Kindergarten Newsletter February 16 2018

Upcoming Events/mark your calendars:

  • Monday, February 19: No School
  • Wednesday, February 21: Hot Lunch, Buona Beef
  • Friday, February 23: If you have an auction shirt, wear it to school!

Looking Ahead:

  • March 3:¬†Day at the Races Auction! Look for the Kindergarten items, we have something cute that every child would love to call their own! ūüôā Watch for pictures of these fun items in next week’s newsletter! This is not only a fun event that raises money for our school, it is also a great way to meet some of our school families! Bring your friends and get ready for a good time!
  • May 4th:¬†Mother’s Day tea. More information to come! Be sure to check your child’s backpack!

This Week:

Love was in the air all week as we celebrated Valentine’s Day! We feel love for family, friends, nature and all the gifts God has given us! We often ask at the end of the day, “Where did you see God today?” We can see God in the small ways we show love to one another!

We are enjoying our medal graph for the Olympics! We hope you are enjoying watching the Olympics as a family! We will host a Kindergarten version of the games soon. Check out our medal graph so far.  Ask your child which the U.S. has the MOST of ?  The least?  How many medals altogether?

Next Week:

Our class decided to bring mac and cheese or any kind of pasta for the food pantry as our service project this month. You may send this by Friday, February 23. Let your child choose the item to be donated. This is a beautiful lesson in kindness and generosity. When we serve others, we serve God!


  • During Lent we are looking for ways to show God’s love to one another. These are great topics for Journal time! Help your child find ways and discuss this as a good thing to write about in¬†his/her Journal. Here’s what we are looking for now: spacing between words, correct spelling of word wall words, stretching out of unknown words and for capital letters to only be used at the beginning of the sentence. We learn so much about each child during this time of day! Each child writes at his or her developmental ability. We are seeing so much growth! Journaling is such an important part of our day!
  • Word wall practice: be sure to review our sight words at home!
  • Stretching out unfamiliar words, words that are NOT on our word wall.¬† You can practice this at home.¬† Use fun pens, markers, chalk, magnetic letters, create a salt tray, etc. and continue to focus on CONSONANT/VOWEL/CONSONANT words like MAT, DOG, CAT, HAT, etc.¬† When your child seems to be doing well with this, move on to words with¬† blends like FISH, CHIP, BATH, etc.¬† Remember, if your child asks, ‘how do you spell ___?” please remind your child to STRETCH IT OUT!¬† We want to create independent, confident writers! Correct spelling will come later.


  • Decomposing or taking numbers apart has been going well! We are learning how putting two numbers together is called addition!
  • We continue to practice identifying tens and ones in numbers.¬† 72 is 7 groups of ten and 2 ones left over. Give your child a number.¬† Ask him/her to write it and identify, “how many groups of ten?”¬† “how many ones left over?”
  • Number writing: We are still looking for numbers to be formed correctly. You can practice this at home too!


We began Lent on Ash Wednesday. We attended Mass as a school family and we received our Ashes as a reminder to us that we belong to God. During the season of Lent, we will be saying the “Our Father” after our morning prayer each morning. You received a note about¬†the other things ¬†we are doing in school to get our hearts ready for Easter. We sent this note on Tuesday.¬†Help your child see opportunities or chances to show God’s love to someone else.


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