The Social Studies Corner: 7th Grade

The 7th grade class has reached many milestones over the past few weeks.  Each member of the class has demonstrated a high level of mastery as they successfully passed exams on the:  (1) operation and purpose of the United States Constitution and (2) details of Illinois government and the Illinois Constitution.  This work has prepared students for a study of the early Republic, including the rise of political parties and their place in the development of the current form of American government.  Over the next months, students will explore the evolution of American politics and will compare and constrast it to issues that remain a part of modern political life.  Students also will explore the issues that faced early Americans as the country evolved from an early democratic experiment to a modern state on the precipice of world war.

Each student also has completed a project compliant with the National History Day competition (using the theme of Conflict and Compromise) in which they were asked to fashion a historic argument that demonstrates cause-and-effect, supporting it with contemporary evidence.  Students were given the option to display their prowess using one of five mediums:  a display exhibit, a documentary video, a research paper, a website or a performance.   Student projects were displayed and judged at the annual St. Cletus History Fair.  (A website of all student projects (with the exception of the displays) can be viewed by clicking here.)

Based on averages of the judges scores, the projects of 10 St. Cletus students were selected to advance to the Chicago Metro History Fair competition on April 7.  The projects are as follows:

Display Exhibits

Liz Braun, Bombing in the Square: The Haymarket Square Riot

Serena Garza, The Pullman Strike: A Turning Point for U.S. Labor Conditions

Conor Mulcrone, The Blackhawk War

Documentary Videos

Ava Calderon, The Trials and Misfortunes of the Chicago Seven

Madelyn Ciampaglia, Our Lady of the Angels:  Disaster and Redemption

Research Papers

Jenna Battista, Chicago’s 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition

Ryan Clifford, Chicago’s Destruction And Rebuilding


Grace Koziol, Freedom Day School Boycott:  Activism Against School Segregation

Lauren Schinker, A School Fire That Shook a Nation: Our Lady of Angels School Fire

Will Wangard, The World’s Fair of 1893:  A Revolutionary Fair

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