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Kindergarten Newsletter April 20, 2018

Mark Your Calendars:

  • Monday, April 23: $1 dress down and wear GREEN for Earth Day (April 22). The money will benefit our ECO club and the garden behind the church which grows fruits and veggies that are used for our food pantry.
  • Monday, April 23: Hot Lunch, Wendy’s.
  • Tuesday, April 24: Kindergarten field trip to the library! Please have your child wear his/her SC gym clothes on this field trip.
  • Wednesday, April 25: Hot Lunch, McDonald’s and we will see the spring musical put on by our junior high students, Beauty and the Beast, in the afternoon.
  • Friday, April 27: No School

This Week:

Some of our center time work:

  • We continued our author study of Eric Carle this week.  On Monday, we will answer the graph question, “Which Eric Carle story is your favorite?”
  • We celebrated Earth DAY all WEEK, learning about how to care for God’s world.  We made an art project, created a shared writing list of ways to care for the Earth and read many stories.  One important thing we learned is to make EVERY DAY EARTH Day! Ask your child about the different ways we can take care of our world, beginning with remembering the 3 R’s-reduce, reuse and recycle.  We rocked along to Jack Johnson’s 3R’s song to help us remember these important words!
  • We visited the health fair in Morrissey Hall on Friday and learned about all different kinds of ways that we can keep our bodies healthy and safe. Check out all the HEALTHY fun we had by clicking HERE!
  • Did you get the Mother’s day tea invite from your child?  We can’t wait to see you there!  Remember, Friday, May 4th, 10:30!

Next Week:


  • Daily journaling
  • Sight word review
  • Jolly Phonics Review: Segmenting and blending sounds in words
  • Guided writing and reading, shared writing activities focusing on FRIENDSHIP.
  • Review all Pete the Cat has taught us this year, including how to be a good friend.  Friendship will be the focus at our field trip on Tuesday.  We’ve made some great friends in kindergarten!


  • Review 2d shapes and introduce 3D shapes: sphere, cone, cube and cylinder
  • Addition and subtraction: we will continue to review addition with more of a focus on subtraction. Remember, our goal is to fluently add and subtract within 5.  Our dice and domino games are perfect for repeated practice and using these manipulatives makes adding and subtraction FUN! We will practice addition and subtraction with numbers up to 10.
  • Eric Carle favorite book graphing


  • We will explore how prayer is talking to God.We talk to God as a friend and we will learn how prayer is an important part of our everyday lives.  Make sure you model this for your child at home too!  Let your child see how important prayer is to you.  Pray at meal times.  Pray at bed time.  Pray anytime, anywhere!
  • Thank you for sending in granola bars for the food pantry!  We dropped off another few boxes on Friday.  We will continue to drop off more next week during our end of the week Church visit on Thursday (no school on Friday).
  • Our “Planting seeds of kindness” kinder-garden bulletin board is in full bloom! We are catching so much kindness in kindergarten!
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Kindergarten Newsletter, April 13

Upcoming Events/Mark your calendars:

  • Monday, April 16th: Great American Bagel Hot Lunch
  • Tuesday, April 17th: Dining for Dollars at the McDonald’s in Countryside, 5-7pm.  No flyer required.
  • Wednesday, April 18th: Hot Lunch, Buona Beef
  • Friday, April 20th: Health Fair
  • Friday, May 4th: Kindergarten Mother’s Day tea, 11:30 dismissal for Kindergarten only

This Week:

  • Feel free to place any online scholastic orders.  For new users, our classroom code is H2NGF.
  • We have been working hard on all kinds of secret things to make the Mother’s Day Tea special.  We can’t wait!
  • Thank you for turning in field trip permission slips.  If you haven’t, please do so ASAP.  We have all the chaperones we need, thank you.

Next Week:


  • Daily journaling
  • Guided reading in small groups
  • Sight Word practice: click HERE for our latest word wall
  • Jolly Word books: we are putting all of our Jolly skills to work and are practicing blending sounds to read words.
  • Eric Carle author study: ask your child about the books we have read so far. Which has been his/her favorite?  Check out some more Eric Carle books at your library!


  • Addition sentences: writing and solving addition sentences.  Using the vocabulary: Plus, addition, adding, ‘how many altogether,’ ‘how many in all’ when creating addition sentences.  Our goal is to fluently add within 5 and be able to add with numbers up to 10. When the children solve an addition sentence we ask them to explain HOW they got their answer.  This is tapping into their higher level thinking skills.  Try this at home!
  • Subtraction sentences: The children are getting better at addition and we will transition into working more with subtraction.  The first thing we tell the children to do when they see a number sentence is to look for the plus or minus sign.  Once they see this, we tell them to name it a “subtraction” or “addition” problem and then move towards solving.
  • We will graph our favorite Eric Carle story!

Religion/ Science:

  • Your child came home with his/her bean and popcorn seeds.  Please plant these in some dirt and continue to watch at home.  We will plant some of the seeds here at school too so we can watch them continue to grow!
  • EARTH DAY is celebrated on April 22. We will look at God’s world and how we can care for it as we prepare for Earth Day. We will continue to look at ways to take care of our Earth for the remainder of the month including recycling, reusing paper, turning off lights and water, etc.
  • The children have decided they would like to bring in granola bars for the food pantry bins.  If you can donate a box, have your child bring it in!  They love the feeling they get when do God’ work and give to others…



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Third Grade News Room 112 Mrs. Reckwerdt April 9th – 13th

Aspire testing: Aspire testing will be next week from Tuesday thru Friday.  Please make sure your child is well rested and on time for school.  There will be no other testing or homework during the test week.

Religion:   There will be a 9 am school Mass on Monday, April 9th.  In class we will be learning about the sacraments in chapter 15.

Math:  Students will continue to learn more about comparing and finding equivalent fractions in chapter 9.  We will also be reviewing the multiplication and division facts.

Reading:   Students should reading a biography for their next  book report which will be presented on Tuesday, May 1st at 8:15 am. Parents are invited to attend. Students will “dress up” as the character that they read about for the presentation. I gave everyone the basic information  sheet today and will later provide a biography book report form for the students to complete.  Students read and found the main ideas in City Homes and several related poems.  In small groups  students are reading Flat Stanley Goes to Mount Rushmore, The Whipping Boy, and Henry Huggins.

Phonics:  Students will continue to learn more about  prefixes, base words, suffixes, and dividing words into syllables as we study unit 6.

Spelling: This week unit 24 is a review unit. We will not have a spelling test on this unit.

Science:  When we returned from Easter vacation on Tuesday we set the 37 chicken eggs and 1 turkey egg in the incubator. Half of our eggs were from a horse farm in Lemont and the other half were from Ms. Overton’s parents’ flock of chickens in Missouri.  We are expecting the chickens to hatch on April 24th.   In class students are learning about incubation, the parts of the egg and the development of the embryo.

Social Studies: We will be reading about the 3 different type of places that communities  are located and why they were started there. (a mountain community, water community and a crossroads community)

Important Dates:

April 9-13: Aspire testing

April 10: Cardinal College 6:30 pm.  Jamie Strauss parent coach will be speaking.

April 20: Health Fair

April 25 & 26th: Beauty & the Beast Musical

April 27th: No School

DONATION  REQUEST:   Students have used all of their pencils. If possible when you are shopping this weekend please pick up a pack to send in for the class.  Thank you in advance!

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Kindergarten Newsletter, April 6

Upcoming Events:

This Week:

We hit the ground running after enjoying our Easter vacation!  The children had wonderful stories to share and got to write about their Easter break adventures in their journals.  It sounds like you all had a wonderful time!

This week you received a permission slip for our final field trip to the La Grange Library.  Please be sure to return the slip along with the $5 fee by Wednesday.  Chaperones are appreciated and accepted based on the order they’re received.

Thank you for turning in the Mother’s Day Tea permission slips.  We started practicing some songs for the entertainment part of this special event this week! We already can’t wait!

Next Week:

We will begin our two week long author study of ERIC CARLE.  Boy has he written a lot of wonderful books! We will explore and enjoy as many as we can over the next few weeks.  We will mimic is artwork at the art center and make flowers, we will learn about his life and will enjoy reading his stories.  At the end, we will graph our favorite Eric Carle story!


  • Addition: we are working on fluently adding within 5.
  • Subtraction: we started to learn about subtraction.  The words we use are “minus” “subtract” “take away” and “subtraction.”
  • We will practice writing and solving both vertical and horizontal subtraction and addition problems.


  • Guided reading in small groups.
  • Sight words: An April/MAY word wall was sent home on Wednesday.  These are the final words we will be practicing reading and writing through the end of the school year!
  • Journaling: Our current goals: Writing 2+ sentences, correct spelling of word wall words, finger spaces, first letter in the sentence a capital letter and ending punctuation.
  • Eric Carle Author Study: we will begin to explore Eric Carle’s stories through read alouds and at the listening center.


  • We will be watching and recording the growth of two different seeds, Bean and popcorn, in our seed journals. We will discuss stems, roots, root hairs, shoots and leaves and also learn about what all plants need to grow.  We will make scientific drawings to record what we notice. When we make scientific drawings, we are drawing what we observe, NOT drawing from imagination.
  • We will each plant marigold seeds in our rooms next week.


  • We learned a new song this week to celebrate Jesus’ rising on Easter Sunday!  Ask your child to sing it to you. Hint: “We can sing and clap our hands…” We love singing in kindergarten!
  • We started a new kindness project in kindergarten.  Each time a child is caught doing something kind, he/she will add a petal to one of the flowers on the kindergarten bulletin board.  Watch our kinder-GARDEN grow.  We’re SO BUSY planting seeds of KINDNESS! We know with this class  we will have a garden that’s fully bloomed in no time!
  • New life in Spring time! We will explore God’s world and find new life as the seasons change!


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6th Grade Religion

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful spring break and a happy Easter. In 6th grade, we finished reading the book of Judges. Students created their own multiple choice questions and I put them together to form a test. They had their test on Wednesday, April 4th. Thursday and Friday, we are completing the second step lessons 8 and 9. Students learn about how to deal with strong emotions. We have a poster in our classroom to remind us of the ‘staying in control’ steps: notice, pause, think twice, calm down, and reflect. Middle school can be a stressful time and we want our students to learn how to manage their emotions so it doesn’t affect their school work and relationships with their peers/teachers/families.

Next week, we will begin the book of Ruth which is very short. We will finish it in one week! April 10-13 will be the Aspire testing. Students will be given no homework next week so they can focus their attention on the Aspire tests and do their best! Friday, we will be attending the musical at Nazareth Academy and they will complete the final Aspire test in the afternoon when they arrive back to St. Cletus.

Service hours are due May 4th. I sent out a reminder via email. Please make sure students have 16 hours by the deadline. If you don’t know how many they have, please reach out to me because I have a binder and am keeping track.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions/comments/concerns.

Thank you!

Miss Smith

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Kindergarten Newsletter, March 23

Happy Easter!

Each piece of tissue represents an act of kindness by a kindergartner. Wow, that’s a lot of kindness and it shows how we work hard to follow Jesus’ example of loving and caring for others! Kindness counts in KINDergarten!

(Hard copy newsletter sent home Wednesday, March 21)

           With the arrival of spring, we see evidence of new life blooming all around us! Can you see your child blossoming too?  We do!  We are so very proud of all the children’s accomplishments.  It’s fun to see them doing things that maybe they could not do at the beginning of the year—tying shoes, reading, writing sentences, saying prayers—so many accomplishments! Your child should feel proud and so should YOU!  Together we have helped your child grow!

Throughout these past few weeks of Lent, the children have been working hard to spread kindness.  With each kind deed performed, a new tissue was added to our kindergarten butterfly and the once dull, colorless caterpillar has been transformed into a beautiful butterfly.  Just like that butterfly, each child has worked hard during Lent to transform—to become more beautiful on the INSIDE by doing nice things. We are doing God’s work each and every day when we do kind things for one another.

Next week is Holy Week in our church.  Ask your child what he/she knows about the Stations of the Cross. We have been praying them together in an appropriate way for our young ones to understand and feel compassion for Jesus. We conclude the Stations of the Cross by reminding the children that Jesus gave us Easter so we can rejoice and be happy!  Your child will be coming home with a Holy Week flip book.  Ask your child to share what he/she knows about this week in our church.  Though we are not in school on Good Friday, please take time for a prayerful moment to discuss why this day is special.  Remind your child that though it is a sad day, we remember it is called ‘Good Friday’ because Jesus’ death on the cross saved us from sin and opened the gates of heaven for us! After dismissal (aftercare is still available) on March 23rd, the students begin Easter Break and will not return to school until Tuesday, April 3rd.

We’d like to wish all of our kindergarten families a Happy Easter!  Easter is a time of profound love and joy!  May Jesus’ new life remind you of God’s never-ending love for each of us!

 The Kindergarten Team





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The Social Studies Corner — 7th Grade

The 7th grade students recently completed a study of the early American presidents and their impact on the development of political parties and foreign policy in the United States.  In addressing these issues, students explored the presidencies of George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and James Monroe and evaluated the circumstances that lead to the War of 1812 and the Monroe Doctrine.  They also investigated the place of political parties in modern American government and the foreign policy issues that face the United States in 2018.

The students also spent considerable time exploring the issues that arose out of the elections of 1800, 1824 and 1828.  They also discussed the changes in American society that accompanied Jackson’s presidency and the place of the common man in a Jacksonian democracy.  Finally, students evaluated Jackson’s policies, which lead to the South Carolina Nullification Crisis, the dispute with the Bank of the United States and the Trail of Tears.

Beginning next week, we will begin a discussion of American territorial expansion and will evaluate the policies that lead to what has been romantically termed “Manifest Destiny.”

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The Social Studies Corner — 6th Grade

The 6th grade students are finishing up the study of ancient and modern India.   Their exploration of India has included:

  • an analysis of the geography of the Indian subcontinent,
  • a review of the First Unification of the Indian kingdoms by the Chandragupta Maurya,
  • examination of the spread of Buddhism by Anoka,
  • evaluation of the seven cultural contributions of the Gupta Empire, and
  • the place of these events on the current Indian state.

The class is preparing for their final quiz and test for the unit, both of which will take place next week.  They will then begin preparation for a study of ancient and modern China, which will culminate with a field trip to Chicago’s Chinatown in mid-April.

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Kindergarten Newsletter, March 15

Upcoming Events:

  • Monday, March 19: McDonald’s Hot lunch and 9am Mass
  • Tuesday, March 20: Bring on the Change: Quarter Madness-wear college gear
  • Wednesday, March 21: Bring on the Change: Last day to bring in any coins-dress down day
  • Wednesday, March 21: Welcome Wednesday, 6-7pm: encourage friends, family and neighbors to come check us out!
  • Thursday, March 22: Living Stations: we will watch the 8th grade act out the Stations of the Cross
  • Friday, March 23: Washing of the Feet prayer service and Easter Break dismissal at 3:00
  • Saturday, March 24: 10:00 Easter Egg hunt in Morrissey Hall. Don’t forget your baskets!
  • Wednesday, March 21st: Easter Egg coloring contest pages due to the office.

Looking Ahead:

  • Tuesday, April 10: Cardinal College – Making the Shift  
    Jamie Strauss will hold a wonderful presentation on “Becoming a Better Parent,”  from 6:30-8:00 p.m. in the Parish Center conference rooms.  To RSVP or ask questions, please e-mail Mrs. Schaefer.  For more information, click HERE.

This Week:

  • We’re running very low on paper towels.  Kindergarten can be messy!  If you can send in a roll, that would be GREAT!
  • Welcome back Mrs. Mahr!
  • You received the Mother’s Day Tea Permission slip this week.  Please turn in!
  • Mickey Finn was up to all kinds of mischief in our classrooms! He loves to turn things upside down.  He even made flowers grow on our shamrock plants!

Next Week:

We have library on MONDAY!  Please remember to return books!!


  • Easter stories at the listening center.
  • Write the room: Easter Edition-we will look for special Easter Sentences around the room with our clipboards
  • Word wall words: we will continue to focus on number words, one-ten.
  • Our pocket chart poem will be about the first day of spring.
  • Guided reading groups: the children will practice reading in small groups using our reading strategies and books at their reading level.
  • Journaling-We are looking for the children to: Write 2+ sentences, use punctuation, finger spaces, stretch out unfamiliar words, add details to the picture and write word wall words correctly.


  • Addition: our goal is to “fluently add within 5” and “add within 10”; we will continue to practice creating and solving using + and =. Next week, we will introduce writing addition sentences vertically. We will begin subtraction when we return from Easter break.
  • Counting by 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s.  We are focusing on counting by 2s and counting on from a number other than 1.


  • Holy Week is almost here! We will discuss the stories behind Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  We will make a flip book so that your child can share these stories with you at home as well! Be sure to make it to Palm Sunday Mass next week!
  • The children decided to bring soup and/or crackers for the food pantry for this month.  This will be our last Lenten donation. Send in by Friday!
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Junior High — Praying for Peace

Yesterday, the St. Cletus Junior High students joined students nationwide as they prayed for peace.  Lead by 8th grade student Caroline Hart, the students gathered around the St. Cletus Peace Pole and recited St. Francis’ Prayer for Peace and participated in a minute of silence in support of peace.

”  If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children.”  ~ Ghandi

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Kindergarten Newsletter March 9th 2018

Upcoming Events/mark your calendars:

May 4th, Mothers Day Tea…please note…the children will be dismissed with you at 11:30 that day! Our Tea will be in the morning.  We look forward to spending time with our moms!

CARDIANL COLLEGE! APRIL 10, 6:30…what is Cardinal College? It’s a new program, where parents can learn new things! Our first “class” is on parent Coaching. Who couldn’t use a little help and some new ideas on how to raise good kids in this new digital age? Our speaker for the evening will be Jamie Strauss. Jamie comes to us with a wealth of knowledge. She also has two young boys…she gets it! She has the same kinds of struggles all parents do today! Come and join us, bring your friends! You will not be disappointed!

What’s Due:

**Please remember if your last name starts with a letter N-Z, please send in your supplies! We are in desperate need of disinfect wipes, paper towels and baby wipes. THANK YOU!

If you are willing to help with some of our snack days, please let us know! A BIG Kindergarten thank you to the parents who have already volunteered to pick up a snack day! We really appreciate it!

This Week:

We enjoyed discussing your child’s progress at conferences. Each child develops as his/her own unique pace! The steady progress has been great to see in all the students! When we work together, your child benefits! We sure do make a great team!

Next Week:


We began really digging into our leveled readers. Each child is reading a book at his or her instructional level. We are seeing great reading strategies that we have taught in action! When reading with your child at home, notice these simply strategies working. Let your child show you some things that help when coming across an unfamiliar word. The most important reading skill is comprehension. Ask your child what he or she just read, tell you in his or her own words. Sometimes, just stop  mid story and ask what did you just read?


Addition sentences, horizontal and vertical writing will be our focus. We have a song about knowing our doubles, ask your child!


The class voted and we have decided that we would like to donate soup and crackers to our food pantry. When we serve others we serve God! We have been blessed so we can bless others!

With 2 major saints to be celebrated this month we are revisiting what we know about saints. How can we become saints? St. Patrick taught the Irish people about God, we will use a shamrock to do the same!


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Overton News 2-5

Language Arts:  Students have received March poems! March poems are due on March 23rd! Your student has brought home spelling words today. There is a spelling test over Unit 17 this Friday (instead of last), which will begin trimester 3.

Reading:  The current novels are Superfudge, The Borrowers, Number the Stars, and Run, Billy, Run. Ask your student what their new book is! Our whole class book this week is called Brave Girl and The Titanic Ship. We have already read Back of the Bus and Rosa Parks: Hometown Hero to gain background knowledge. March book reports are due April 3rd! 

Math: We are continuing a new exciting chapter about FRACTIONS this week!!

Writing: We are beginning a new and final unit of writing: persuasive! Ask your student ways they want to make the school and community better!

Science: We are continuing a new chapter about People and Resources!

Social Studies: Our next chapter in social studies is about types of governments, governments in the past, and the United States government!




Important Dates:


3/3: School Auction @ 7pm

3/9: 1/2 Day; Parent teacher conferences 12:30-8 See school scoop to sign up!

3/16: No school: teacher in-service

3/22: 3rd grade field trip to Chicago Agricultural High School

3/24-4/2: Easter Break!


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Kindergarten Newsletter, March 2, 2018

Upcoming Events/mark your calendars:

  • Saturday, March 3rd: St. Cletus Auction Night!  Be sure to look for the two Pete the Cat inspired auction items from the kindergarten team! Each includes a scoop chair, pointer, reading glasses, Pete readers, Pete drawing book, $20 giftcard to  Anderson’s Bookshop and a Pete the Cat backpack pull.
  • Monday, March 5th: Hot Lunch, Subway
  • Tuesday, March 6th: School Mass, 9am
  • Friday, March 9th: 1/2 day, Parent/teacher conferences; 11:30 dismissal (no aftercare). Please sign up under KINDERGARTEN TEAM. We have morning openings as well.
  • We have a few “teacher weeks” for snack coming up, March 5-9 ,March 12-15,  April 23-26 and April 30-May 4. If you can donate some juice or a snack or even take a snack day or too, please let us know through emailing me! We need snack, napkins and cups for 29 children. We appreciate any help!

This Week:

  • Dr. Seuss was on the loose in Kindergarten! We read stories and did many activities…but mostly we did rhyming! Dr. Seuss books are great early readers because of the rhythm, rhyme as well as the predictable text in the stories.  Plus, they are just plain FUN! Ask your child which one of these delightful books was his or her favorite! Have them try and read one to you! If the books below aren’t in your home already, get to the library and check them out. Try them in the order below, growing in difficulty.

The Foot Book

The Eye book

Great Day for Up

Marvin K Mooney Will You Please Go Now!

Wacky Wednesday

Put Me in the Zoo

The Nose Book

Green Eggs and Ham

Hop on Pop

Are You My Mother?

Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?

One Fish, Two Fish

The Cat in the Hat

  • Our leprechaun, Micky Finn has come to visit for the month of March! Ask your child what he does and where he lives! He likes to do some shenanigans!

Next Week:

We are looking forward to discussing your child’s progress with us on March 9th. Please be on time for your conference, we are only allotted a certain amount of time for each child.  We will be mindful of the time.  We will see you on Friday!


  • Our word family study works so well with the Dr. Seuss rhyming theme. We will continue to explore word families next week.
  • The children have become very skilled at taking apart a word by listening to what they hear. This skill is showing up in our journal writing too! Their journals are the very best assessment of progress. Have your child write things at home. Writing a grocery list or note to a grandparent is great practice and you will see the progress too!
  • Word wall word practice: these words are helping us becoming more fluent readers!  These words are also used quite often in our journals.


  • We will continue to work on creating and solving addition sentences.  We have a song about knowing our “doubles.” Ask your child to sing this song for you! Kindergarten rocks!


  • Our Bible stories are showing us the ways Jesus showed love to others. Has your child been kind at home? Our class butterfly is getting very colorful! We hope that kindness becomes  a life long habit!

EXCITING NEWS! Beginning March 8th, we will be checking books out of our St. Cletus School Library to take home! We will have these books for home reading until March 19. Then we will have the opportunity to check out another book! Please be sure to keep these borrowed books in a special spot that will make it easy for your child to find it on the day it is to be returned. Read these books often!  Your child picked the book, it must have piqued some interest!

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Kindergarten Newsletter February 23, 2018

Upcoming Events/mark your calendars:


 **Please sign up for parent teacher conferences. Conferences are on March 9th. It will be under “KINDERGARTEN TEAM“. This will be the start of Mrs. Mahr’s return to the kindergarten team for the remainder of the school year. We have morning slots open on conference day as well.  We look forward to discussing the progress we have seen! We hope you have as well! Thank you!

This looks like fun, if you’re looking for something to do this weekend!  Click HERE to visit the Lakeshore website.


  • Monday, February 26th: Hot Lunch, Buona Beef Salad
  • Tuesday, February 27th: School Mass
  • Wednesday, February 28th: Hot Lunch, McDonald’s burgers
  • Friday, March 2nd: All school Religion assembly
  • March 3: “A Night at the Races!” The theme for our schools auction sounds so fun! Did you buy your tickets yet? Don’t miss out on this great event that raises  money for our school! It can be a good place to meet old friends and make some new ones! We have a great school community. Join us!

This Week:

We had our very own Olympics! We  began by honoring our flag and continued into the opening ceremonies with an Olympic torch relay race. We competed in many Olympic events including skating using paper plates, skeleton racing using scooters, jump roping and more! We even got medals! Ask your child about the events and which one was his/her favorite! Check out the  PICTURES PAGE to see all the fun we had!

Next Week:


  • We are reading leveled books. Each child has an instructional level. That is our goal, to find this level for each child. We have many books to choose from and we ask the students to pick a book of interest. Find a page, read the words, put up a finger for each unknown word. If you get to five, it is too hard. If you have 2 or 3 fingers up, it’s just right! We also ask students to read “3 before me!’ This means, read to yourself, reread, or read to 2 other people before coming to read to us. We will begin to use our afternoon time as well as rest time to fit this important task into our busy day!
  • Daily journaling: expectations are using upper & lowercase letters, finger spaces in between words, correct spelling of word wall words and “stretching out”  or writing the sounds you hear for unfamiliar/non word wall words.


  • We started writing number sentences. This work will continue for the next week. Talk to your child about addition using the terms, “how many in all?” “how many more?”


  • Each week during Lent, we will begin going to our own version of The Stations of the Cross. Please discuss the pictures that tell this story. Though it is a very sad story, we have been emphasizing the joyful ending. The hardships Jesus went through ends in the happiness of Easter.
  • We continue to “catch’ children being kind to one another. The once dull butterfly on the board in our hallway is becoming more colorful as the children add a piece of tissue with each act of kindness. Help your child see ways to be kind at home too. We are hoping this becomes a good habit!

Social Studies:

  • We LOVED the Olympic unit that we did!  It was fun to watch our flag being raised as some of our athletes won the gold medal. We kept a count of all the medals for the USA and looked at the other countries that won medals on a big map. Our world came together for a short time to celebrate these athletes! Ask your child about the medal count for the USA!
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Kindergarten Newsletter February 16 2018

Upcoming Events/mark your calendars:

  • Monday, February 19: No School
  • Wednesday, February 21: Hot Lunch, Buona Beef
  • Friday, February 23: If you have an auction shirt, wear it to school!

Looking Ahead:

  • March 3: Day at the Races Auction! Look for the Kindergarten items, we have something cute that every child would love to call their own! 🙂 Watch for pictures of these fun items in next week’s newsletter! This is not only a fun event that raises money for our school, it is also a great way to meet some of our school families! Bring your friends and get ready for a good time!
  • May 4th: Mother’s Day tea. More information to come! Be sure to check your child’s backpack!

This Week:

Love was in the air all week as we celebrated Valentine’s Day! We feel love for family, friends, nature and all the gifts God has given us! We often ask at the end of the day, “Where did you see God today?” We can see God in the small ways we show love to one another!

We are enjoying our medal graph for the Olympics! We hope you are enjoying watching the Olympics as a family! We will host a Kindergarten version of the games soon. Check out our medal graph so far.  Ask your child which the U.S. has the MOST of ?  The least?  How many medals altogether?

Next Week:

Our class decided to bring mac and cheese or any kind of pasta for the food pantry as our service project this month. You may send this by Friday, February 23. Let your child choose the item to be donated. This is a beautiful lesson in kindness and generosity. When we serve others, we serve God!


  • During Lent we are looking for ways to show God’s love to one another. These are great topics for Journal time! Help your child find ways and discuss this as a good thing to write about in his/her Journal. Here’s what we are looking for now: spacing between words, correct spelling of word wall words, stretching out of unknown words and for capital letters to only be used at the beginning of the sentence. We learn so much about each child during this time of day! Each child writes at his or her developmental ability. We are seeing so much growth! Journaling is such an important part of our day!
  • Word wall practice: be sure to review our sight words at home!
  • Stretching out unfamiliar words, words that are NOT on our word wall.  You can practice this at home.  Use fun pens, markers, chalk, magnetic letters, create a salt tray, etc. and continue to focus on CONSONANT/VOWEL/CONSONANT words like MAT, DOG, CAT, HAT, etc.  When your child seems to be doing well with this, move on to words with  blends like FISH, CHIP, BATH, etc.  Remember, if your child asks, ‘how do you spell ___?” please remind your child to STRETCH IT OUT!  We want to create independent, confident writers! Correct spelling will come later.


  • Decomposing or taking numbers apart has been going well! We are learning how putting two numbers together is called addition!
  • We continue to practice identifying tens and ones in numbers.  72 is 7 groups of ten and 2 ones left over. Give your child a number.  Ask him/her to write it and identify, “how many groups of ten?”  “how many ones left over?”
  • Number writing: We are still looking for numbers to be formed correctly. You can practice this at home too!


We began Lent on Ash Wednesday. We attended Mass as a school family and we received our Ashes as a reminder to us that we belong to God. During the season of Lent, we will be saying the “Our Father” after our morning prayer each morning. You received a note about the other things  we are doing in school to get our hearts ready for Easter. We sent this note on Tuesday. Help your child see opportunities or chances to show God’s love to someone else.


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