Third Grade News Room 112 Mrs. Reckwerdt week of 11.13.17

These great  pictures are from our service field trip to Feed My Starving Children.  Thank you to all parents who came and helped us.

















Religion:  Students will attend the 9 am  Veterans’ Day School Mass on  Monday, November 13th.    111 students will continue to learn about how the church began ( chapter 4.)   Students  in room 112 will  continue to learn about the early church (chapter 5.)   Third grade will also be preparing for the 9 am Thanksgiving Prayer which will be on Monday, November 20th. Everyone is invited to come to the prayer service.

Language:   The selected November poem will be recited on Monday, November 13th. The class  will be focusing on forming plurals, possessives, adding prefixes and suffixes, and verb forms.

Phonics:  Students will be learning about consonant digraphs (two consonants that are together and represent one sound, kn, th, ch, gh, wr, gn, wh, ph,  and sh.)

Spelling:  Unit 10 focuses on the long i patterns of i and igh.  The unit words are: night, bright, find, light, wild, high, blind, fight, sight,  kind, sign, knight, mild, right, sigh.   There will  be a spelling test on Friday, November 17th.

Math:  Students are learning their multiplication facts.  They also need to remember the multiplication properties: Commutative,  Identity Property of 1,  Zero  Property,  how to form arrays, and two step problems . Please encourage your child practice the new facts.  Our postponed Simple Solutions Quiz will be on Monday, November 13th.

Social Studies: Students will be learning about Veteran’s Day.

Science: Ms. Kayla Oblansky will continue her lessons on the life cycle of a  plant.

Second Step:   Students will be learning another lesson on how to be emphatic and keep friendships.

Recess:  Please send your child in a coat, hat, and gloves everyday because students  will be outside for recess if it is not raining!

Book Fair: November 19-21st

November 16: End of 1st Trimester

November 17: Author visit

November 19-21st: Book Fair

November 20th: 9 am Thanksgiving Prayer Service led by 3rd grade

November 21: Student dismissal 11:30.  Parent /Teacher Conferences in the afternoon & evening

November 22-24 Thanksgiving break

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