Third Grade News Room 112 Mrs. Reckwerdt March 12-16th

Religion:    We will be attending an all school Mass on Wednesday.  Third grade will be leading the Stations of the Cross this Thursday, March 15th at 2:15 pm.  Please join us if you are availableStudents are learning more about parishes in chapter 11.  The chapter 11 test will  be on March 15th.   The March prayer will be recited on March 23rd. 

Math:  Students have explored many aspects of fractions in chapter 8. We will have the Go Math Chapter test will be on Thursday, March 15th.  

Reading:   Students should be reading their fantasy, fairy tale, or science fiction book for their next book report. The book report will be due on March 23rd.  We will finishing the Year of Miss Agnes this week. In small groups students are reading other novels.

Phonics:  Students  will be dividing words into syllables and reviewing  vowel pairs, digraphs, and diphthongs as we conclude unit 5. The unit test will be next week on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Language:   The March poems were will be recited on Thursday, March 15th.  Please do not let your child wait to the last minute to practice their selected poem.

Spelling:  Because of the shortened week there will not be a weekly spelling test.

Science: This week students will be learning how environmental changes affect living things and how living things can also affect the environment.  They will learn about both positive and negative changes.


Important dates/ events

March 13: Green dress down day for Leukemia & Lymphoma..bring dollars

March 16th: Teacher Institute Day– No school for students.

March 20th: College dress down–bring quarters for Leukemia & Lymphoma.

March 21st: Dress down day…change for Leukemia & Lymphoma

March 22: Agricultural Science Field trip.

April 10: Cardinal College 6:30 pm.  Jamie Strauss parent coach will be speaking.

DONATION  REQUEST:   Students have used all of their pencils. If possible when you are shopping this weekend please pick up a pack to send in for the class.  Thank you in advance!




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