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TLC Winter Newsletter

TLC News!

As part of International Computer Science Week, 1st through 7th grade classes participated in the annual Hour of CODE. Hour of CODE is a program designed to introduce computer programming to students in a fun, easy-to-navigate environment. Check out the Hour of Code at to try some of the coding puzzles yourself.  First to 5th worked on Kodable and received their very own profile with access codes.  6th  and 7th grades used a Play Lab theme and received certificates of completion.

Eighth grade meet with our reprehensive from Van Gogh and learned how to navigate through the yearbook program. The students were trained how to use “TreeRing” to create our yearbook in the upcoming weeks.  The students have also been getting excited about receiving the sacrament of Confirmation by researching their Saint and gathering information to create a digital presentation to share with their classmates.

Seventh grade students learned how to recorded music using Audacity from YouTube.  Once they recorded a Christmas song, they created a movie using Moviemaker with pictures downloaded from Google Images.  The final projects were very creative!!

Sixth grade has been busy learning about different cultures and customs by working on a research project and comparing New Year’s celebrations around the world. The students are presenting their findings using Google Slides.

Primary and intermediate grades are mastering their “Kodable” skills in the lab while working on building their keyboarding skills.  Students have also been creative using “Story Maker and MS Word programs to generate poems and add voice bubbles to their creations.

Pre-K and Kindergarten continue learning how to demonstrate acceptable behavior at the computer while learning how to navigate through a verity of programs using the mouse and keyboard.

Study Skills –

Middle school is learning how to manage stress!  With all of the activities and responsibilities that fill a student’s schedule, it is sometimes difficult to find the time to try new stress relievers to help dissipate that stress. We are learning about stress relievers that are most appropriate for students so they can study and learn a little more stress free.  When you child is feeling stressed during homework encourage them to breath and do the “lions breath”

**Parents – If you are at a school event, take pictures!!  If you have any pictures….PLEASE forward them to me at **

Thank you,

Mrs. Michelle Murphy

TLC Teacher



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TLC Fall News Letter

We have been busy in the TLC!

Study Skills –

Middle school is learning how to manage their busy schedules by writing down their weekly tasks during Study Skills.  It is important they learn how to manage their time so they can study hard and find time to relax too!   Students also learned about different learning style.  They took an online self-assessment style quiz to find out what their individual learning style is.  I hope that they are using the tips that are tailored to their own style of learning to everyday life so they learn more and become a better student.


Eighth grade is creating a multi-page media presentation while learning how to plan and budget for a 7 to 14 day vacation.  Ask your eighth grader where he/she is going!

Seventh grade students are learning how great America is by creating a presentation using Google Slides. Each student is doing research on two of the fifty states.  Ask them about some interesting facts about their state, and to sing the “Fifty Nifty State” song!

Sixth grade has been “hired” by Cardinal Travel Agency to create a travel brochure to get tourists to travel back in time to Ancient Egypt.  This research project will help them get a jump-start on their next Social Studies unit.

Fourth and fifth grade students are busy creating stories while practicing their keyboarding skills and inserting and moving clip-art while demonstrating their ability to design, spell check and use the right-click on their mouse.  Ask them to see their work; it will be on their flash drive.

Third grade is learning how to use the “shift” key during their keyboarding time.  Students are also learning how to download and open a Microsoft Word template so they can use “right click, “copy” and, “paste” to match the correct picture to the correct words.

First and second graders are busy learning how select and use drawing tools in Paint and Microsoft to draw and design pictures.

Pre-K and Kindergarten are learning how to demonstrate acceptable behavior at the computer while learning how the arrow and space bar keys work to help a character move through a program.

**Parents – If you are at a school event, take pictures!! Please save them and forward them to me at  Maybe you might see one of your photos published in the 2016-2017 yearbook**

Thank you,

Mrs. Michelle Murphy

TLC Teacher



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Welcome to the TLC!

I am very excited that I will be your child’s Technology teacher this year and have been very busy setting up our TLC and getting it ready for our first day of school. I look forward to meeting you.  I hope you have enjoyed a wonderful summer and that you are ready and excited to start a great new year!  The following information is the course Syllabus.

Technology Learning Center (TLC)

with Mrs. Murphy

Course Syllabus

Class Objectives: 

Students at St. Cletus will develop basic computer/ technology skills, knowledge, and competencies that will enhance opportunities for learning in all areas of the classroom curriculum.


Computers and technology skills are being used as tools to enhance the learning process.  Technology use is being integrated into all areas of the curriculum and classrooms.  Students need to develop basic competencies with technology to be successful in the regular classroom.


Students will be expected to follow the TLC rules, which are as follows:

  1. Respect yourself.
  2. Respect others and the property of others.
  3. Take responsibility for your choices.

Class Rules: I have five rules for class.

  1. Follow directions.
  2. No food or drinks in the TLC!
  3. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself and your computer.
  4. Treat equipment gently.

Consequences & Discipline:

I have high expectations for behavior and expect my students to abide by the school rules and class expectations at all times. Those who choose to be disruptive or behave in a way that is not acceptable in the TLC will have one or more of the following consequences.


-Write a RESPECT report (5th -8th)

-Phone call or email to parent or guardian

-Discipline referral

Assessment/Grading (3rd to 8th)

Students will be graded on keyboarding, effort/attitude, skill lessons, activities and projects that demonstrate skill mastery. The grading scale is as follows:

Class Participation (Effort, Attitude, Behavior)            10% of grade

Keyboarding                                                    20% Points vary

Projects/Presentations                                 30% Points vary

Study Skills                                                      20% Points vary

Group Work                                                    20% Points vary

Extra Time in Class:

Students finish projects and activities at different times. There will likely be times when a student has spare time. This time can be used in several ways. Students may use spare time, not class time that is to be spent on class work. They may use one of the programs or applications we have available to us on our computers, or to visit the Internet using the TLC page found on St. Cletus’ home page.


Students will develop skills and behaviors that will serve as a foundation for future learning. Students will be able to identify the parts of a computer and operate the mouse and keys necessary to use the computer as a learning tool.  They will begin using computer applications for simple age-appropriate tasks.


Students will build on skills learned in the previous year.  They will use home row keys, develop keyboarding, and will learn more function keys.  They will begin saving, printing, formatting, and inserting graphics into simple word processing documents.  They will continue to explore ethical computer use.  They will continue to demonstrate proper etiquette, behavior, and body position when using computers.

Middle School

Students continue to improve speed and accuracy in keyboarding, while focusing on becoming proficient in application tools.  They will become proficient using a word processor (headers and footers, spell and grammar check, margins, etc.)  They will create more advanced presentations.  They will learn to acquire and evaluate information on the Internet.  Students will explore ethical computing issues in more depth.  During Studies Skills students will learn search strategies with browsers.   Activities in the lab will be closely tied to real-life classroom products. They will continue to demonstrate proper etiquette, behavior, and body position when using computers.

Please feel free to email me if you have any concerns or questions at



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