7th Grade – Religion

Good morning!

Sadlier: In Sadlier this week, we read chapter 11: Jesus, the Bread of Life. We created a padlet – which is an online bulletin board where students can write posts to a prompt. Our prompt was – God is always there for me, how am I there for others? Students had some really great ideas and I would love for them to share the padlet with you so you can see what it’s like! Students took the chapter 11 assessment and we will be moving onto chapter 12 next week.

Gospel According to Mark: Each student has a packet for the Gospel According to Mark. We will continue working in those. We are on chapter 7 right now and there are 16 chapters in total. We read a chapter together as a class and go through the discussion questions.

Second Step: Last Friday, we worked on lesson 8 in second step which is about emotion management and understanding anger. We watched videos where we learned about how to recognize when we are angry and how to react to anger. We discussed that anger itself isn’t negative, but how we decide to act can be negative. We practiced positive strategies and positive thinking to help calm ourselves down during situations that upset us. This Friday, we will do lesson 9 – emotion management – staying in control. We will build off of what we learned last week and learn more strategies on how to calm ourselves down. Middle school can be a stressful time so I hope these strategies can help students deal with their emotions, cope with stress, and live a positive, happy life!

Art Connection: Students are also working on digital comic strips using google drawings. I went to a technology workshop last Thursday and am super inspired from all the new things I learned. Students can choose any story from the bible we have learned about and make a comic strip. They can use 4-8 pictures and put dialogue bubbles to spark their creativity and add a voice to the characters! I will be printing them and putting them in the hallway! 🙂

-Miss Smith

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