Third Grade News February 2nd Room 112 Mrs. Reckwerdt

Religion:   Students will have a test about the Corporal Works of Mercy and Chapter 9  on Tuesday.  We will be going to the 8 am Mass  on Wednesday, February 7.  Our new chapter (10) will teach us about importance of prayer and the different kinds of prayer.

Math:  Students are continuing to learn division properties, strategies, and the division facts in Chapter 7.  Please make sure your child to spends a few minutes daily to practice these facts.  We will  have the weekly Simple Solutions quiz on Friday, February 9th and the Chapter 7 division test next week.

Reading:  The February book report is due on Tuesday, 2/6/18.   In class we currently are focusing on main ideas with supporting details, context clues, predictions,  and story elements.  Students are continuing to read novels in groups. The different books are: The Wizard of Oz, Henry Huggins, and Run, Billy Run.

Phonics:  Students are learning the rules and then practicing how to add  the following suffixes ( ful, ly, less, ness, y, ion, ment, ) to base words.

Spelling:  Students will be learning how to spell  one and two syllable words  in Unit 17. The list words are: friend, very, people, your, after, busy, other, were, should, once, would, sure, little, every, and could.    Students will also practice building new words, special letter patterns, synonyms and context clues.  The spelling tests on unit 17 will be on Friday, February 9th.

Language:   As we continue practicing numerous skills we are especially focusing on verb tenses, pronouns, and sentence editing.

Social Studies:  Students will continue to learn about different community environments including  location, climate, and natural resources  and how they affect the people who live there.  I expect the chapter 5 test to be on Friday, February 9th.  In honor  of President’s Day students are researching and learning information about a selected President.  A  mobile of the of  president information will be due on February  21 th.

Valentines’ Day: Valentines’ Day is quickly approaching.  Please help your child decorate a box for their Valentines at home.  There are 18 students in class. Classmate names can be either put on the cards or not.  Either is fine, but if a child brings Valentines he/she must have one for every student .

Thank you to the  families that sent in Kleenex.  It was most appreciated by the class.


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