Overton News 4-16

Language Arts:  Students have taken home April poems this week! The April poem will be due on Monday, April 30th. Students will be taking home spelling lists on Monday. We will have a spelling quiz on Friday, April 20th.

Reading:  The current novels are The Box Car Children and Number the Stars. Ask your student what their new book is! Our whole class book this week is called What is Government and Who Really Started Democracy?  There is NO book report in April because we are doing BIOGRAPHIES! Your student has taken home a biography sheet with information about how to present! You are invited to come to school on May 1st at 10 AM for the presentations!!! 

Math: We are finishing a chapter about comparing fractions! We will be reviewing this whole week for the test on Monday, April 16th (note:this is a change. We are more ready for math than social studies, so we are switching the dates!) Play jeopardy to review!


Writing: This week we are going back to persuasive writing! Students will be learning strategies to be more convincing!

Science: We are continuing a new chapter about People and Resources! We have also begun talking about/learning about our chicks! We got the eggs on April 3rd! They will be hatching around April 24th! Our next science test will be Friday, April 20th! 


Social Studies: Our new chapter in social studies is about types of governments, governments in the past, and the United States government! Students’ next test will be Tuesday, April 17th(this is pushed back a day)! Play jeopardy to review:



Our classroom could really use new dry erase board markers!


Important Dates:


4/24: CHICKS!

4/25-4/26: Spring Musical



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