6th Grade Religion

Hello everyone!

In 6th grade, we have been diving into Exodus. We started Exodus on November 13th and we are currently on chapter 17. Exodus is the second book of the Pentateuch and comes from the Greek word for “departure”. Its central event was understood to be the departure of the Israelites. We have been learning about the hard and bitter life of the Israelites in Egypt when a new pharaoh was present. We learned about Moses and the ten plagues. It took a lot of work to convince the pharaoh to let his slaves go. This week,¬†we discussed the journey of the Israelites out of Egypt and through the Red Sea. There are 40 chapters in Exodus and our goal is to finish before we leave for winter break!

Today and tomorrow, we are reading chapter 8 in our Sadlier books. Students will complete the assessment in their ebook Friday, December 1st. Chapter 8 in Sadlier is entitled “The Enslaved People” and it goes hand in hand with what we are learning about in the Bible.

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Miss Smith

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