Kindergarten Newsletter: November 10, 2017

Upcoming Events/mark your calendars:

  • Monday, November 13th:  Veterans Day Mass at 9am
  • Monday, November 13th: Hot lunch, McDonald’s
  • Monday, November 13th-Thursday, November 16th: Dining for Dollars, Bakers Square on La Grange Road
  • Tuesday, November 14th: Thanksgiving Feast: children do NOT need to bring a lunch today.  We will be eating together at our feast!
  • Wednesday, November 15th:  Hot lunch, Little Joe’s
  • Wednesday, November 15th: Welcome Wednesday for prospective families, 8am-10am.  Encourage your friends and neighbors to come check out our early childhood program!

What’s Due:

  • Did you send in your item for our feast? We will be doing some preparation on Monday, November 13th. Thanks room parents for helping us with this!
  • Place online Scholastic orders using class code H2NGF. Place orders at anytime! There are great Thanksgiving, Christmas and early readers/sight word stories!

This Week:

These are busy weeks in kindergarten.  After a fun filled Halloween month, we’re preparing for our next celebration, the Thanksgiving Feast. Ask your child about our centers this week as well as the big turkey on the bulletin board in our hallway. We hope you take the time to show gratitude in your daily life! Your child is learning to see God in all things, and be grateful! Each child will be placing a thankful feather on our kindergarten turkey.

Next Week:

Thanksgiving Feast is on Tuesday, November 14th.  You do NOT  need to send your child to school with a lunch this day! If the usual Thanksgiving meal is something your child does not eat, he/she can bring a lunch. The children are preparing their own feast to enjoy!


  • We are looking to journal as we start our day. This practice lets the children put  their new found phonics skills to good use! Jolly Phonics is coming to an end, which means now we must put it to work! Have your child help you write out the grocery list, items needed for a recipe, a note to a relative that may live far away. Writing is something adults do every day! Let your child help you write and use the “tap it out” or  the “stretch it out” strategy. We are seeing some great reading when we do our book looks. We are looking for words we can use this strategy on as well as looking for those word wall words.
  • Keep practicing those word wall words, especially our color words: CURRENT WORD WALL LIST
  • Thanksgiving Stories, both fiction and nonfiction at the listening center and read alouds.


  • Counting by 1s, 5s and 10s. We started to sing a song that counts by 5s. We are so good at counting by 10s! Keep up the practice! It always shows when parents work at home. This means just using math in every day life. No need for pencil and paper, children learn best by “hands on” activities. Singing or chanting in the car sometimes is just enough to help!
  • Graphing: We graph in many different ways to collect information,then we compare the results. Don’t be surprised if your child starts asking questions to make graph! Bar graphs and tally graphs are great way to compare information! We do it daily!
  • We will continue working with those tricky ‘teen numbers.’ Recognizing teen numbers as “a group of ten with leftovers.”  So 17 is 1 group of ten with 7 ones left over.
  • Number writing formation.
  • Writing numbers 1-30.


Our attitude is gratitude! Look for the small ways to see how lucky we are– the sunset, the cool breeze, the smile from a loved one..these are all the ways God shows Himself to us! Don’t let those pass you by! We live in a very hurried world! Taking the time to see all we can be thankful for is a blessing for you as well as your child!

Social Studies:

We are learning about the first Thanksgiving. The Pilgrims and the Indians helped each other and learned from each other. Thanksgiving was a big celebration of friends and families. The children will be making costumes and food to prepare for our own Thanksgiving Feast.  The menu will be: deli turkey, applesauce, fruits and veggies, corn muffins and a pumpkin dessert.  Yum! We will pray and thank God for the food in front of us, just as they did at the first Thanksgiving.

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