Kindergarten Newsletter, December 1

Upcoming Events/mark your calendars:

  • Saturday, December 2: Vendor Fair at St. Cletus school, 6-9pm.
  • Saturday, December 2 -Sunday, December 3: Event at 5 Below in Countryside Plaza, flyer required.
  • Sunday, December 3: 1st Sunday of Advent, attend Mass!
  • Monday, December 4: Hot Lunch – American Bagel – Pizza Bagels or Bagel Dog
  • Wednesday, December 6: Hot Lunch – Chipotle – Cheese Quesadilla or Chicken Quesadilla
  • Friday, December 8: Mass at 9 a.m.
This Week:
We explored Gingerbread stories this week! We looked at the characters, compared stories regarding these characters. Some stories had the same characters while others did not! Fairy tales, fables or legends are stories that get handed down through generations. This unit was a fun study to explore! We finished this unit sharing a special gingerbread cookie! Ask your child which book was his/her favorite and why. Also ask your child which was the class favorite. Which book had the most votes? The least? 

Next Week:


We are writing in our journals more often now.  Creating a sentence that tells the reader about the drawing is our goal. The pictures should have lots of details and the sentence should end with a period. We are modeling this through shared writing whiteboard/smart board activity.  The children write a sentence on their whiteboard along with the teacher. Writing and reading activate the same areas of the brain. We want to take advantage of this and write often as well as read often! Have your child make lists, for the store or for Christmas gifts. Developmental spelling means he/she is writing what he/she hears. Taking words apart or stretching these words helps your child hear the sounds. Correct spelling comes later, this is an important step in your child’s development as a reader and a writer! We want those thoughts out on the paper! So remember, when your child says, “how do you spell –”  Please respond by saying, “let’s stretch out the word” or “write the sounds you hear!”


  • Counting by 1s, 5s, 10s;  We sing and dance as we practice counting every day during our calendar time! We are focusing right now at counting by 5s since we are really good at counting by 10s. Ask your child to show you!
  • Our number writing is a practice we do each month with paper and pencil, on whiteboards, in salt trays and on the smartboard.  You can practice at home too! Don’t forget those number poems.
  • We are working on pre-addition and subtraction skills including asking, “how many more (is 5 compared to 3)?”  “Which number is more? less?” “how many more to make a group of 10?” We also practice counting on from given numbers. Practice asking questions like this at home.  Show your child 2 different groups of items and ask your child these different questions.


We are preparing for our Mass as well as the start of Advent. We will get our hearts ready for Jesus’ birthday during Advent. Do you have an Advent wreath? Does your family have traditions for the season? Share these with your child. If you do not have any traditions yet, this is a great time to start! You can begin the Advent season by attending church this Sunday with your family.  Look for the first Advent candle to be lit. A letter regarding our classroom traditions will be coming home on Monday. Please check your child’s folder for important information about what we will be doing in our classroom during the Advent season as we prepare our hearts for Jesus’ birthday on Christmas Day.


The season of Fall has been beautiful! We have spent more time outside enjoying it at recess. We have Kindergarten tree, ask your child about it, how does it look now?

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