Third Grade News Room 112 Mrs. Reckwerdt April 16-20

Religion:  In class we will continue to learn about the 7 sacraments. We will have the chapter 15 test on Thursday, April 19th. The April prayer will be recited on April 30th.

Math:  On Wednesday, the 18th there will be a Simple Solutions Quiz.  Students will review how to order, compare and find equivalent fractions  before taking the Chapter 9 test on Friday April 20th.  Please continue to quiz  your child on the multiplication and division facts.

Reading:   Students should reading their biography book for the character “dress-up” book report presentation on Tuesday, May 1st at 8:15 am.  Parents are invited to attend.  Everyone received the biography book report form on 4/13/18.  Students should do a little bit at a time and not wait until the last day or two. The basic biography information/requirements went home last week.

Phonics:  Students will be learning many rules about dividing words into syllables as we continue to study in unit 6.

Spelling: This week unit 25 is a unit featuring words with double consonants in the middle of the word. We will  have a spelling test on Friday, April 20th.  The words are: supper, happen, pepper, kitten, sudden, letter, dinner, cotton, lesson, mitten, bottom, summer, better, ladder, and ribbon.

Grammar: There will be a morning worksheet test on various grammar skills on Wednesday, April 18th.

Language: The April poem will be recited in front of the class on April 26th.

Science:  By reading, watching videos, putting together puzzles, assembling booklets, and taking part in experiments, students have learned a lot about incubation, the parts of the egg, the development of the embryo, and the strength of eggs. There will be a quiz on the parts of the egg on Tuesday, April 17th.  

Social Studies: Students will be learning about conflict resolution, Indianapolis (a crossroad community), and the underground railroad. After a review of the chapter we will have the Chapter 6 test next week on Wednesday, April 25th.

Important Dates:

April 16-20: Aspire make up tests

April 20: Health Fair

April 24: Chickens hatch!!!!!

April 25 & 26th: Beauty & the Beast Musical

April 27th: No School


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