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Kindergarten Newsletter February 16 2018

Upcoming Events/mark your calendars:

  • Monday, February 19: No School
  • Wednesday, February 21: Hot Lunch, Buona Beef
  • Friday, February 23: If you have an auction shirt, wear it to school!

Looking Ahead:

  • March 3:¬†Day at the Races Auction! Look for the Kindergarten items, we have something cute that every child would love to call their own! ūüôā Watch for pictures of these fun items in next week’s newsletter! This is not only a fun event that raises money for our school, it is also a great way to meet some of our school families! Bring your friends and get ready for a good time!
  • May 4th:¬†Mother’s Day tea. More information to come! Be sure to check your child’s backpack!

This Week:

Love was in the air all week as we celebrated Valentine’s Day! We feel love for family, friends, nature and all the gifts God has given us! We often ask at the end of the day, “Where did you see God today?” We can see God in the small ways we show love to one another!

We are enjoying our medal graph for the Olympics! We hope you are enjoying watching the Olympics as a family! We will host a Kindergarten version of the games soon. Check out our medal graph so far.  Ask your child which the U.S. has the MOST of ?  The least?  How many medals altogether?

Next Week:

Our class decided to bring mac and cheese or any kind of pasta for the food pantry as our service project this month. You may send this by Friday, February 23. Let your child choose the item to be donated. This is a beautiful lesson in kindness and generosity. When we serve others, we serve God!


  • During Lent we are looking for ways to show God’s love to one another. These are great topics for Journal time! Help your child find ways and discuss this as a good thing to write about in¬†his/her Journal. Here’s what we are looking for now: spacing between words, correct spelling of word wall words, stretching out of unknown words and for capital letters to only be used at the beginning of the sentence. We learn so much about each child during this time of day! Each child writes at his or her developmental ability. We are seeing so much growth! Journaling is such an important part of our day!
  • Word wall practice: be sure to review our sight words at home!
  • Stretching out unfamiliar words, words that are NOT on our word wall.¬† You can practice this at home.¬† Use fun pens, markers, chalk, magnetic letters, create a salt tray, etc. and continue to focus on CONSONANT/VOWEL/CONSONANT words like MAT, DOG, CAT, HAT, etc.¬† When your child seems to be doing well with this, move on to words with¬† blends like FISH, CHIP, BATH, etc.¬† Remember, if your child asks, ‘how do you spell ___?” please remind your child to STRETCH IT OUT!¬† We want to create independent, confident writers! Correct spelling will come later.


  • Decomposing or taking numbers apart has been going well! We are learning how putting two numbers together is called addition!
  • We continue to practice identifying tens and ones in numbers.¬† 72 is 7 groups of ten and 2 ones left over. Give your child a number.¬† Ask him/her to write it and identify, “how many groups of ten?”¬† “how many ones left over?”
  • Number writing: We are still looking for numbers to be formed correctly. You can practice this at home too!


We began Lent on Ash Wednesday. We attended Mass as a school family and we received our Ashes as a reminder to us that we belong to God. During the season of Lent, we will be saying the “Our Father” after our morning prayer each morning. You received a note about¬†the other things ¬†we are doing in school to get our hearts ready for Easter. We sent this note on Tuesday.¬†Help your child see opportunities or chances to show God’s love to someone else.


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The Social Studies Corner: 8th Grade

The 8th grade class continue their studies of the place of America as a world power during the early 20th century.  At present, they are completing a study of the 1920s and 1930s with a focus on the concepts of isolationism, consumerism, economics, religion and politics as the United States entered into the Great Depression.  Throughout the chapter, students have participated in role playing exercises, including a reinactment of the Scopes trial and a stock simulation in which they acted as traders in conditions mirroring the Stock Market Crash of 1929.

In order to allow students to fully explore the place of the stock market in the American economy, all students opened virtual accounts as part of a four-month stock market challenge in which they will buy and sell securities using the real time conditions of the American markets.  Each student was provided with $50,000 virtual money with the goal of amassing the largest portfolio at the conclusion of the competition.   Over the past few weeks, students have seen the value of their portfolios rise and fall as the stock market experiences somewhat historic fluctuations, an outstanding platform on which to discuss the manner in which events such as the Stock Market Crash of 1929 were possible.  At present, student portfolios range from $50,053 to $40,797.

At the completion of the unit test, students will begin exploration of the conditions leading to the outbreak of facism in Europe and the conflicts that begot World War II.  They will connect their understanding of the Treaty of Versailles and the reaction of American foreign economic policy as depression settled in to the rise of the Nazi party.  The chapter will include a discussion of the role of genocide and the horrors that were played upon European populations.   The chapter will include an analysis of the role of genocide in more modern times.

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The Social Studies Corner: 7th Grade

The 7th grade class has reached many milestones over the past few weeks.  Each member of the class has demonstrated a high level of mastery as they successfully passed exams on the:  (1) operation and purpose of the United States Constitution and (2) details of Illinois government and the Illinois Constitution.  This work has prepared students for a study of the early Republic, including the rise of political parties and their place in the development of the current form of American government.  Over the next months, students will explore the evolution of American politics and will compare and constrast it to issues that remain a part of modern political life.  Students also will explore the issues that faced early Americans as the country evolved from an early democratic experiment to a modern state on the precipice of world war.

Each student also has completed a project compliant with the National History Day competition (using the theme of Conflict and Compromise) in which they were asked to fashion a historic argument that demonstrates cause-and-effect, supporting it with contemporary evidence.  Students were given the option to display their prowess using one of five mediums:  a display exhibit, a documentary video, a research paper, a website or a performance.   Student projects were displayed and judged at the annual St. Cletus History Fair.  (A website of all student projects (with the exception of the displays) can be viewed by clicking here.)

Based on averages of the judges scores, the projects of 10 St. Cletus students were selected to advance to the Chicago Metro History Fair competition on April 7.  The projects are as follows:

Display Exhibits

Liz Braun, Bombing in the Square: The Haymarket Square Riot

Serena Garza, The Pullman Strike: A Turning Point for U.S. Labor Conditions

Conor Mulcrone, The Blackhawk War

Documentary Videos

Ava Calderon, The Trials and Misfortunes of the Chicago Seven

Madelyn Ciampaglia, Our Lady of the Angels:  Disaster and Redemption

Research Papers

Jenna Battista,¬†Chicago‚Äôs 1893 World’s¬†Columbian Exposition

Ryan Clifford, Chicago’s Destruction And Rebuilding


Grace Koziol, Freedom Day School Boycott:  Activism Against School Segregation

Lauren Schinker, A School Fire That Shook a Nation: Our Lady of Angels School Fire

Will Wangard,¬†The World’s Fair of 1893:¬† A Revolutionary Fair

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The Social Studies Corner: 6th Grade

Over the past few weeks, the 6th grade students have explored the sociological, political, theological and geographical elements of the world religions.  Specifically, they have discussed, inter alia, the origins, key figures and belief systems of followers of the five largest religions (Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity and Sikhism) and Judaism.   In their study of Christianity, students explored the evolution of the faith starting with the beginnings of the Church, through the Great Schism and continuing through the Protestant Reformation.

Students also used world maps to locate concentrations of followers of each faith.  In addition, they learned about the manner in which people engage their faith through watching videos of religious celebrations throughout the world.   They compared the belief systems of these faiths with their own and addressed the fundamental purpose of each theology.  The exercise has provided students not only with a foundation for future studies of the culture and societies of India, China, Greece and Rome,  but the ability to understand the role of faith in the lives of people throughout the United States and the world.

The role of mindfulness and personal reflection has played a significant role in the studies.  Accordingly, each class day begins with one student leading a short meditation session in which students utilize the sound of a Tibetan singing bowl to focus their thoughts and prepare for a productive day of learning.  (To learn more about Tibetan singing bowls, click here.)


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Kindergarten Newsletter February 9, 2018

Upcoming Events/mark your calendars:

  • February 14, Valentine’s Day. You received a note about our procedure regarding passing Valentines in school.

What’s Due:

If your last name begins with a letter in the second half of the alphabet N-Z, please send in your supplies. This includes paper towels, tissues and disinfectant wipes. THANK YOU!

This Week:

We celebrated our 100th day in style! We sang, counted, read and did 100 jumping jacks! Ask your child how we did all of these fun activities. Be sure to check out the PICTURES PAGE to see us enjoying our 100th day trail mix!

This week we also had a visit from Deacon Stuart.  He told us about his job as a Deacon, prayed with us and blessed us.  We were busy during centers this week.  Check out a couple of the activities below!

Next Week:

We will be exploring the Olympic games in our classroom! We will be doing our own version of the Olympics too! Watch the games with your child, it can be a great learning experience for everyone! The Opening ceremonies are on Friday, February 9 at 7:00, channel 5. Let’s root on our athletes that have worked so hard to accomplish their dreams! GO USA!

Our Valentine party will be on Wednesday. As we always do, we will play games in a center format and move through both classrooms. Please refer to the note sent home earlier for valentines prep you need to know for home! We have Ash Wednesday mass in the morning.


Our self generated topics for journal time has been going very well! We are impressed with the students ideas! Journal writing is the best true authentic way of assessing what the students are learning. We take and use all our skills in real meaningful writing! It is a joy to see this skill come to life in each child. Developmental milestones are occurring daily.  Keep these discussions going to help your child see that our spoken language can be written down to tell a story!


Decomposing numbers, taking them apart, has gone well! We will move onto writing number sentences. For example 2 +1=3. We will continue to use our classroom manipulatives to demonstrate this concept.


  • As a class, we decided on mac and cheese, another kindergarten favorite, (or any pasta and sauce) for our food pantry donation this month.¬†¬†You can send this in at any time.¬† Our service project takes on life when the children are involved. We made a list of ideas and took a vote.¬† Talk to your child about what he/she would like to give to other children in need. When we serve others, we serve God. What great gift! We are doing God’s work!
  • Our senses tell us about the world God have given us. We will look at our sense of SMELL next week.
  • With the beginning of Lent upon us, look for a letter to be sent home on Wednesday to explain how we will look at Lent and how we can use this time to reflect on Jesus and His love for us!Lent is a time to get our hearts ready for Easter! We will attend Ash Wednesday Mass with our 8th grade buddies.¬† The ashes on our forehead will let everyone know that “we are friends of Jesus!”
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Kindergarten Newsletter February 2, 2018

Upcoming Events/mark your calendars:

  • Monday, February 5th: Please send in 100th day items (as assigned in the letter sent home this past week).¬† We want to make sure we are ready for the 100th day on TUESDAY!
  • Tuesday, February 6th:¬†100 DAYS OF SCHOOL!
  • Friday, February 9th: If you bought an auction shirt, wear it to school!

Looking Ahead:

  • March 3rd: Spring Auction: we hope to see you there!
  • May 4th: Mother’s Day Tea: More information coming! Mark¬† your calendars for this sweet event!

This Week:

It was wonderful to see so many families at our Mass and Open House last Sunday! We have so much to be proud of here at St. Cletus! Our school families top that list! Your support of this endeavor makes it all worth while! Our children reap the benefits of our cooperative spirit!

Catholic Schools Week was so much fun! Jammies on Monday and reading with our 8th grade buddies was big fun! Celebrating Mass as a school family always is wonderful. The finishing event, the Red and White Volleyball game was great! Even with all the fun activities, we still managed to learn a thing or two! ūüôā

Next Week:

Tuesday, February 6th is our 100th day of school! We hope you have seen all the growth your child has made! This is a year of much development and changes! Many teeth are missing, pants are too short and your child is getting more grown up each day! We are building independent, joyful children! We see it and we hope you do too! Please be sure to have your child count out the food item assigned to you. (letter went home on Monday) This needs to be in by Monday February 5th. We will celebrate this day by writing, singing, snacking and doing 100 jumping jacks, just to name a few fun things!!


  • The children are beginning to generate their own topics for writing during our journal time. Please help us with this at home by looking for writing topics as your child is going though his/her day. Can they journal about some activity? A fun meal or event? These ideas will be the topic for the following day! Talk to your child about what he/she can write about in their journal.


  • Counting by 2s, 5s, 10s and 1s.¬† Keep practicing at home!
  • Counting down to our 100th day! The children will participate in a day full of 100th day activities!
  • Addition: Getting ready to tackle addition takes much preparation! We “count on” to see how many more of things that we use in our classroom. We begin by “decomposing” numbers. For example, we can make 6 by putting 5 and 1 together, or 2 and 4 together. Seeing and manipulating items helps the students to understand this concept!


  • We love looking at our senses as a way to experience God’s world! Next week we will look at our sense of touch. We will discuss different ways to describe how things feel and try to guess different objects only using our sense of touch.
  • Your child will be coming home with a meteorologist report. Each child takes a turn to tell us about the daily weather. Many students have done this already. Look in your child’s backpack daily to work on this fun learning experience!


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Overton News Week 1-29

Image result for february

Language Arts: Students have received January poems! January poems are due on February 1st! This week we have a spelling test over Unit 14. Students will take these new lists home today.

Reading:  All students are starting a new book this week or last! The current novels are Superfudge, Martin Luther King Jr., and Run, Billy, Run. Ask your student what their new book is! Our whole class book is called Deep Down and Other Extreme Places to Live.

Math: We are beginning a new chapter about division equations and different strategies to solve division problems! We will have a mid-chapter check point on Wednesday, January 31st. 

Writing: This week we are continuing informative writing! Students can write about ANYTHING they want to teach someone else. Students have finished at least 3 informational pieces! Ask them what they are about! We have finished publishing an informational story to be displayed during Catholic Schools Week! Please stop to read our expert topics on Sunday!

Science: We will start a new chapter about Changes to the Earth. In this chapter we will learn about land forms, slow changes, quick changes, and erosion!

Social Studies: We are still working on Unit 4, the history of communities! We will have our test on Tuesday, January 30th. Play Jeopardy to review!

Due to illnesses going around, we really could use some hand sanitizers!!! If you’re at the store this weekend and think of us, please send in a bottle with your student!

On Monday, 1-29 we will be having lunch in our classroom. If you would like to spend an extra 30 minutes with your student at school and have time to help, email me!!

Important Dates:

1-28: Catholic School Mass/Open House @ 9:30-12:30

1-29: PJ day + games with buddies!

1-30: College/Sports team dress down day; Guess the teacher game

1-31: Teacher appreciation day!

2-1: Student appreciation day! Free dress down and NO HOMEWORK!

2-2: Red and White Game Day, Room 111 is the RED TEAM!! Wear red to support our team!

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TLC Winter News!


As part of International Computer Science Week, St. Cletus Students participated in the annual Hour of CODE. Hour of CODE is a program designed to introduce computer programming to students in a fun, easy-to-navigate environment. Check out the Hour of Code at to try some of the coding puzzles yourself. 1st to 3rd is working on Kodable and will receive their very own profile with access codes. 4th to 5th is working on Tynker, 6th and 7th grades will use a Play Lab theme and will receive certificates of completion.

Eighth grade meet with our yearbook reprehensive from Van Gogh and learned how to navigate through the yearbook program. The students were trained how to use ‚ÄúTreeRing‚ÄĚ to create our yearbook in the upcoming weeks. The students also presented their dream vacations!¬† The students created a budget in Google Slides and had to plan a vacation while learning how to research real world websites, plan activities, meals etc. The entire project is in Google Classroom. Check it out….. Maybe your child just planed your next vacation!

Seventh grade students learned how to recorded music using Audacity from YouTube. Once they recorded their Disney theme song, they are learning how to create a photo movie using MS Office Movie Maker with pictures downloaded from Google Images. I can’t wait to see their final Projects!!

Sixth grade has been busy learning about different cultures and customs by working on a research project and comparing New Year’s celebrations around the world. The students are presenting their findings using Google Slides.

Primary and intermediate grades are mastering their ‚ÄúTynker‚ÄĚ skills in the lab while working on building their keyboarding skills. Students have also been creative using ‚ÄúABCya! Animate and MS Word programs to generate poems and add voice bubbles to their creations.

Pre-K and Kindergarten continue learning how to demonstrate acceptable behavior at the computer while learning how to navigate through a variety of programs using the mouse and keyboard.

Study Skills –
Middle school is learning how to manage stress! With all of the activities and responsibilities that fill a student’s schedule, it is sometimes difficult to find the time to try new stress relievers to help dissipate that stress. We are learning about stress relievers that are most appropriate for students so they can study and learn a little more stress free.

**Parents ‚Äď If you are at a school event, take pictures!! If you have any pictures‚Ķ.PLEASE forward them to me for the yearbook at **

Thank you,
Mrs. Michelle Murphy
TLC Teacher

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5th Grade News

EPA Project Due-1/29/18

Our CSW mass-1/31/18

Ch 6 Math Test-1/31/18

Unit 9 Spelling Test 1/31/18

8 am mass 2/6/18

Field Trip to Lyric Opera-2/26/18

It’s invention time!  The inventions have arrived, and what clever minds we have in 5th grade!   The students are excited to present their ideas to you.  What a great way to kick-off Catholic Schools Week.  The inventions will  be available to view on Sunday, January 28, during our Open House if you did not get to the parent viewing opportunity on Friday, January 26. 

In reading, students are currently reading Holes by Louis Sachar and completing different tasks for each section of the novel.  This is in preparation for literature circles that will hopefully take place in the spring.  Students are getting to know each job, and examining examples of high, medium, and low levels of work.   Students are working hard to thinking critically about different events and characters in Holes to prepare for class discussion.  Students will also be working on outlines persuasive essays.  Students will be working with graphic organizes which show how to effectively structure a persuasive essay.  In spelling, students are studying words with a schwa +n or r ending.  In English, students are identifying natural and inverted sentences.

We are entering a prose, poetry and poster contest sponsored by the Illinois EPA.  Students choose one way to show their ideas for clean air land and water in the future.   The project is due on January 29th.  I cant wait to see what these green minded students come up with!

We continue our study of ecosystems in Science.  We have completed the digital lesson and one flip chart lab.  Next week, we will define terms and get into the meat of the chapter. 

In math, we have finished the chapter on adding and subtracting fractions.  Next, we will learn to multiply and divide fractions.  We continue to complete two simple solutions lessons each week and dabble in the IXL website. 

In social studies, we concluded and were assessed on chapter 4, which focused on Columbus and explorers that followed his lead as well as how new Spain came to be.  Next, we will study the founding of the 13 colonies.  It was a difficult time filled with triumph and tragedy.

In religion, we were excited to prepare the January¬†31st Mass.¬†¬† The 5th grade is also excited to celebrate Catholic School’s Week.¬†¬†¬† Please join us for Mass on Sunday, January 28th, as well as the Open House from 10:30-12:30. ¬†Please check the School Scoop and/or school website for the events of Catholic School Week.

DARE has begun!  Officer Andries from the LaGrange Police Department will be coming in mainly on Tuesday mornings to work with our class about Drug and Alcohol Awareness, Peer Pressure, make appropriate choices, and all the while. keeping it real.  It is a 10 week program and will have a graduation celebration at the end of the program.

Last but not least, please remember the 5th grade service project is collecting cans.  We have been collecting cans throughout the school; however, we can also use cans the students bring from home.  Next time you go to put them in YOUR recycling bin, stop, and put them in a bag for your child to bring to school.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

Mrs. Gridelli and Mrs. Noonan



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Kindergarten Newsletter January 26, 2018

Upcoming Events/mark your calendars:

Next week we get to celebrate our Catholic School!  Please read below so you know what we will be doing each day to celebrate!

  • Sunday, 1/28 :¬† Catholic Schools Week Mass at 9:30 followed by the open house from 10:30-12:30.¬† Please encourage your friends and neighbors to join us! The Mass and open house is for current and prospective families.
  • Monday, 1/29:¬† Pajama Day (wear your pajamas to school, all students should wear gym shoes) and games with 8th grade buddies
  • Tuesday, 1/30:¬† College or Sports themed Dress down day and ‘can you guess the teacher?’ picture game
  • Wednesday, 1/31:¬†Teacher Appreciation Day: Mass and teacher luncheon¬†
  • Thursday, 2/1:¬† Student Appreciation Day: No homework for older students and teacher Swap
  • Friday, 2/2: Red and White dress down day: Bring one red or white food pantry item and Red and White Volleyball game for 1st-8th (kindergarten will watch 8th grade buddies play) ‚Äď NO Regular gym classes.

This Week:

Thank you to the families who sent in cereal. It is easy to help our family member or our friends and classmates. By giving to the food pantry we are helping people we do not know! THAT is doing God’s work! Thank you for being an example to your child. They are always watching!

We dove into centers this week! Through play, the students learn by doing! We have seen so much growth!

On Tuesday, we attended a Mother Goose Assembly and helped act out many nursery rhymes.¬† Can you guess which ones by looking at the pictures below? Nursery rhymes are so very important for your child! The rhythm, rhyme and repetition in nursery rhymes are exactly what our little ones need to develop strong phonemic awareness skills. If you don’t sing and chant nursery rhymes with your child, consider getting a book and try to incorporate these into your daily reading!

Next Week:  

Catholic Schools week is a time for us to celebrate all that we do here at St. Cletus! Many great schools in our area, but here we can do things in a different way. Our faith drives us and all our instruction. When you enter our building can you feel the difference? We hope so!


Journaling and leveled readers will be our focus. We ask our students to stretch themselves, our bodies grow, so does our brain! Have your child show you some words that are NOT word wall words, see the strategies he or she uses to attack the word!


We will begin looking at addition. We often talk about “counting on.” This pre-addition skill let’s the children see how addition works! Now we will use manipulatives to see how this works. Help your child see that you use addition in many ways. How many plates do we have? How many more do we need? This conversation and discussion can help your child develop these skills too!


Our sense of hearing helps us know about God’s world! We can hear beautiful music and hear people tell us that they love us! We learn about all of God’s wonderful world through our senses.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!


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Third Grade News January 19th 2018 Mrs. Reckwerdt rm 112


A few photos from our recent STEM activity of building the tallest tower using only 20 sheets of paper and 16 inches of tape.




Religion:   On Friday, January 19th, we made cozy fleece blankets for Project Linus with our 7th grade buddies. These blankets will go to hospitals to help comfort sick and injured children. In class students will be learning  about the church, which is the Body  of Christ  on earth composed of  the People of God.  Third grade will be leading the February 27th 9:00 am School Mass.  Please plan on coming and praying with us if you are available.

Math:  Students are continuing to learn division properties, strategies, and the division facts in Chapter 6.  They are seeing how division is  related to multiplication and the special properties of 1 and 0.Please encourage your child to spend a few minutes daily to practice these facts. The chapter 6 division test will be on Thursday, January 25th  and the Simple Solutions quiz will  be on Friday, January 26th.

Reading:¬† Everyone should have selected a book of their choice for the next book report. The February¬†book report is due on¬†2/6/18¬†.¬† In class students are reading and analyzing the non fiction selection, “All About the Earth” focusing on the text features, cause and effect, main idea and¬† supporting details.

Phonics:  Students are practicing  how to add endings (s,  es, er, est, ed, ing) to base words.

Spelling:  Students will be learning how to spell words with digraphs and blends in Unit 15.  There will be a spelling test on Friday, January 26th.  The unit 15  list words are: shook, flash, speech, think, strong, cloth, brook, stitch, string, scratch, fresh, spring, switch, stretch, and splash.

Language:   As we continue practicing numerous skills we are especially focusing on verb tenses, pronouns, and sentence editing. The January poem will be recited on January 29th.

Social Studies:¬† We will be starting chapter 5 about different community environments.¬† Students will learn that a community’s location, climate, and natural resources affect the people who live there.¬† Students will also be researching and learning information about a President. Then they will make a mobile of their president to help celebrate President’s Day.

Catholic School’s Week is Coming! Please plan to join¬† us Sunday, January 28th for 9:30 Mass and Open House 10:30 – 12:30. Please invite your family, friends, and neighbors to see our great school.¬† Students will have a fun -filled week¬† January 29 – February 2nd as we celebrate Catholic education and our oun special school, Sr. Cletus.

Our class is still in¬† need of a few boxes of Kleenex. If you can spare a box or two we’d be most grateful. Thank you to the couple of families that already send in an additional box.


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Kindergarten Newsletter January 19, 2018

Upcoming events/mark your calendars :

  • Monday, January 22: Hot lunch-Little Joes, chicken nuggets or meatball sandwich
  • Wednesday, January 24:¬†Hot lunch Bouna Beef, garden salad
  • Sunday, January 28¬† Open House, 9:30 Mass followed by a 10:30 open house in the school.¬† Please plan on attending!¬† Invite your friends and neighbors.¬† This is for current and prospective families.

Looking Ahead:

  • Saturday, March 3rd: St. Cletus Auction: this is another important fundraising event for our school.¬† Please consider attending this fun event to show your support and meet some other parents!¬† For more information, click HERE.
  • Friday, May 4: You should have received your “save the date” note¬†last Wednesday.¬†¬†Mark your calendar for this fun event called The Mother’s Day Tea!
  • Box tops: Are you collecting box tops at home?¬† We will submit box tops at the beginning of March.¬† Keep on cutting!¬† Grandparents are great at saving these too…be sure to ask them! ūüôā
  • Scholastic book orders: submit at any time, for first time users, use code H2NGF.

A great, quick read:

This week:

We have been busy this week with our learning centers and journaling! We are exploring many stories about winter! Snow is such a fun topic with many different authors who love it too.

Thank you one and all for bringing in the cereal for our service project! When we serve others, we serve God. This is doing God’s work! It was great to see the children dropping off those boxes of cereal at church.¬† We discussed giving to others and even giving to those we don’t know.¬† The great thing about giving is it makes us feel good too!

Next week:

Next week we will continue to hone our skills with reading, writing and math with activities that are hidden in play and centers. Children don’t¬† realize all the learning that is taking place, they are just having fun!


  • We will begin journal time with self generated topics. This means each child will write about him/her! This is a difficult writing skill for children, but we generate ideas as a class and say throughout the day, ‘this would be a great thing to journal about! This is also a great time to talk about things that your child can journal about: a trip to the store, a visit from a relative, anything that is of interest to your child! These journals then become a story of your child’s kindergarten life! So fun to look back and read, not to mention to see all the growth! These journals are the best way to assess the progress each child is making with his/her writing. We will look at these journals at the next conference time.
  • Sight word practice: special focus on NUMBER WORDS (one-ten); ask your child what his/her new table team NUMBER is!
  • Making connections: connecting one text to another text and also connecting stories to things in our own lives.¬† We will use the phrase, “this reminds me…” when reading snow stories!
  • Listening center: winter stories
  • Jolly Phonics review and segmenting (breaking apart sounds) and blending (putting sounds back together) both real and nonsense words. Keep practicing this at home!¬† Begin with consonant/vowel/consonant words like MAT, SIT, HAT, WET, etc.¬† Ask your child to “tap out” the words (like we do at school) and also try writing them on a whiteboard, chalkboard, paper, or even in shaving cream or salt on a cookie sheet!


  • We will continue to practice counting by 1s, 5s and 10s, but counting by 2s will be our real focus. They are really getting good at counting!!
  • We LOVE to collect information using graphs. We use many different types of graphs. Ask your child about our class graphing! (Hint: we use tally marks, groups of ten too! We examine the information and see what we notice!)
  • Breaking numbers down into tens and ones.
  • How many more to make 5?¬† To make 10? We will use our counting on strategy.¬† This is a pre-addition skill.


  • We will continue our unit on SENSES. We will explore our sense of sight next week. We can see all the beauty in God’s world through our eyes! How does our sense of SIGHT keep us safe?¬† Has your child been singing our senses song to you? (hint: I’ve got senses, I’ve got senses…”
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Third Grade News Room 112 Mrs. Reckwerdt January 12th 2018

Welcome back! Have a wonderful 2018!¬† ¬†Next week begins with a day off for Martin Luther King’s Day on Monday, January 15th.

Religion:¬†¬†Thursday, JANUARY 18th¬† chapter 8 test¬†about the four marks of the church: one (one community called together by God and united in Baptism), holy (all good, sharing in God’s life), catholic (universal- open to all in the world), and apostolic(that the pope and bishop are successors of the Apostles.)¬† ¬†On Friday, January 19th, we will be¬† making fleece blankets for the Linus project with our 7th grade buddies.

Third grade will be leading the February 27th 9:00 am School Mass .  Please plan on coming and praying with us if you are available.

Math:  Students are continuing to learn division properties, strategies, and the division facts in Chapter 6.  Please encourage your child to spend a few minutes daily to practice these facts. The  Simple Solutions quiz will  be on Friday, January 19th.

Reading:¬† Everyone should select a book of their choice for the next book report. The February¬†book report is due on¬†2/6/18¬†.¬† In class students are reading and analyzing the non fiction selection, “All About the Earth” focusing on the text features. Students will also be reading and discussing another book in a small group.

Phonics:  Students are learning about base words and endings (s,  es, er, est, ed, ing.)

Language:  Students should be familiar with plurals, possessives, homophones, editing marks, common and proper nouns. Now we are especially focusing on both subject and object pronouns.  The January poems were passed out during the week and the selected poem will be recited on January 29th.

Science:¬† I enjoyed seeing each student’s¬†poster¬† showing how technology has improved and changed over time.¬† A few students have already presented their project and the rest of the students will be presenting their projects during the week. We will also be reviewing¬† the Engineering Process, Unit 2, and then students will take the unit test on Thursday, January 18th. (Science books went home this weekend.)

Social Studies:¬† Students¬† have been learning about celebrations focusing especially on New Year’s Day and Martin Luther King Day. They will continue working on these activities as they read and understand many other celebrations in the world in chapter 4, “Celebrations.” Next students will be making a President Mobile to help celebrate President’s Day.

Catholic School’s Week is Coming! Please plan to join¬† us Sunday, January 28th for 9:30 Mass and Open House 10:30 – 12:30. Please invite your family, friends, and neighbors to see our great school.¬† Students will have a fun -filled week¬† January 29 – February 2nd as we celebrate Catholic education.

Our class is in desperate need of a few boxes of Kleenex. If you can spare a box or two we’d be most grateful.


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Second-2-None: Week of 1/8/18

Week of 1-8-18

Welcome back! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s with your families. We are excited to begin the rest of the school year! Field trip forms went home earlier in the week. Please return those ASAP!

In Religion, we discussed how to problem solve and calm ourselves down in Second Steps. We also learned how to ask for help in a polite, non-disruptive way.

In Math, we wrapped up and reviewed Chapter 5, which was all about two-digit subtraction with regrouping. We took our Chapter 5 test, and will begin Chapter 6 next week. This chapter focuses on three-digit addition and subtraction. Students will be using skills and strategies learned in Chapters 4 and 5 to solve problems involving more digits.

In Science, we began Unit 4. So far, we have learned about plants’ basic needs to survive, irrigation, the parts of a plant, and the parts of a flower. Next week, we will learn about plant life cycles and how a bean plant grows. This week’s newsletter secret is: Plants need water to survive.

In Writing, students worked on a five-sentence paragraph focusing on the topic: ‚ÄúTell me what you did over Christmas break.‚ÄĚ They made sure to introduce their topic in a good topic sentence, and then went on to write at least three detail sentences to tell the reader more about their topic sentence. To wrap it all up, students wrote concluding sentences. In Reading, we began reading ‚ÄúTheodore Roosevelt: The Adventurous President.‚ÄĚ This is a biography on Theodore Roosevelt‚Äôs life. Students used comprehension strategies to understand the story and looked for text elements in the book. In Shurley English, we introduced a new vocabulary word, harvest. Next week, we will begin learning about prepositions, the object of a preposition, and prepositional phrases. There are two new jingles to help us remember what these parts of speech are!

In Handwriting, we began learning the four basic strokes of cursive ‚Äď undercurve, overcurve, downcurve, and slant. We will begin learning how to form individual letters next week.

Have a great three-day weekend!

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Kindergarten Newsletter, January 12, 2018

Upcoming Events/mark your calendars:

  • Monday, January 15th: No School, MLK Day
  • Wednesday, January 17th: Hot Lunch, McDonald’s pancakes
  • Friday, January 19th: bring in a box of cereal by today, see below, under “next week”*

Looking Ahead:

  • Friday, May 4th:¬†Save the Date for our Mother’s Day Tea, all moms are invited to attend! More information to follow!¬†
  • Sunday, January 28th: St. Cletus Open house: 9:30 Mass followed by an open house beginning at 10:30.¬† This is for current and prospective families.¬† Invite your friends and neighbors!¬† See you there!

 This Week: 

Our first week of 2018 was great! All the children came back to school wide eyed and ready for new adventures in Kindergarten! We made a list of classroom Resolutions to follow moving forward. Here’s what the children came up with:

  1. Be kind
  2. Help each other
  3. Care more
  4. Share 
  5. Pray more

We are ready to make our classroom a great place to learn and grow! We went on a church visit to see that Jesus is now in the manger.¬† We reviewed how we celebrated Jesus’ birthday with our families and said a prayer together. Prayer is always a great way to start the new year!

Next Week:

*We will begin our classroom service project in this new year. When we serve others, we serve God. We are doing God’s work! Our children are so fortunate to have loving families who provide all that they need.¬† Many are not so lucky!¬† We discussed this with the students. We will be bringing in things to put in the food pantry each month. As a class, we will decide what food item we will donate and this month we choose cereal.¬† We will try to choose many kindergarten favorites! We are asking that your child bring in a box of cereal any time next week, by Friday, January 19th.¬† When we go for our Church visit, as we do every Friday, we will drop these boxes of cereal in the donation bins in the Narthex of our Church. Ask your child what kind of cereal he/she would like to donate. If your child can pick it out at the grocery store, all the better! This activity will give our children a sense of giving. As always when giving, we remind the children if it’s more important for your family to have that box of cereal, that’s ok too! ūüôā This will continue through the end of the year, so there will be plenty of opportunities for your child to give. They will see what a great feeling that is!


  • We are journaling more often! The introduction of Jolly Phonics sounds was completed before break and now we’re putting all of our knowledge to work in our writing. Learning to use those sounds in reading and writing is called “segmenting” (breaking down words into individual sounds) and “blending,” (putting those sounds back together).¬† What can you do at home?

Practice sight words, encourage your child to “write the sounds he/she hears” (don’t worry about correct spelling), practice consonant vowel consonant words at home: Ask your child to spell words like CAT, SIT, BAT, WET, MAT.¬† If your child is doing well with this, try to add some of those tricky blends in words like: baTH, CHip, fOOt, sEEd, etc.

  • Many of these writings will relate to the stories we are reading. Did you know that reading aloud to your child daily is one of the most important tasks you can do to insure future reading success? Be sure you are reading with your child every night! We will explore many different snowman stories next week and will complete a painting project to go along with this.¬† Our sensory tub is also full of snowy fun!
  • Snowy stories at the listening center!
  • We will practice segmenting and blending words.
  • Sight words: we are focusing on NUMBER WORDS (one-ten).¬† We’re always moving and rockin’ in kindergarten.¬† Here’s one of the songs that helping us to learn our number words.¬† Try singing it at home!¬†


  • Number writing/formation
  • Counting by 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s
  • Counting on from numbers other than 1.
  • Number recognition, understanding how many tens and ones.¬†
  • Graphing: bar graphs and tally graphs

We will review and continue to work hard on having a strong number sense as we get ready to begin addition soon!


  • We will begin our unit on our senses. This unit blends nicely with science. God gives us our sense to learn about His world and all the wonderful things in it! We will begin with our sense of taste.¬† We will discuss how some things are sweet, salty, spicy, sour and we will also discuss how our taste buds change over time so it’s always a good idea to try new foods! We will make a graph to determine which kind of foods we like the most.¬† We encourage this often at snack time.¬† It’s always fun to try new foods! We will also learn a new song.¬† Ask your child to sing it to you!¬† Hint: “I’ve got senses, I’ve got senses, yes I do! Yes I do!”


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