Kindergarten Newsletter February 9, 2018

Upcoming Events/mark your calendars:

  • February 14, Valentine’s Day. You received a note about our procedure regarding passing Valentines in school.

What’s Due:

If your last name begins with a letter in the second half of the alphabet N-Z, please send in your supplies. This includes paper towels, tissues and disinfectant wipes. THANK YOU!

This Week:

We celebrated our 100th day in style! We sang, counted, read and did 100 jumping jacks! Ask your child how we did all of these fun activities. Be sure to check out the PICTURES PAGE to see us enjoying our 100th day trail mix!

This week we also had a visit from Deacon Stuart.  He told us about his job as a Deacon, prayed with us and blessed us.  We were busy during centers this week.  Check out a couple of the activities below!

Next Week:

We will be exploring the Olympic games in our classroom! We will be doing our own version of the Olympics too! Watch the games with your child, it can be a great learning experience for everyone! The Opening ceremonies are on Friday, February 9 at 7:00, channel 5. Let’s root on our athletes that have worked so hard to accomplish their dreams! GO USA!

Our Valentine party will be on Wednesday. As we always do, we will play games in a center format and move through both classrooms. Please refer to the note sent home earlier for valentines prep you need to know for home! We have Ash Wednesday mass in the morning.


Our self generated topics for journal time has been going very well! We are impressed with the students ideas! Journal writing is the best true authentic way of assessing what the students are learning. We take and use all our skills in real meaningful writing! It is a joy to see this skill come to life in each child. Developmental milestones are occurring daily.  Keep these discussions going to help your child see that our spoken language can be written down to tell a story!


Decomposing numbers, taking them apart, has gone well! We will move onto writing number sentences. For example 2 +1=3. We will continue to use our classroom manipulatives to demonstrate this concept.


  • As a class, we decided on mac and cheese, another kindergarten favorite, (or any pasta and sauce) for our food pantry donation this month.  You can send this in at any time.  Our service project takes on life when the children are involved. We made a list of ideas and took a vote.  Talk to your child about what he/she would like to give to other children in need. When we serve others, we serve God. What great gift! We are doing God’s work!
  • Our senses tell us about the world God have given us. We will look at our sense of SMELL next week.
  • With the beginning of Lent upon us, look for a letter to be sent home on Wednesday to explain how we will look at Lent and how we can use this time to reflect on Jesus and His love for us!Lent is a time to get our hearts ready for Easter! We will attend Ash Wednesday Mass with our 8th grade buddies.  The ashes on our forehead will let everyone know that “we are friends of Jesus!”
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