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Overton News 10/16-10/20

Happy Friday the 13th! It was a hot topic in our classroom today!

Language Arts: Students have received October poems! October poems are due on October 27th. There is a spelling test on Friday. Students have taken home words to study!

Reading: This week we are still looking for the main idea across multiple texts. As a whole class we are reading a chapter book called Treasures in the trees! Students are continuously reading The Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, or Henry Huggins in small groups.

Math: This week we are starting a very exciting chapter about MULTIPLICATION!!! Of course were starting really simple with grouping numbers and counting multiples. We will use a number line, skip count, and solve problems. On Friday we will take a Mid-chapter checkpoint! Like every Mid-chapter checkpoints, students get two chances to figure out the correct answers!

Writing: This week in writing we will be working in small groups to work on our individual writing goals!

Social Studies: This week we are continuing chapter 3. We are still talking about joining new communities, immigrants, and customs!

Science: This week we will continue Unit 2! In Unit 2 we will learning about the Engineering process!

Student have received a permission slip for the November field trip to Feed My Starving Children. We previously passed out chaperone forms for this trip, and we have enough that we are able to attend! Of course, if you’d still like to join us you are more than welcome, just ask for the form! 


Important Dates:

October 21st: 5K Kindness Walk/Run


October 23-27: Red Ribbon Week

October 27: October Book Report Due

October 30: October Poems Due

October 31: Classroom Halloween Parties 2-2:45 (you have received an email from me to sign up to help!)

November 7th: Feed My Starving Children Field Trip!


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Kindergarten Newsletter, October 13

Upcoming Events/mark your calendars: 

  • Saturday, October 14: Virtus training at St. Cletus Parish Center, 9 am.
  • Monday, October 16:Hot Lunch, Noodles, mac and cheese or chicken.
  • Wednesday, October 18:Hot Lunch, Jimmy Johns, turkey or ham sandwich.

We are finding some children are not eating the hot lunch that has been ordered. We hate to see food go to waste and hungry children! You can always send something else and be sure your child has some fruit on hot lunch days.

  • Thursday, October 19:Field Trip to the Farmers Market! The children will each be allowed to buy something at the market.  The cost of this item was included in your field trip fee.  Please do NOT send your child with extra money.
  • Saturday, October 21:St. Cletus Fun Run! All info was sent home in the school SCOOP!

This Week: We learned a lot and had fun too during our cross-curricular apple unit this week. We read non-fiction books to learn apple facts and we read fiction books about apples, just for fun! Check out our pictures page to see all the fun we had during apple centers.

We learned about feelings and how God cares how we feel. God asks us to care for others too. We can read faces to see how someone else is feeling.

Here we are reading the story about a little red house with no doors, no windows and a star inside.  Ask your child to retell the story to you.  This is a great skill for children to practice.  When you get to the end, you child knows a grown-up will help to cut open an apple to reveal the star! If you need help with the story, click HERE.

Next Week:

We will be preparing for our trip to the Farmers Market on Thursday.  Chaperones for the field trip are the grown-ups of:

Brooke Valenta, Lily Jacoby, Aiden Ludden, Charlotte Wasik, Molly Malham, Cassidy Johnson, Izzy Serdinak and Mary Clare Napleton. 

Please be at school on Thursday by 8:50.  We will leave promptly at 9:00.  Please no siblings on the field trip, we need your full attention on the kindergartners. A reminder note will be sent home on Wednesday.


  • We are journaling more often. Some days we draw and label things, this may be just the first sound of the picture or writing the last sound, or all the sounds we hear. We will move into picture writing and dictating the sentence the child tells us to write. The children will begin to attempt this soon! They are all making progress!
  • Sight word work: focus words are: a, and, do, did, go, is I, no, see, the, to, we, will, yes, my, like; look for these words while reading!
  • Jolly Phonics: We finished group 4 this past week and will move on to group 5 sounds.  Practice groups 1-4 (sounds and actions) at home!

Image result for jolly phonics


  • We will continue to explore bar and tally graphs including a candy corn graph.
  • Correct number formation using the poems.
  • We will also continue to use ten frames to show numbers up to 20.
  • We will practice counting by 1s. Practice at home!
  • We will practice counting by 10s. Practice at home!  We enjoy rocking out to this song while practicing:
  • We will create and label patterns.


  • God cares how we feel and He asks us to care how others feel! We will be exploring our feelings over the next few weeks. We will look at what we can do when we are angry first.


  • Ask your child if an apple will float or sink. We did an experiment in our classroom just like scientists do! We predicted and graphed our results.
  • The children enjoyed learning about apples.  Apples are a healthy food for us to enjoy! We will continue to look at foods that are healthy and good for us and explore ways that we can keep our bodies healthy: eating right, exercising and getting plenty of rest. On Wednesday, a representative will come to speak to the children about all the things they will see at the farmer’s market.  On Thursday, we will become reporters interviewing the farmers about all the healthy foods they bring to the market to sell to us! 
  • We will learn all about PUMPKINS next week!


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The Social Studies Corner – 6th Grade

Over the past few weeks, sixth grade students have explored the life of early humans as they worked to establish stable food supplies on their way toward the establishment of complex civilizations. Students explored the geographic and topical elements of early Mesopotamia (with a focus on the Sumerian peoples) as they sharpened their map-reading skills. They also investigated the connection between the problems faced by growing city-states and the solutions that were implemented to ensure the survival of the societies. In the coming weeks, students will further probe the religious, cultural and intellectual lives of these civilizations.

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The Social Studies Corner – Academic Bowl

Congratulations to the St. Cletus Academic Bowl team for a strong showing at the 2017 Brother Rice Academic Bowl competition. The team successfully answered a variety of questions on topics ranging from math, science and civics to sports and Brother Rice trivia.  The students participated in a team round, as well as an individual assessment of their academic prowess. Great job Kaj, Kamil, Zach and Tyler. You should be very proud of your accomplishments.


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Kindergarten Newsletter

Upcoming Events/mark your calendars:

  • Monday, October 9th: NO SCHOOL, Columbus Day Holiday.
  • Tuesday, October 10th: Bring in your favorite kind of apple to school.
  • October 10th: Dining for Dollars Chick-fil-A,  Countryside 5-8, no flyer needed!
  • Wednesday, October 11th: All school Mass, 9 am
  • Thursday, October 19th: Field Trip to the LaGrange Farmers Market

This Week: 

  • We worked very hard this week! We are so excited to now have a full month of kindergarten under our belts.  The children have settled in so nicely to our routines and we continue to make a lot of progress each and every day! Please help extend your child’s learning at home by using the newsletter to get ideas.  Also, you can find additional activities to do at home by clicking HERE. Keep your child’s learning hands on! This is how young children learn best.

Next Week: 

We will begin our first unit on APPLES. This cross-curricular unit will have us busy, especially during center time!  We will have apple math, literacy and science centers! Please note we are asking all children to bring their favorite kind of apple to school on Tuesday.   We will send a reminder email on Monday so you don’t forget after the long weekend!


  • We are moving into the blends of letters. Please review the sounds we already have learned in our Jolly Phonics program. The blends are tricky! We will be completing group 4 sounds next week: ie, ee & or; practice group 1-4 sounds and actions at home!

Image result for jolly phonics groups

  • Word wall word practice. Look for our word wall words in books. Our current word wall words are: a, I, is, do, did, go, see, we, will, the, to, yes, no.  Ask your child to write these words for you.  Find these words in books while reading.
  • Journaling: when the children journal, they draw a picture and then “write the sounds they hear.”  We do not answer the question, “how do you spell….?”  The goal of journaling is to help the children become independent writers. Practice this at home! It’s okay if it’s not spelled correctly.  Again, we’re building confident, independent writers when we used “brave spelling” or “inventive spelling”.

Math and Science:

  • We will be working on numbers and recognizing numbers 1-20. Have your child tell you how many tens and ones are in a number. For example, how many tens in 17? How many left over? This is the language we use in class, using the same language at home just might help! Please refer to the activities for home page to print a ten frame to use at home!
  • Patterning and sorting with apples.
  • Ordering numbers from 1-20.
  • Using a ten frame to show numbers.
  • Graphing: Do you like applesauce?  Which is your favorite kind of apple?
  • We will introduce NONFICTION text to the children and will learn all about APPLES.
  • We will weight and measure apples.
  • We will test whether or not an apple sink or floats in water.


God cares how we feel! We will look at our feelings, how we can read someone’s face to tell how that person is feeling. In sad times, we turn to God. Let’s remember to turn to God in happy times too! A grateful heart is a happy heart!



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5th Grade News

  • Thursday, Oct. 5~ 8 AM Mass
  • Monday, October 9 ~ No School
  • Thursday, October 12 ~ All school Mass

Happy Fall!

The start of October brings many new areas of study for our 5th graders.  In language arts, the students will be creating a repetitive poem.     We will concentrate on 2 traits for this month’s poetry and narrative writing, idea and organization.  In both pieces we will be descriptive using Show, not Tell strategies.  In Shurley English we are reviewing basic sentence parts and the different types of sentences.

In reading, we will be finishing Night of the Spadefoot Toads next week.  As a class, we are identifying the theme of the novel and analyzing how the author uses different strategies to convey that theme.  Students have also complete their first book report: The Dodecahedron Report.  In the future, students will be able to choose their projects.  Some projects will be completely digital while others will have physical parts.  Students are expected to complete the majority of their projects in class.  We stress the importance of time and guide students to see how their decisions, in class, affects the amount of work done at home.

In social studies we will be studying Geography followed by the Overview which discusses our country’s mottos, ideals, and government.  There is quite a bit of vocabulary in the unit.  The students should be able to recognize the word and its definition.  You may want to quiz them on these words in your spare time.  The lesson also includes the role and rights associated with being a United States Citizen.  Free Enterprise was discussed too.  Ask your student about the largest U.S import and export.  The answers may surprise you!

In Math, we are in the middle of our unit on Division.  we have learned the traditional algorithm for division, as well as how to model it with base ten blocks and how to solve a division problem with partial quotients.  Each week, we supplement our math instruction with 2 simple solutions lessons.

We have completed our study of the cell and a brief lesson on inherited traits.  Next, we will discuss cells to body systems.

For the month of October we will focus on Mary.  Along with reading and discussing Mary, we ask that the students bring in a rosary as we will be saying a decade of the rosary everyday in class.  We continue to do Second Step.

Last but not least, please remember the 5th grade service project is collecting cans. We have been collecting cans throughout the school; however, we can also use cans the students bring from home. Next time you go to put them in YOUR recycling bin, stop, and put them in a bag for your child to bring to school.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

Mrs. Noonan and Mrs. Gridelli

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Kindergarten Newsletter, September 30th

Upcoming Events/mark your calendars: 

We are hoping for a quiet, regular week of fun learning!

This Week:

  • The cooler weather has helped us settle into our school routine! It also helps us know Fall is here! Look for those signs of the changing season with your child! Oh what fun we had on Grandparents day! We loved showing those we love our school. The best part was celebrating Mass together!
  • The house book pages look great!  We will finish putting them together and will begin sending home next week!
  • We have met with the room moms, Roxanne’s mom and Sofia’s mom, and have started kindergarten party planning.  Please watch for an email from them soon about our first classroom event, the Halloween party.

Next Week:


Continue to practice our Jolly Phonics sounds and actions. We can tell when you work at home with your child! Their confidence shows! We hope your child is reading to you when he/she brings home a decodable book.  Next week, look for a fall decodable book to be sent home. We ask your child to read to three “Lucky Listeners.” We practice reading these books in school and look for our word wall words. Can you see improvements already? We can!

  • We will wrap up group 3 sounds and begin group 4 with: “ai” “j” and “oa”
  • Journal writing: when the children write, we ask them to “write the sounds they hear.”
  • Word wall word focus: do, did, go, is, no, the, we, will, yes, I, a
  • We will continue to practice “stretching” and “tapping out” words.  Try this at home with consonant-vowel-consonant words. This helps your child hear each individual sound.

And remember…


Our math program covers some basic skills that we will build on as the school year continues. Help your child to set the table. How many plates do we need? We need 4 forks, we already have 3, how many more do we need? Let your child see you use math in your every day life!

  • patterns
  • counting
  • graphing
  • using the greater than/less than sign < = >
  • number printing using the poems
  • number recognition


Our “Creation” theme continues next week. Ask your child to sing our creation song to you.  Hint: “God made flowers, God made trees…” Help your child see the beauty in God’s world. This season is a great time to get outside and look around! It is a joy to see God’s creations through the eyes of a child.


  • weather
  • seasons
  • all living things needs water
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The Social Studies Corner: A Celebration of Peace

On Thursday, September 21, the children, faculty and staff of St. Cletus School gathered to celebrate the International Day of Peace.   The ceremony showcased the work of the junior high students that they completed as while studying the consequences of situations in which peace is lacking and the impact that efforts towards peace can have on their communities and the world.  Members of the 8th grade class hosted the event.  They introduced the Peace Crane Project, spearheaded by school 6th graders who spread the word of peace and the International Day of Peace through the creation and distribution of origami paper cranes throughout the school and the LaGrange and Chicago communities.  They then introduced members of the 7th grade class, who read poems that they wrote in furtherance of peace as part of the Poems for Peace Project.   Finally, they introduced the Peace Pole Project and unveiled the first peace pole, which has been designed and constructed by members of the 8th grade class.  For many years to come, this inaugural peace pole will stand as a reminder to St. Cletus students and the St. Cletus community of the need for peace in their days and in their world.

The ceremony was enhanced by musical selections chosen by the 7th grade class.  It closed with the formation of a peace sign by all ceremony participants.  Student work is documented in a website ( created and maintained by several 7th grade students.  A video of the activities is being prepared by members of the 8th grade class and will be posted on the site upon its completion.

Congratulations to all students on a job well done.  May Peace Prevail on Earth.

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Kindergarten Newsletter, September 22

Upcoming Events/mark your calendars:

  • Sunday, September 24th: Parade and Homecoming game. Parade begins at 9 a.m. on 54th Street behind our school. Game begins at 11:30 at Lyons Township High School.
  • September 27th: Dining 4 Dollars at Brookfield Ale House, 4-9 pm.  20% of all sales go to St. Cletus!  No flyer required.
  • Friday, September 29th: Grandparent’s/Special Friend’s Day Mass, 1:15 followed by reception in the gym. We hope your child’s grandparent or special friend can make it! Your child will be allowed to leave with his/her grandparents UNLESS YOU SEND US A NOTE SAYING NOT TO.

What’s Due:

This Week:

We talk a lot about “centers” in kindergarten.  The students rotate through 8 centers, 4 in each room.  There are 3-4 students at a center.  We do morning and afternoon centers pretty much every day! So what did centers look like this week?  See below!

“Learning centers allow children to develop appropriately. Since mature, well-rounded growth must include the whole self, children should be encouraged to play and explore their environment for selfish and social reasons as well as academic ones. When used for all of these purposes, learning centers are an important part of a balanced kindergarten.”  To read more about why small group learning centers are so important in these early learning years, click HERE.

  • We discovered that we need to be careful not to wrinkle someone’s heart! We read the book Crysathmum. It is a story about a little girl with a different name. When she attended school, the children made fun of her name. This wrinkled her heart! “Before you speak, think and be smart, it’s hard to mend a wrinkled heart!” God asks one thing of us, that is to LOVE ONE ANOTHER. That is something we often discuss at school. Kindness maters! Kindness counts in Kindergarten!
  • We are working hard on our Jolly Phonics sounds and letters! Please continue to practice these at home. While reading with your child, look for letters and our word wall words. The children will be happy show you! They will be beaming with pride too!
  • Can you believe Friday was the first day of Fall? Where did these first weeks of school go? Time flies when you are having fun…and working hard!
  • We become part of God’s family when we are Baptized. The children enjoyed showing us a memento from this special day and telling us about their Godparents! We went on our weekly Church visit to see the baptismal Font. Have your child show you this area of our Church when you go to Mass this weekend!

Next Week:


  • Sight word focus next week: do and did.  Look for these words while reading with your child!  Continue to look for: we, will, go, to, the, yes, no
  • Jolly Phonics: we will begin group 3 letters: g, o, u, l

Image result for jolly phonics group

  •  Journaling by drawing and labeling the pictures.

What can you do at home? Use these activities with your child to reinforce skills:

1.) Read every day (the single most important thing you can do for your beginning reader).

2.) Practice beginning sounds regularly. For example in the car, “what’s at the beginning of the word, STOP?”  “what’s at the beginning of taco?”.  Focus  on GROUPS 1 and 2 of Jolly Phonics.

3.) Flash the first TWO groups of Jolly Phonics letters to your child: Ask your child to give the sound and action.  Give your child a word that begins with one of those sounds.  Ask your child to repeat the beginning sound and action.

4.) Look for current word wall/focus words: we, will, go, the, yes, no in books. “I see a ‘the’ on this page…do you!?” Next week, begin to look for do & did.

5.) Create word wall flash cards and practice regularly.  Click HERE for a copy.  Print 2 copies on cardstock and play memory.

6.) Get a toy car  and ask your child to “park the car” in the “the spot”, in the “go spot” etc.  The parking lot is editable.


  • graphing
  • number recognition
  • counting and counting on from a number other than 1.
  • tallying
  • patterns
  • sorting

What can you do at home? Use these activities with your child to reinforce skills:

1.) Practice counting regularly as high as your child can go.  Go back and forth. “I say 1, you say 2.”

2.) Give a number other than 1 and ask your child what comes next. Grown-up: “7…” Kindergartener: “8!”

3.) Use the number writing poems to practice writing numbers 1-10 at home.

4.) Give your child a group of items and practice counting them.

5.) Give your child a number less than 10.  Ask your child to show you tally marks for that number.


Our theme will be “Creation.” God made the world for us to care for, God’s world is beautiful! Our Creation unit will last for a few weeks. Help your child see God’s handy work as you explore nature.


Our Creation unit will go hand in hand with science and exploring nature as we look to the seasons changing. LOOK for these signs too!  These is nothing like seeing the world through your child’s eyes! Joy, excitement at all the little things we as adults can take for granted!

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The Social Studies Corner — Special Edition

As members of the junior high classes prepare for their September 21 Peace Day celebration, the students learned that their Skype conversation with Jeremy Gilley of Peace One Day will be included in a video presentation to be featured on the organization’s website.   A link to the video can be reached by clicking here.  In participating in this conversation, the students were outstanding representatives of their families, their parish and their school.  Congratulations to all.

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Third Grade News Room 112 September 15th, 2017

Religion: Students in 112 will be learning about having faith in God, and the Resurrection of Jesus.   The chapter 2 test will be on Thursday, September 21st. Students in 111 will be reviewing chapter 1 on Monday and have an open book test on Tuesday, September 19th.

A wonderful service field trip to Feed My Starving Children  will be on November 7th.  We will need 1 parent for every three students to accompany us. ( All parents are welcomed to come,  however some will need to carpool.)    Parent  chaperones will be active helpers as we add ingredients, weigh the bags, and  box the meals. It is a great experience! I will be sending home the information about this field trip next week.

Reading:  Next week we will continue to focus on characters, their actions and motivations as we read The Case of the Gasping Garbage, chapters 2 and 3.  Students should be almost finished reading a realistic fiction chapter book for their first book report due on September 28th.  Students should be breaking down the book report assignment into small sections  (such as the drawing of the character, or the setting: when it happened, or setting where it happened, etc.) and complete a different section each day.

Phonics:  We will be focusing on short vowels i, u, and ethis week.

Spelling:  Next week’s  Spelling Unit 4 consists of  words, spelled  with the vowels  “ou” or  “oi”.  The spelling test will be on Friday, 9/22. The tested  words  are: proud, boil, loud, house, join, cloud, sound, voice, oil, round, point, south, found, soil, and ground.   A copy of the list will go home on Monday.  Students will  complete analogies, proofread passages, and understand idioms.

Language: Students have been learning the parts of the writing process, types of sentences,  end marks,  subject  and predicates, capitalization and punctuation rules, prefixes and suffixes, compound words, and  forming plurals.  There will be a morning worksheet test over these skills on Wednesday, September 20th.

Math: Students will now  be using the estimation, mental, and place value strategies that we learned earlier in this chapter with subtraction.   The chapter 1 test probably will be on Tuesday September 19th.

Science:  The 2nd part of the Relaxation program will be on Wednesday. A quiz on types of Scientific tools will also be  on Wednesday.   Students will then learn about using  and recording data in tables and graphs.

Social Studies:   Discussion and activities about 9-11 this week postponed our lessons on 3 cities which are very different depending upon their location until next week. 

September 22nd:  Homecoming Pep Rally

September 28th: Book report due

September 29th: Grandparents & Friends Day…Mass at 1:15                                                                                                                                          Aug/September prayer will be recited

Have a wonderful weekend!





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8th Grade Math – Algebra


The students are finishing up a Unit 1 Test on Real Numbers. Next week, they will begin to study scientific notation and exponent rules.  They will be allowed to use the calculator for some parts of the unit, but not all of it.

Thank you,

Mr. Malnar

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Kindergarten Newsletter, September 15

Upcoming Events/mark your calendars:

  • Friday, September 22nd: Homecoming Pep Rally in the gym for full day students, 1:50
  • Friday, September 22nd: Bring in a baptism memento, see RELIGION below for more info.
  • Sunday, September 23rd: Homecoming parade and football game, more information to follow!
  • Friday, September 29th: Grandparent’s Day, see the Wednesday envelope for more info. Half dayers are welcome to stay full day and attend this Mass and event.

What’s Due?

  • “House Page”: the ones we’ve received so far look great!  Keep ’em coming!

 This Week:

  • Our days are busy, filled with learning! We enjoyed “friendship fruit salad” with our friends on Thursday.  God gives us our friends because He loves us! He asks us to share that love with others. We made a tally graph after we ate our fruit salad. Ask your child which fruit was his or her favorite! Ask your child which was the overall class favorite. It’s fun to try new things, some of these fruits may be new to your child. We encourage trying new things  all the time! Check out our PICTURES PAGE to see the children sharing fruit with their friends.
  • Our first printable, decodable came home. When your child comes home with a book, he/she should read this to three “lucky listeners.”  They feel so proud when they can read to you. Help your child find our focus words in other books. Those words are: we, will, go, yes, no and the.
  • We have all the chaperones needed for our upcoming field trip.  Thank you!

Next Week:


  • We started working in our journals. We are drawing pictures and labeling the picture with the beginning sound. We will write and draw in our journals more often!
  • Jolly Phonics: we will continue to work with group 2 letters: c, k, e, h, r, m, d
  • Phonemic Awareness: this concept is about hearing sounds. Practice rhyming words with your child. This is a great start for reading!

What can you do at home? Use these activities with your child to reinforce skills:

1.) Read every day (the single most important thing you can do for your beginning reader).

2.) Practice beginning sounds regularly. For example in the car, “what’s at the beginning of STOP?”  “what’s at the beginning of taco?”.  Again, focus on GROUP 1 of Jolly Phonics.

3.) Flash the first group of Jolly Phonics letters to your child: S, A, T, I, P, N. Ask your child to give the sound and action.  Give your child a word that begins with one of those sounds.  Ask your child to repeat the beginning sound and action.

4.) Look for current word wall/focus words: we, will, go, the, yes, no in books. “I see a ‘the’ on this page…do you!?”

5.) Create word wall flash cards and practice regularly.  Click HERE for a copy.  Print 2 copies on cardstock and play memory.

6.) Get a toy car  and ask your child to “park the car” in the “the spot”, in the “go spot” etc.  The parking lot is editable.


  • Printing numbers using our number poems.
  • Graphing
  • Tallying: we make “bundles of 5” and we circle “groups of 10”
  • Using a tens frame to quickly recognize numbers less than or equal to 10.
  • Patterning
  • 1 to 1 counting: looking for 1 to 1 correspondence means that with each object counted there is a spoken number.
  • Representing “1 more.”  “What is 1 more than 5?”

What can you do at home? Use these activities with your child to reinforce skills:

1.) Practice counting regularly.  Go back and forth. “I say 1, you say 2.”

2.) Give a number other than 1 and ask your child what comes next. Grown-up: “7…” Kindergartener: “8!”

3.) Use the number writing poems to practice writing numbers 1-10 at home.

4.) Give your child a group of items and practice counting them.

5.) Give your child a number less than 10.  Ask your child to show you tally marks for that number.


  • Our theme next week will be “I am Special to God!” We will explore Baptism. We become part of God’s on our Baptism day. Our family celebrates this day! Each child is asked to bring in a memento of his/her Baptism. It can be a picture, shoes, party invitation or anything you may have at home to remember this day. If your child has not been baptized, please bring in another special religious memento.

Please have this item in a bag with your child’s name on it. This activity will take place on Friday, September 22.

  • We continue to focus on being a good friend.  We see “God’s Superstars” each day in our classrooms. We will use the book Chrysanthemum to learn more about being a good friend and how when we say unkind things, it puts a wrinkle in our friends’ hearts: “Before you speak, think and be smart.  It’s hard to fix a broken heart!”


We are documenting our Kindergarten tree that in the courtyard outside our classroom. We will watch as the seasons change by looking at this beautiful gift from God! We are learning about “scientific drawings.”  We are drawing what we observe with our eyes instead of using our imagination.

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7th Grade Religion

Hello everyone!

Students are finishing up Unit 1 Chapter 3: The Blessed Trinity. The big question this week we kept referring to was: why do relationships matter to me? We thought about all the different types of relationships we have, what works and what they can improve on. We discussed ways to help their relationships with friends and family become more reflective of God’s love. We will have our quiz next week and then we will begin Chapter 4: God, Our Loving Father.

Students should bring their Bibles on Monday. We will begin reading the New Testament. They are welcome to leave their Bibles at school or bring them back and forth from home.

Thank you for your patience this week as well with drop-offs, pick-ups, and the soft lock down.

As always, please feel free to email me at anytime if you have any questions or concerns!


Miss Smith

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The Social Studies Corner — The 8th Grade Marches Towards Peace

Grade 8 students have been working hard.  They learned about the origins of the Peace Pole Project in the aftermath of World War II to stand as testaments to the need for peace.  Students also discussed the meaning of the phrase, “May Peace Prevail on Earth,” and the rationale for it to be included in several languages as a form of international unity.  The students also located peace poles throughout the world and learned about the unique natures of each locale.  Finally, the students worked in teams to fashion their own peace pole designs, including artwork that illustrated their concept of peace and languages that were of significance to team members.  The student designs demonstrated the deep talent that lies within the Eighth Grade class.  Earlier today, one team’s design was selected to grace the first St. Cletus  peace pole, which will be dedicated as part of the September 21 celebration of peace.   (The student designs will be displayed as part of the Peace Day celebrations.)


Students also learned about the history of nonviolent/peaceful protests throughout the world.  The students expanded their understanding of the impact of nonviolent/peaceful protest through research and presentations in which they discussed the timing, location, core purpose and result of historic protests, including the Prague Spring, the Syrian Uprising, the Orange Revolution and Optor!.  The students did an outstanding job as they pushed themselves to find information to assist them in understanding peoples, places and issues that were new to them.  They also made very astute and insightful observations regarding the similarities and differences between the movements.

In the coming week, students will continue to work towards the celebration of Peace Day on September 21; they also will begin to explore the meaning of liberty and democracy as contemplated by the Founding Fathers and the manner in which the early promises were and were not kept as regards various groups of American citizens.

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