Fourth Grade News!

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Important Dates to Remember:

-First Communion – Saturday, May 12

-May Crowning Mass – Tuesday, May 15 9am

-Restaurant Project Presentations! – Following Mass on Tuesday, May 15

-Field Trip to Naper Settlement – Thursday, May 24

-Spring Open House and Registration – Sunday, May 20 at 12pm

-No school – Memorial Day, Monday, May 28

-8th grade clap out, Thursday, May 31

-Graduation at 7pm, Thursday, May 31


Reading/Language Arts: The students just finished up their reading of Hatchet and many say they loved it! The students explored and analyzed Brian’s ability to survive, the changes he went through after what he experienced in the wilderness, and his range of feelings during his experience. The students are now working on projects that show their understanding of the text. They will be presenting these projects next week.

In writing the students created narrative stories in the perspective of a school object. These stories turned out great and students used many of the new skilled they learned to create interesting and detailed tales. They then worked on publishing their story to go in a class book!

In spelling the students finished their second to last spelling unit on words with more letters than sounds, which are often very tricky. Their last unit of the year will be unit #15 which focuses on spelling words with silent consonants. In Shurley English, room 115 just finished with chapter 5, all about helping verbs and compound sentences. They will move on to the last part of speech, Interjections!

Math:  We have been working on adding and subtracting fractions, changing fractions from mixed numbers to fractions larger than 1 (improper fractions) and back again. The students then used this skill to add and subtract mixed numbers and solve word problems. Students finished up the chapter this week with a test. In the next few weeks the students will continue their knowledge of fractions by multiplying them by whole numbers. The students can expect one last quiz before the year ends! We will also continue completing activities that include multiplication, division, measurement, geometry and problem solving.

Social Studies: The students recently wrapped up their chapter on the Southeast region. We are taking a quick break to study our state, Illinois! The students are creating an Illinois iPad, including nine apps that discuss Illinois topics like places to visit, resources found here, weather and climate and much more. They will decorate and bring their iPad’s to life during class time next week. These will be hanging in the hallway, make sure to stop by and take a look! To finish off the year, the fourth graders will research and read about the remaining three regions (Southwest, West and Midwest). Through Google Classroom, the students will create a Region Project online. They will include three facts about that region, resources found there, and people who originated there.

Science: The students and I have been so excited about our current unit-energy. The students have taken a few steps away from their textbooks and labs to explore using Hot Wheels cars. The students are exploring potential and kinetic energy, the scientific method, and engineering through hands on experiments. Some of these experiments are assigned by the teacher, but many ask the students to design an experiment to test a certain variable. The students are asked to use math concepts like graphing, averages, and measurement, as well as language arts skills like research methods, communication and writing. It has been so wonderful to see the student’s excitement as they see how gravity and friction impact how things move in our world. Students just began working on creating their own experiment. They are asked to test it and then report and present their findings to the class.  Check out a few action shots below from our first experiment below.

Religion: We are continuing our study on the Commandments, as well! This week we focused on the Fourth Commandment, Honor Your Father and Mother. What great timing going into Mother’s Day Weekend! The students explored how our families are a domestic Church and about our responsibilities towards one another. We will be moving onto the Fifth Commandment next week. We will discuss how all human life is sacred, and that the right to life is the most basic human right. The test on both of these Commandments will be the last of the year. We will move on to a Commandment project and complete lessons in class.


As always, it’s a great day to be a cardinal!

Ms. Kasl and Ms. Gross


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