Fourth Grade Fall Festivities

Important Events:

-End of Trimester 1 Thursday, November 16

-D4D Baker’s Square, November 13-16

-Report Cards Monday, November 20

-Book Fair, Sunday, November 19-21

-Parent/Teacher Conferences, Tuesday, November 21 12-8pm

-Thanksgiving Break, Wednesday, November 22-Sunday, November 26

-8am Mass Tuesday, December 5

Last week, the students attended an assembly with Matt Wilhlem. Matt Wilhelm is a BMX rider who has been on America’s Got Talent, won the X Games, as well as multiple other tournaments. At the assembly, he showed us a lot of awesome tricks on his bike. He also told us the story of his life, and how he was bullied. He talked to the students about bullying and how they, just by doing something small and kind, they can be someone’s Batman.









Reading/Language Arts:

The students are currently finishing up their study of tall tales by reading John Henry. In each of the tall tales we read, students learned about how authors use figurative language and word choice to help a reader picture a character and their traits and actions. Students have also investigated dialogue and how it is used to push a story along. They have also learned about how tall tales use hyperbole to exaggerate the action of a character to make the theme of the story stand out. This week we will work on comparing each of the tall tales we read in this unit, comparing the larger-than-life characters and the author’s word choice and how it affects how we see certain characters within a story. The items we focus on in this past unit will influence our lessons and what we practice when reading our next novel. When we return from Thanksgiving break we will begin Because of Winn-Dixie where we will continue to study main idea, theme, and author’s craft. The students have also been focusing on prefixes and suffixes as well as homophones. These skills will help us to break down new vocabulary as we read.

In writing, the students have been studying how to put together a narrative using The Mysteries of Harris Burdick. The students wrote their own version of the mysteries first created by Harris Burdick and Chris Van Allsburg. They used some of the lessons we have focused on in reading like: using descriptive language to tell about the setting and characters, creating a logical plot, using dialogue to help a story along, choosing more interesting transition words. The students then typed their narrative and we worked on editing it together on Google Drive! Check out these spooky stories when you visit during conferences. This week students will finish up these final drafts and begin working on poetry.

Math: The 4th graders finished chapter 2 this past week and have been working on Chapter 3, which works on double-digit multiplication. The students quickly gathered knowledge of multiplying with zeroes and rounding to estimate. This week we will be learning how to multiply double-digits using an area model with partial products. They will learn both the partial product and regrouping methods and will be learning about how they can choose which they prefer to use; either with every problem or based on the numbers within a problem.

Please continue to use  for extra practice, help, or homework. Nina Nelson on YouTube is also a great resource for a quick reminder of each lesson.  Please remember as students work through this chapter it is important that they know how each new strategy solves a problem. By learning many different strategies, students will be able to find the way that makes the most sense to them. To help with these tougher multiplication topics it is important for students to continue to practice their basic multiplication facts, no matter how well they think they know them :).

Religion: In 2nd Step the students continue to work on empathy and how to identify other people’s feelings, how feelings can be perceived, and how intent plays into how our actions are perceived. Feelings, perceptions, and intent will continue to be our focus for the next couple of weeks. This week students focused on temptation and how we can avoid or not give in to temptation in order to stay away from sin through public service announcements they presented in groups in room 115. This week the class will finish up this chapter and present a mini-play about the Good Samaritan to their buddies next week. In room 114, the students completed their chapter on sin and will be taking their Chapter 3 test on Tuesday, November 14.

Social Studies: The students dove into the United States political system over the past few weeks. They learned about the levels of government, and the branches of government. They also read about the Constitution, and how it can be changed. Finally, they learned about the responsibilities they have as a US citizen. They will be taking their Chapter 2 Test on Friday, November 17th.

Science: We are finishing up our chapter on ecosystems, food webs, natural resources, and human impact on the earth. The 4th graders gathered information on food webs and even acted out a food web, seeing what would happen if just one animal disappeared from that web.  This week students are finishing up their study of pollution and how we can work to conserve those natural resources available to them. The students will be taking their test on Friday, November 17th. Study resources can be found in Google classroom, Quizlet and Jeopardy.

Thank you so much for your continued help and support.

It’s always a great day to be a cardinal!

Miss Kasl & Miss Gross


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