Fourth Grade News!

Important Dates to Remember:

8am Mass – February 8th

(Room 115) Chapter 4 math test-Friday, February 9th

Wear Your Auction Shirt – February 9th, 16th, and 23rd

All School Mass (1st and 4th leading) – February 14th

Stations of the Cross – February 15th and 22nd

No School – February 19th



Over these last few weeks since Christmas Break, the students have worked extremely hard to complete three projects! They worked hard in class to develop a project showing their comprehension of the book Because of Winn-Dixie. They shared these projects in class! They also wrote an informative paper about their Bottle Buddy, and transformed that paper into a speech for the class! They did an incredible job bringing their person to life. Finally, the students learned persuasive techniques, many of which we see during Super Bowl commercials. They put these techniques to good use when picking a product and creating a persuasive commercial! These commercials were displayed during Open House. We were so happy to see so many of your faces at Open House celebrating all of the wonderful things these fourth graders, as well as the whole school, have been working on!


Reading/Language Arts: Students have been working on developing tools to dissect informational texts. While reading, Skeletons: Inside and Out, the students explored how information is shared through text features, and how these help a reader to better understand the information in the text.They have also been looking at the 5 different structures that an informational text can be organized by: description, sequence, compare and contrast, cause and effect, and problem and solution. They have looked at how clue words, such as: similar, different, first, second, etc. can give clues about what the author is trying to say about the information they are providing. Students have also been exploring how to close-read a text, exploring a text on multiple levels looking at basic information you can gather as well as the information you can gather if you dig deeper as you read. We will be reading about earthquakes, volcanoes, and the ancient city of Pompeii in the coming weeks.


In Shurley English the students have been working on pronouns and conjunctions. The students are currently in unit 9 of spelling where we will be studying diphthongs (blended sounds) /oi/ and /ou/.


Math: Over the past month, the students have been practicing their division! Although a difficult chapter, the students are persevering and doing very well! They have practiced dividing with basic facts, dividing by two and three digit numbers, as well as dividing within a word problem. It is very important for the students to continue practicing their multiplication facts as that helps make division easier! Each class will be having their Chapter 4 test this week. After, we will skip ahead a few chapters to begin working on angles. The students will learn to classify angles, as well as use protractors to measure them! Looking forward to having fun in geometry!


Religion: Students will begin their study of the Ten Commandments. Each chapter will focus on just one. This week, the fourth graders will begin dissecting the First Commandment. They will get to read about our belief in the one true God, as well as ways we can worship and honor the one true God. The students will get the opportunity to think about their lives and the people in them, and how the things in our life help to put God first. Students are also learning about Ash Wednesday and its importance to our faith while preparing for the Mass next week. In Second Step we continue to look into how students can help themselves deal with the emotions and situations we discussed in unit 1. Throughout this unit students will gather methods and tools to help them navigate through life’s social situations.


Science: The students have been learning about what creates weather and how weather is shown on a weather map, through research students are learning about fronts, weather tools, wind patterns, and the water cycle. Later this week students will explore severe weather through videos, informational text, and hands on weather maps activity. They will explore the “recipes” that create this terrible storms and research certain famous storms to gather information about the destruction they cause and how we can be better prepared for these storms in the future. Over the next few weeks students will also be exploring the Winter Olympics, reading about certain sports and participating in STEM versions of some of these sports as well!


Social Studies: Time to explore our regions! We will begin studying each individual region. The students will get to learn the resources that come from that region, as well as the landforms and people from there. We will begin with the Northeast region. The students will explore the Niagara Falls, the Appalachian Mountains, and many more places. The students will get to explore the Appalachian Trail even deeper through a partner project in class! Each group will be assigned a different part of the trail. It will be their responsibility to research that part of the trail and show us, with detail, what that part looks like through drawing! These will be shared in class and hung up!


Thank you so much for your continued help and support.

It’s always a great day to be a cardinal!

Mrs. Duffy & Ms. Gross

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