5th Grade News

  • Tuesday, March 13, 8am Mass
  • April 10th at 6:30 Jamie Strauss parenting talk 

The third trimester is here.  In this trimester, there will NOT be ‘redos’.  This is in preparation for their transition to the junior high.

Each Thursday in Lent we will be participating in Stations of the Cross.  We have completed and colored a booklet where we compare what Jesus went through to something in our own lives.

In reading,we will be finishing up our second unit before spring break.  Students have been practicing analyzing craft and structure and discussing how scenes fit together in a story.  We will be returning to persuasive writing next week.  Students will continue to focus on stating reasons and supporting their reasons with details.  Students will be organizing their thoughts using graphic organizers and will use the organizer to write their essays.  In Unit 12 of spelling, we will be reviewing units 7-11 which includes spelling the schwa + l, schwa +n, and r-controlled vowels.

We  continue our study of ecosystems and energy in Science.  How do all of the parts of an ecosystem work together.  In Science lab, students are doing labs involving weather.  Soon, they will attempt to build a structure that can withstand a hurricane.  

In math, we are starting Chapter 8.  We are learning to divide fractions.  Ask your student about “Keep-Change-Flip”  This is a short chapter with only 5 lessons.  Next, we will tackle Geometry and Volume!  

In social studies, our focus in social studies is on the colonization of the English colonies.  Activities will focus life in the new world.  How did the colonists live, work and play?  

Officer Andries taught us all about different forms of communication last week.   There was Confident, Unsure and Demanding Communication.  The students role played different ways to communicate while dealing with peer pressure.  The DARE essay will be assigned this week.  Students will have 2 weeks to complete the essay.  DARE essays are due on Monday, March 19th.  Essays will be graded and are required in order to attend DARE graduation.  

Last but not least, please remember the 5th grade service project is collecting cans.  We have been collecting cans throughout the school; however, we can also use cans the students bring from home.  Next time you go to put them in YOUR recycling bin, stop, and put them in a bag for your child to bring to school.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

Mrs. Gridelli and Mrs. Noonan



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