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Red & White Volleyball Game


On Friday February 3rd  2017


A school-wide volleyball game involving all grade levels (1st-8th).  Student council representatives and officers will help organize and run the activity.  The game will start at 9:10 with 1st grade and will have reporters announcing the score and highlights during lunchtime.  Each grade will play its part of the game for one half-hour.  Each grade builds on the score left to them by the previous grade.




The students from one homeroom will play the students from the other homeroom for the first 15 minutes and then switch to the other students to finish.  Special scorekeeping rules will be enforced to help keep the game score close.


Red Team: Even Numbered Homerooms White Team: Odd numbered Homerooms 122-White    123-White


Red & White Game Schedule


All 1st grade    9:10-9:40

All 2nd grade   9:45-10:15

All 3rd grade   10:20-10:50        

All 4th grade   10:55-11:25


All 5th grade    12:25-12:55

All 6th grade    1:00-1:30

All 7th grade    1:30- 2:00

All 8th grade    2:00-2:40  


  On Friday 2/3, it will be an out-of-uniform day.  Students don’t need to wear gym clothes but should dress comfortably and wear their team colors and gym shoes for the game.  Parents are welcome- standing room only.

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October News 2016

October News 2016

PreK-2nd Grade

Throughout the month we have been working on how to bounce/dribble a ball.  Working on how to bounce the ball in place.  The next step will be moving and bouncing the ball.  We continue to work on body and space awareness.

3rd-8th Grade

We have started some small basketball games to work on teamwork and sportsmanship. The whistles will be use starting in November in which we will start some game.  So if your son/daughter does not have a whistle they will need to get one and keep it here at school.

Always remember to wear GYM SHOES to class!!!!!!

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September 2016

September P.E. News  2016


How about that new building!!!!  What a very exciting time for our school and for P.E. classes.  I can picture now what I will be doing in the new gym this time next year!!!!  With everything that has been going on at school I have been having classes inside.  We are playing a lot of fitness games and ones the students love to do.  In October I will be starting basketball and try to get outside for Lacrosse, Flag Football, and Soccer.


The 3rd thru 8th graders have done their first PACER Test. all of the students did a great job.  We will be doing this once a month to be prepared for Fitness Testing starting in March.  More info will be posted later this school year.



ALWAYS wear gym shoes for class.  Even Preschool too!!!

Have your gym uniform on for class!!!!  

As always It’s a Great Day to be a CARDINAL!!!!!

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