Fourth Grade Fall News

Important Dates to Remember:

-No School – Monday, October 9

-Frindle quiz (room 115)-Wednesday, October 11

-9am All School Mass – Thursday, October 12

-Frindle Story Cube Project (completed in class) due-Friday, October 13

-8am Mass – Wednesday, October 18

-Chicago History Museum field trip – October 19


Fall in Fourth Grade

The past two weeks students have been learning about the importance of responsibility, for our actions, our learning, our work ethic, and our listening and respect. We have spoken about how they are the drivers of their learning and that the work and effort they put in, shows in their learning and successes. We know they can accomplish wonderful things and cannot wait to see them grow as they just keep pushing themselves throughout the year. We have also had the chance to finish our first class novel, complete a few of our first tests, and build and test bridges.

Reading/Language Arts: The students did a great job of reading and completing their very first class novel, Frindle! This past week they took a quiz on the book to see how much they remembered. They will begin their in class Frindle project next week. Their project will dive deeply into the book; including a summary, the characters, main events, and more. We will start to get into myths by reading our next ReadyGen book! We will practice analyzing problem and solution, figurative language, and theme. We will focus on these details within one text and then across multiple texts while reading this book, as well as other books, stories, and articles during small group rotations. As we continue to read new books, the students will continue to use context clues, discuss the main characters and their traits, pick out the main events in the story, and identify the problems and solutions within the story.

In writing, students continue to work on organizing a piece of writing. We are practicing how to pick an appropriate topic by starting with a list and narrowing down to just one. The students are using these topics to write personal narratives and explanatory papers in class. They have focused on building an introduction, and connecting their body paragraphs to that introduction. The students will work on adding details that support their main idea/topic to help the reader visualize what the are reading.

Math: Hello chapter two! The students recently started the next chapter on multiplication. They have been working on drawing models to solve multiplicative comparison problems. This is a very tough lesson! We will continue to practice this lesson with problem of the day, as well as in small groups. They are starting to move into rounding numbers to create an easier multiplication problem. They are also using patterns to find the answer to a multiplication problem. It’s important to remember and use these patterns to help the students get the right answer. We finished the week with learning about the distributive property! Remember to use flash cards at home to practice basic multiplication problems! Knowing their basic facts will make this chapter much easier.

Religion/2nd Step: After a successful Grandparents/Grandfriends Mass, we will be moving back into our textbook! The students will be discussing how Jesus brings happiness to each of our lives. They will learn about The Beatitudes and how they connect to our life. In 2nd Step, the students are learning that their friends may have different preferences on different activities. They discussed why it’s important to be friends with those people you enjoy being around, even if they prefer different food, movies, or sports.

Social Studies: Chapter one has come and gone! The students did a wonderful job getting into Social Studies, and learning all about the five regions of the United States. They took their Chapter 1 Test on Thursday. Next week, the students will start to dive deeper into each of the five regions. We will start with the Northeast region! They will learn about the people who have come from there, and continue to live there. They will also learn about events that take place there, and have happened there in the past! They will learn about all of these topics within each region as the year goes on.

Science: Our study of science processes, the scientific method, data, and models has finished this week. We ended our learning with a STEM mission to build a model of a bridge using straws, tape, and paperclips. We tested to see how many marbles each bridge could hold before collapsing. Students did a wonderful job and designed some very sturdy bridges. We will then move on to Chapter 4, working on ecosystems, food webs, and the human impact on ecosystems and the environment in general.

As always, it’s a great day to be a cardinal!

Mrs. Duffy and Ms. Gross

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