7A – Math

Good morning!

Go Math: 7A has started unit 7 which is about real numbers, exponents, and scientific notation. We skipped around a bit because I want to make sure to cover certain topics before the Aspire test in April. This week, we are focusing on rational and irrational numbers. Students are learning how to take an irrational number and change it into a fraction and vise versa. They are learning about square roots, cube roots, and how to find the closest approximation for a square root of an irrational number. The next lesson, students will learn how to describe relationships between sets of real numbers and how to order sets of real numbers.

Simple Solutions: We are still cruising through these lessons. Lessons 49 and 50 are due on Friday. Each week, we do the next do simple solutions lessons. Every day in class, students have the first ten minutes to work on the lessons and ask me questions.

Fun Activities: In preparation for Pi Day, students did a “discovering pi” activity where they learned how pi came into existence. They measured circular objects around the room. Students had to find the circumference and the diameter. When they divided those two numbers, they should have seen a pattern with all the objects. Circumference/Diameter = 3.14. We will be celebrating Pi Day – March 14th – students are welcome to bring in pies or they can bring in $3 and I will buy pies! 🙂

-Miss Smith


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