Third Grade News Room 112 Mrs. Reckwerdt April 9th – 13th

Aspire testing: Aspire testing will be next week from Tuesday thru Friday.  Please make sure your child is well rested and on time for school.  There will be no other testing or homework during the test week.

Religion:   There will be a 9 am school Mass on Monday, April 9th.  In class we will be learning about the sacraments in chapter 15.

Math:  Students will continue to learn more about comparing and finding equivalent fractions in chapter 9.  We will also be reviewing the multiplication and division facts.

Reading:   Students should reading a biography for their next  book report which will be presented on Tuesday, May 1st at 8:15 am. Parents are invited to attend. Students will “dress up” as the character that they read about for the presentation. I gave everyone the basic information  sheet today and will later provide a biography book report form for the students to complete.  Students read and found the main ideas in City Homes and several related poems.  In small groups  students are reading Flat Stanley Goes to Mount Rushmore, The Whipping Boy, and Henry Huggins.

Phonics:  Students will continue to learn more about  prefixes, base words, suffixes, and dividing words into syllables as we study unit 6.

Spelling: This week unit 24 is a review unit. We will not have a spelling test on this unit.

Science:  When we returned from Easter vacation on Tuesday we set the 37 chicken eggs and 1 turkey egg in the incubator. Half of our eggs were from a horse farm in Lemont and the other half were from Ms. Overton’s parents’ flock of chickens in Missouri.  We are expecting the chickens to hatch on April 24th.   In class students are learning about incubation, the parts of the egg and the development of the embryo.

Social Studies: We will be reading about the 3 different type of places that communities  are located and why they were started there. (a mountain community, water community and a crossroads community)

Important Dates:

April 9-13: Aspire testing

April 10: Cardinal College 6:30 pm.  Jamie Strauss parent coach will be speaking.

April 20: Health Fair

April 25 & 26th: Beauty & the Beast Musical

April 27th: No School

DONATION  REQUEST:   Students have used all of their pencils. If possible when you are shopping this weekend please pick up a pack to send in for the class.  Thank you in advance!

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