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Preschool Newsletter – June 2nd

Preschool Newsletter – Week of May 29-June 2

This week in Preschool we finished our last letter of the week, letter Z. We also discussed Father’s Day and completed various end of the year review activities. We have been busy practicing for our end of the year celebration (Wednesday, June 7th at 8:30 am). The children are very excited!

In center this week we worked on:

  • Letter Z (Z is for zebra)
  • Number bingo
  • Father’s day craft
  • Building with legos
  • Sorting our letters
  • Completing our handwriting journals

Next week we will complete some end of the year review of our letters and numbers to get ready for Kindergarten!

End of the year reminders:

  • Preschool End of the Year Celebration at Spring Ave. Park
    • When: 8:30 am followed by snacks at the park and then the children are free to go home
    • Please be sure – no backpacks should be brought to school that day
    • Also, please be sure to have your child at school on time that day as we are walking to the park as a class

Preschool 2016-17 Park pictures:




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May 26th – Preschool Newsletter

Preschool Newsletter- Week of May 22-26

This week we focused on the letter Y and our theme was summertime. Throughout the week we practiced writing the letter Y, coming up with words that start with Y, creating a letter Y book, and sorting the letter Y by upper-case and lower-case letters. During the week we read various books about summertime.

Our centers included:

  • Ice cream cone craft
  • Sorting links by color
  • Letter Y book
  • Play-dough
  • Popsicle craft
  • Summertime bingo
  • Letter Y writing in our journals
  • Flip flop craft
  • Pattern blocks
  • Building with tinker toys

Next week we will learn about Father’s Day and work on letter Z. We will finish our letter of the week and continue to practice recognizing our letters till the end of the year!

Upcoming events:

-Monday, May 29th: NO SCHOOL

-Wednesday, May 31st: Hot lunch/pizza

-Wednesday, June 7th: Last day of school for Preschool following our celebration at Spring Ave. Park

Preschool Celebration – starts at 8:30 am and we hope to see you there!

Please be sure to check the signup-genius for any supplies needed for the Preschool end of the year celebration.!/showSignUp/10c0548afae28aaf58-preschool/22436355

Preschool Room 98B- sorting links by color

center pic

Preschool at the park. We are getting ready for our celebration!

park picture

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Preschool News – May 19th

Preschool Newsletter – Week of May 15th-19th

This week we focused on the letter X and our theme was bugs. We have been busy practicing writing our letters and recognizing both upper-case and lower-case letters. Throughout the week we learned about bugs and create various bug crafts.

Centers this week include:

  • X is for x-ray
  • Bug collection jar craft
  • Dragonflies
  • Butterflies
  • Letter X book
  • Peg boards
  • Journal writing

Next week we will learn the letter Y and our theme will be summertime! Throughout the week we will learn letter Y words and create some summer crafts. We will also practice our songs for our upcoming Preschool celebration (which is on June 7th at 8:30 am at Spring Avenue Park). We hope to see you there!

Please be sure to sign-up for any needed items for the celebration. Here is the link to the sign-up genius:!/showSignUp/10c0548afae28aaf58-preschool/22436355


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Preschool Newsletter – May 12, 2017

This week our theme was Mother’s Day and our letter of the week was W. We spent all week talking about why our Mom’s are special and what we can do to show them how much we love them.

Our centers included:

  • Watermelon art
  • Mother’s Day art projects
  • Play-dough
  • Math games – Roll & Cover
  • Math patterns
  • Number bingo
  • Journal writing – Letter W
  • Religion – Mary the Mother of all of us!

Next week our theme will be bugs and letter X. We will discuss the different parts of a bug and create a variety of bug art projects. Depending on weather we may go on a bug hunt outside!

Upcoming Events:

Monday, May 15th : Hot Lunch, Little Joe’s Hamburger/Cheeseburger

Wednesday May 17th: Hot Lunch, McDonald’s Sausage/Egg &  Sausage Sandwich

9:00 A.M 8th Grade Ribbon Mass

Thursday May, 18th: Open House & Registration 6:30 P.M

Friday, May 19th – 8th Grade Day

Wednesday, June 7th – Preschool End of the Year Celebration

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Preschool Newsletter May 1-5

Preschool Newsletter for the week of May 1-5

This week we introduced the letter V. We were able to make a word list, V is for vase art project, V is volcano project, and worksheets to sort upper-case and lower-case letters.

We also focused on Nursery Rhymes this week. Some of our favorite nursery rhymes include: Hickory Dickory Dock, Jack be Nimble, Baa, Baa Black Sheep and Hey Diddle, Diddle. Children learned various rhyming words and sequencing the order of events within a nursery rhyme.

In centers:

  • Sequencing – Jack and Jill and Little Miss Muffet
  • Play-dough
  • Peg boards
  • Letter V projects
  • Letter bingo
  • Math sorting games
  • Nursery rhyme crafts

Next week we will focus on the letter W and our theme will be Mother’s Day. We will begin our work on Mother’s Day projects and read various books about mom’s.

Upcoming Events:

Monday, May 8th –   Hot Lunch – Buona Beef – garden salad

Tuesday, May 9th – 9:00am All School Mass and May Crowning.

Wednesday, May 10th – Hot Lunch – Jimmy John’s – subs

Dress Down for $1 Student Council  sponsored.

Thursday, May 18th – Open House/Registration Night 6:30 pm


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Preschool News-March 23

This Week…..

We reviewed letters A-R.

The author of the week was Laura Numeroff. The preschoolers LOVED listening to her stories.

Below are the books that we read.

If You Give A Dog A Donut

If You Give A Cat A Cupcake

If You Give A Moose A Muffin

If You Take A Mouse To School

If You Give A Pig A Party

Center Activities:

  1. Play-doh cupcakes
  2. Smartboard-Counting
  3. Writing prompt-“If you took a mouse to school he would”
  4. Writing prompt-“If you gave a moose a muffin he would”
  5. Handwriting books
  6. Party Pig project

*On Wednesday, students attended a preview of the play Into The Woods. The students had a great time watching the show!

Next Week….

We will learn all about the letter S.

Author-Eric Litwin (Pete The Cat series).







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Preschool News-March 17th

This week….

We learned all about the letter R.

Our letter story of the week was called Rosie Rabbit’s Radish.

Here are some letter R words that we learned: Run, rock, radish, red, rabbit, rake, rose, roll.

The author that we learned about this week was Kevin Henkes. The student’s really enjoyed listening to his stories- Birds, Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse, My Garden, Lily’s Big day, Little White Rabbit.

Center Activities:

1.Feather Painting

2. My Garden painting

3.Letter R tracing/writing

4. Smartboard-Alphabet Bingo and counting fish

5. R for Rainbow

6. Purple purse making

7. Name art

*On Friday, we were able to listen to Mr. Dayhill play his bagpipes! The kids loved it!

Next week:

We will review letters A-R.

Author-Laura Numeroff

Feather painting

Feather painting

feather painting

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Preschool News- March 9th

This week:

This week our author was Leo Lionni. We learned Leo Lionni was an author and illustrator. The very first book he wrote was Little Blue and Little Yellow. Some of our favorite books this week included The Alphabet Tree, Little Blue and Little Yellow, Pezzittino,  A Color of his Own, Swimmy, Fredrick, and It’s Mine.

This week in Phonics, we focused on reviewing letters Aa-Qq. During center times we practiced writing and independently tracing our letters. We also played lots of letter games-Smartboard Alphabet Bingo.

Centers: Our Centers this week included:

  • Alphabet Name Tree, Inspired by The Alphabet Tree.
  •     Chameleon Water Colors.
  •     Pezzittino inspired creations
  •      Q for Quilt
  •      Q-tip painting

Counting and Sorting on the Smartboard.
Next Week… We will learn about the letter Rr and our Author will be Kevin Henkes.

Specials :Monday – Gym Tuesday – Music Wednesday – Spanish Thursday – TLC Friday – Music

Mark Your Calendars…  

Monday, March 13th: Hot Lunch, Little Joes Grilled Cheese Wednesday, March 15th: Hot Lunch,  American Bagel – Hotdog Bagel Friday, March 17th: Wear your 2017 Auction T Shirt

Friday, March 24th : No School 



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Preschool- March 3rd News!

This Week..
We attended an All school Assembly on Tuesday and learned about how Bring on the Change helps families and children with Leukemia. Wednesday we learned about Ash Wednesday. We attended an All School Mass and received our ashes.

This week we learned all about Dr. Seuss. We learned that he was both an author and illustrator. Our theme this week included some fun activities that went along with our stories; Put me in the Zoo, My Many Colored Days, Fox in Socks, Cat in the Hat and I’m Not Going to Get up Today. Please see below for some pictures throughout the week.

This week in Phonics, we learned all about the letter Qq. We read Quick, Quack, Quick and pretended to be ducks during our recess time.

Centers: Our Centers this week included:
Dr. Seuss journal writing
Cat in the Hat Names
Put me in the Zoo paper plate
Fox in socks puppets
Counting and Sorting on the Smartboard.
Letter Qq and name writing

Letter writing with shaving cream

Allelu!- Caring for Animals

Alphabet BINGO

Q is for q-tip art project
-Decorating Cat in the Hat hats
-Coloring ourselves
-Letter q journal
-Ash Wednesday self-portrait

Next Week…

We will review letters Aa-Qq.

Our author will be Kevin Henkes

Our specials will be:

Monday – Spanish

Tuesday – TLC

Wednesday – Music

Thursday – Library

Friday – NO SCHOOL

If you are able to provide more paper towels and tissues we are starting to run low and would appreciate any extra supplies you can provide.
Please be sure you are signing up for conference. If you have any conflicts please let me know so we can reschedule.
Welcome to the St. Cletus parent teacher conference scheduling system. Please select your conference (or conferences) below, then press “Submit”.



Hat day in Mrs. Carlson's class.

Hat day in Mrs. Carlson’s class.

Put me in the zoo


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February 24 Preschool News

This week in Preschool we started our author study on Mo Willems. We learned that he is both an author and illustrator. Some of our favorite stories include: Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!, The Duckling Gets a Cookie?!, Piggie and Gerald books, and The Pigeon Needs a Bath. This week we reviewed letters A-P. We have been practicing identifying letters, recognizing letter sounds, and playing a variety of letter games.

Our centers this week included:

  • Pigeon watercolors
  • Cookie craft
  • Pigeon journal writing
  • Character puppets
  • Letter and number writing
  • Smartboard math games
  • Religion- “Inside Our Church”

Next week we will celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday and learn the letter Q. Throughout the week we will have spirit days to celebrate Dr. Seuss and read a variety of his books.

Monday- Put Me in the Zoo (bring stuff animal)

Tuesday- My Many Colored Days (wear favorite color)

Wednesday- Fox in Socks (silly socks)

Thursday- 500 Hats (hat day)

Friday- I’m Not Going to Get Up Today (PJ day)

Important Dates:

  • Monday, February 27th – hot lunch, Little Joe’s Hot dogs
  • Tuesday, February 28th – All school assembly for Bring the Change
  • Wednesday, March 1st – All school mass (Ash Wednesday), hot lunch, pizza
  • Friday, March 3rd – Report cards go home
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Preschool February 17th News

This week in Preschool…

We learned all about the letter P and our theme for the week was Valentine’s Day. We read lots of letter P books including: The Pig’s Picnic, Pete the Cat and the Missing Cupcakes, and If You Give a Pig a Pancake. Here are some new letter P words we learned- pig, pen, pie, pumpkin, pin, Pete, preschool, and pull.

All Preschool students had a great time at their Valentine’s Day parties! Thanks to all parents we volunteered and supplies goodies for the parties.

On Thursday, we attended an all school mass with our 5th and 6th grade buddies. We are so proud of all the Preschool students. They are doing a great job at mass!

Our centers this week included:

  • Letter P is for Pete the Cat
  • Watercolor hearts
  • Religion- Allelu! “God says to love each other”
  • Love Monsters
  • Tissue paper heart wreaths
  • Letter bingo on the smartboard
  • Letter P books

Next week in Preschool:

  • We will start our author study on Mo Willems and review letters A-P.

Important dates:  vday6 vday7 105 Buddy Valentines5 Valentine's15 prekvday

-Monday, February 20th —- No School

-Wednesday, February 22nd —- Hot lunch, Taco Bell

-Friday, February 24th —- 2nd trimester ends


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February 10 Preschool News

This week in Preschool we reviewed letters A-O.

Center Activities:

1. Water color painting hearts

2. Allelu! Jesus Loves Everyone

3. Handwriting book

4. Counting hearts

5. Smartboard Alphabet match 

6. Tissue paper hearts

Next week we will learn the letter P and our theme will be Valentine’s Day.

Room 105 will be having their Valentine’s Day parties on Monday and Tuesday.

Rooms 98A and 98B will have their Valentine’s Day party on Tuesday, February 14th at 1:45 pm.

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Preschool News December 22nd

This week:

Preschool had a very busy week, and the days flew by! I can’t believe Christmas break has arrived!!!

On Monday-The Preschoolers enjoyed their hot chocolate and pajama day.

On Wednesday- Mrs. Schaffer and Mr. Chinske stopped by our classroom to pass out more hot chocolate to the kids. They were excited!

On Thursday-We attended an all school Christmas mass hosted by the K and 8th grade students. It was a beautiful mass and the kids did a great job listening!


  • Smart board alphabet review
  • Smartboard decorate a Christmass tree
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Allelu!-Follow the maze to Bethlehem
  • Christmas tree counting
  • Snowman sequencing

*Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! We will see you back at school on Monday, January 9th.

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Preschool News 12/12-12/16

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for coming to our show! Our students worked very hard and did a wonderful job!  Thank you also to our parent volunteers who helped donate and set up our delicious treats.
This week we were busy learning about the letter L and the Birth of Jesus. We made Letter L lights, we made a Nativity project, we painted a stained glass window and worked on our parent art present.
During centers we spent time reviewing and writing our letters. We used our Handwriting without Tears book to review colors and shapes, and also played in our dramatic play center and building center.

This week we saw Grades 1-4th Christmas show and made snow globes with our prayer buddies.

Next week…..
On Monday, December 19th we will have a hot chocolate and pajama day party to celebrate our job well done from our show! Please come dressed in warm and appropriate pajamas.

Our specials will be
Monday – Hot Chocolate Party
Tuesday – Music
Wednesday – Library
Thursday – Gym

Christmas showprek-christmas-show

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Preschool News December 5-9

This week in preschool we have been busy! The children focused on the season of Advent and Christmas. We learned all about the letter K. The children created K is for king with baby Jesus. We also worked on new religion packets about waiting for Jesus. Be sure to check your child’s folder with our new religion program!

We also took this time to introduce our Kindness Elves, Buddy and Holly. Buddy and Holly have come to spend time with us during this Holiday season. They are helping our students to continue to learn new ways to be kind to one another.

This week we also received 2 new curriculum packets for our classroom! For phonics, we started Handwriting without Tears, and for Religion, we received Allelu. Both curriculums include take home books for the students to keep. We were very excited to begin them!

Centers included:

  • Letter matching
  • Watercolor Christmas lights
  • Letter K handwriting
  • Letter K sorting
  • Handprint angels
  • Gingerbread count and match
  • Smartboard snowman decorating
  • Reindeer Hands

Thank you again for all the service project gifts for the giving tree! The children enjoyed wrapping them and thank you to volunteers for helping!

Here's a look at Ms. Reins students wrapping presents.

Here’s a look at Ms. Reins students wrapping presents.


  • Preschool Christmas Show- Friday, December 16th at 10:45 am. The children have been practicing hard for our show next week Friday! Please be sure your child is dressed in Christmas attire. Also, this is an early dismissal day!
  • Preschool Hot Chocolate & PJ Party- Monday, December 19th. The preschool classes will be celebrating all their hard work this holiday season by wearing PJs to school on Monday, December 19th. We will also have some hot chocolate and watch a Christmas movie.
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