Art – May 2017


The kindergarteners discussed positive and negative space before creating an artwork filled with both organic and geometric shapes. They are finishing up the year coloring a banner for the Kindergarten celebration.

First Grade

The first graders looked at the artwork American Gothic by Grant Wood before creating their own making it more modern. They changed the clothes, hair, and placed modern objects into the background making the artwork more current, but kept the iconic window on the house in the background.

Second Grade

The second graders looked at still lives by Paul Cezanne and created their own. Each table placed a bowl, table cloth, and apples together and then drew what they saw.  They used color blending, shadows, highlights, and overlapping to make them realistic.

Third Grade

The third graders op art, complimentary color

The third graders looked at the Henri Matisse’s construction paper cutouts. After looking at these colorful artworks each student created an optical illusion using only construction paper.

Fourth Grade

The fourth graders recently finished creating dvd covers. They focused on placement and size of each part of the cover; the title, slogan, and image.  They are currently drawing bedroom shelves filled with items that tell us about their interests.

Fifth Grade

The fifth graders have finished their paper mache letters/numbers. They turned out great and are on display in the case outside the art room.  They also learned about paper quilling and practiced making the different types of coils.  They are currently gluing coils together to create their final artwork.

Sixth Grade

The sixth graders are learning about different ways to shade a drawing. After carefully drawing a popped popcorn kernel, they will shade using blending, hatching and crosshatching, or stippling.

Seventh Grade

The seventh graders reviewed the difference between negative and positive space. They recently finished designing an image/scene that has their name hidden in the negative space.

Eighth Grade

The eighth graders finished decorating their plaster masks with paint, yarn, feathers, and glitter. They also designed and drew their name on a brick sized sheet of paper to be added to the wall of the Art Room.

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