gloves everyday because we will be outside for recess if it is not raining!

Language Arts: Students have received November poems! November poems are due on November 30th. Students have been given spelling list #8 today. Our spelling test will be Friday, November 17th!!

Reading:  Students will take a Unit 1 assessment on main idea on 11-13-11/14. We will be reviewing as a class. Students are continuously reading The Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, or Henry Huggins in small groups. November Book Reports will be due December 1st.

Math: We have learned tricks and strategies 3, 6, 7, and using the distributive property. This week we will be learning the associative property, noticing patterns in a multiplication table, tricks for 8s, problem solving, and tricks for 9s! If you have any multiplication tricks for these numbers, feel free to show them to your students!

Writing: This week students are continuing to write a final personal narrative using a prompt for a grade. The prompt was to write a story about something new you have tried.

Social Studies: This week we are continuing a new chapter about different types of communities based on the geography.

Science: This week we will continue a new chapter about plants and animals!!

We still are in desperate need of pencils! If you have time this weekend, our class would be VERY grateful for pencil donations!!! 

If you are interested in an early conference for parent teacher conferences please use the link below:


Important Dates:

11/13: Veteran’s Mass

11/20: Thanksgiving Mass lead by 3rd grade

11/21: Parent teacher conferences; students in school for 1/2 day

11/22-11/24: Thanksgiving break


Thanks to everyone who helped with the field trip this past week! Here are some pictures to enjoy!!

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