Third Grade News in Room 112 Mrs. Reckwerdt May 14-18th

Religion:   The class will be attending the whole school May Crowing Mass on Tuesday, May 15th.    Students have been learning about the different parts of the Mass in chapter 17.  The test will be on Tuesday, May 15th.  Students will be recite the beautiful Hail Holy Queen Prayer on May 30th. 

Math:  Students are finishing the chapter about perimeter and area. We will review chapter 11 and then the test on will be on Wednesday, May 16th. There will be a Simple Solutions Quiz on Tuesday.   Please make sure your child  is practicing all of the multiplication and division facts. These are extremely important for fourth grade.   Every day we are also practicing the facts in class.

Reading:  In reading students have been reading a selection of nonfiction books, poems, and short storiesCurrently  students are  reading  Weather for the main selection and will next week will compare it to  On the Same Day in March  Students have gotten their new small reading group books. Each group is reading a different novel: Freckle Juice, The Wizard of Oz,  Josefina and the Stolen Boxcar.  Our last book report will be due on June 1st. This book report will be a “shoe box” diorama of a favorite scene.  Any genre is acceptable.

Phonics:  Students are still learning more rules about dividing words into syllables.  The next phonics test will be on , Friday May 18th.

Language: The May poems will be recited in front of the class on May 22nd.

Spelling:  The spelling unit 28  focuses on short vowel words that are formed by doubling the last consonant before adding  “ed” and “ing.”   Students will have the spelling test on Friday, May 18th. Words this unit are: stopped, digging, rubbed, sitting, planned, wrapping, sledding, dropped, scrubbing, hopped, putting, tripped, swimming, spotted, and running.

Science:  Students will be learning about weathering, erosion and how sometimes this can create a river delta.  Students had two STEM challenges this week. The first challenge was  to make a quarter slide through a dime size hole without making it larger.  The second STEM challenge was for students to walk through a 4 x 6 inch index card. Both challenges are possible!

Social Studies:  Students will be learning about the French exploring and settling in Canada, use of a locator map, and different viewpoints of who owns the land.

Future Important Dates:

Tuesday May 15th:

 9:00 am All School Mass – May Crowning

 6:30 pm Cardinal College – Internet Safety and Precautions
Friday May 18th:
8th grade ribbon ceremony





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