6th Grade Religion

Hello everyone!

This week, we finished the Book of Genesis! Monday we played Quizlet Live which is an online game where students are grouped into teams and they race to answer all of the questions correctly. Students have to collaborate and figure out which student has the correct answer. On the smart board, they can see the progress of each team so there’s a strong feel of competition! It is super fun and the kids LOVE it. Mrs. Fahey taught me this game and it has been a wonderful resource in the classroom.

We also are continuing Second Step and we did lesson 3 this week. We have been talking about the importance of empathy and communication. Adding to that are seeing different perspectives. Miscommunication happens a lot when we make assumptions about a situation and we don’t put ourselves in other people’s shoes. We watched a scenario between two students and we analyzed the different perspectives, needs/wants of each character, and emotions. Perspective talking is a critical skill for working in groups and successfully resolving interpersonal conflicts. Increasing students’ empathy may make them less likely to bully others because they can imagine how a victim feels. Students who are more empathic have better relationships with peers and fewer conflicts.

Next week, we will be reading Sadlier Chapter 7 which is about Ordinary Time. Ordinary Time is the longest of the six liturgical seasons, the Church celebrates the entire life and teaching of Jesus Christ. It is a two-part season that comes first between the Christmas season and Lent and then between Pentecost, which is the last Sunday of the Easter season, and Advent. Next week we will also be doing bible study and will start reading Exodus! 🙂

As always, let me know if you have any questions/comments/concerns!

Miss Smith

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