Kindergarten Newsletter

Upcoming Events/mark your calendars:

  • Monday, October 9th: NO SCHOOL, Columbus Day Holiday.
  • Tuesday, October 10th: Bring in your favorite kind of apple to school.
  • October 10th: Dining for Dollars Chick-fil-A,  Countryside 5-8, no flyer needed!
  • Wednesday, October 11th: All school Mass, 9 am
  • Thursday, October 19th: Field Trip to the LaGrange Farmers Market

This Week: 

  • We worked very hard this week! We are so excited to now have a full month of kindergarten under our belts.  The children have settled in so nicely to our routines and we continue to make a lot of progress each and every day! Please help extend your child’s learning at home by using the newsletter to get ideas.  Also, you can find additional activities to do at home by clicking HERE. Keep your child’s learning hands on! This is how young children learn best.

Next Week: 

We will begin our first unit on APPLES. This cross-curricular unit will have us busy, especially during center time!  We will have apple math, literacy and science centers! Please note we are asking all children to bring their favorite kind of apple to school on Tuesday.   We will send a reminder email on Monday so you don’t forget after the long weekend!


  • We are moving into the blends of letters. Please review the sounds we already have learned in our Jolly Phonics program. The blends are tricky! We will be completing group 4 sounds next week: ie, ee & or; practice group 1-4 sounds and actions at home!

Image result for jolly phonics groups

  • Word wall word practice. Look for our word wall words in books. Our current word wall words are: a, I, is, do, did, go, see, we, will, the, to, yes, no.  Ask your child to write these words for you.  Find these words in books while reading.
  • Journaling: when the children journal, they draw a picture and then “write the sounds they hear.”  We do not answer the question, “how do you spell….?”  The goal of journaling is to help the children become independent writers. Practice this at home! It’s okay if it’s not spelled correctly.  Again, we’re building confident, independent writers when we used “brave spelling” or “inventive spelling”.

Math and Science:

  • We will be working on numbers and recognizing numbers 1-20. Have your child tell you how many tens and ones are in a number. For example, how many tens in 17? How many left over? This is the language we use in class, using the same language at home just might help! Please refer to the activities for home page to print a ten frame to use at home!
  • Patterning and sorting with apples.
  • Ordering numbers from 1-20.
  • Using a ten frame to show numbers.
  • Graphing: Do you like applesauce?  Which is your favorite kind of apple?
  • We will introduce NONFICTION text to the children and will learn all about APPLES.
  • We will weight and measure apples.
  • We will test whether or not an apple sink or floats in water.


God cares how we feel! We will look at our feelings, how we can read someone’s face to tell how that person is feeling. In sad times, we turn to God. Let’s remember to turn to God in happy times too! A grateful heart is a happy heart!



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