5th Grade News

  • November 16:                  End of first trimester
    November 20:                Thanksgiving Prayer Service
  • November 20 and 21:    Book Fair
  • November  21:                Parent Teacher conferences
  • December 1:                   8 am mass

In Reading, students are close reading different precepts.  We are also practicing how to analyze a precept and write a paragraph explaining our thoughts.  Students will be identifying theme in short stories and noticing how an author build or incorporates their theme into the narrative.  Students will be drafting their own narrative this week focusing on: interesting hooks, satisfying conclusions, word choice, and dialogue.  These narratives will be due on Tuesday, November 21st.  In Spelling, students are identifying word with the short vowel sound.

In Science, we just finished our brief study of the digestive system, excretory system and the endocrine system.  We sill study simple machines next in preparation for the INVENTION PORJECT!

Our study of decimals continues as we learn to multiply and divide with decimals. Be on the lookout for the Menu Project to be coming home soon.  Student can put their decimal knowledge to work with their own restaurant! We continue to supplement our Go Math lessons with Simple Solutions by completing two lessons each week.

In social studies, we continue the Overview.  Students will create google slides in groups to study the 5 regions of the United States.

We have just wrapped up our study of Mary.  Next, we will study the sacraments.  We continue to recognize empathy in our 2nd step program.

Last but not least, please remember the 5th grade service project is collecting cans.  We have been collecting cans throughout the school; however, we can also use cans the students bring from home.  Next time you go to put them in YOUR recycling bin, stop, and put them in a bag for your child to bring to school.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

Mrs. Noonan and Mrs. Gridelli

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