Overton News 10/10-10/13

Happy Columbus/Indigenous People Day! I hope you enjoy your long weekend, and come back refreshed and ready for a FIELD TRIP!!!

Language Arts: Students have received October poems! October poems are due on October 27th. There is no spelling test during this short week.

Reading: This week we are still looking for the main idea across multiple texts. As a whole class we are reading a chapter book called Treasures in the trees! Students are continuously reading The Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, or Henry Huggins in small groups.

Math: This chapter is all about data tables, graphs, and using both to solve problems. This week we are reviewing all of chapter 2! Our test will be on October 12th. Play our jeopardy game to review! Students will also have review homework next week.


Writing: This week students will learn how to use their peers to edit their writing using a recall and request form. Ask them how the recall and request from is used!

Social Studies: This week we are starting a whole new chapter in social studies! Chapter 3 is all about the people in communities!

Science: This week we will continue Unit 2! In Unit 2 we will learning about the Engineering process!

Please join our class Dojo!! Students gain or lose points throughout the day based on their behavior. Track your student’s day, using our app! If you need a new invite code, please let me know! Students have different incentives based on their points! Ask your student about the possible prizes!


Important Dates:


October 9:   No School, Columbus Day

October 10:  Isle a la Cache Field trip  8:15-1:30

October 27: October Book Report Due

October 30: October Poems Due

October 31: Classroom Halloween Parties 2-2:45 (more information and sign up to come!)


Horray for STEM centers!!


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